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actors who look like russell crowe

What did Russell Crowe do before becoming famous?

Who is the guy that looks like Gerard Butler?

Chris Bukowski Totally Looks Like Gerard Butler.

Does Gerard Butler have siblings?


Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe Gerard Butler and Russel Crowe are look-alikes which makes people believe they have some sought of relation. But they are different people and unrelated.

What did Russell Crowe do before acting?

Under guidance from his good friend Tom Sharplin, Crowe began his performing career as a musician in the early 1980s, performing under the stage name "Russ Le Roq". He released several New Zealand singles including "I Just Wanna Be Like Marlon Brando", "Pier 13", and "Shattered Glass", none of which charted.

How did Russell Crowe start his career?

In the mid-1980s Crowe began performing in musicals, and from 1986 to 1988 he toured with The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the cross-dressing Dr. Frank N. Furter. In 1990 Crowe started a film career, appearing in the war drama Prisoners of the Sun and The Crossing, a drama centred on a romantic triangle.

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What was Russell Crowe’s big break?

Beginning as a child star on a local Australian TV show, Russell's first big break came with two films … the first, Romper Stomper (1992), gained him a name throughout the film community in Australia and the neighboring countries. The second, The Sum of Us (1994), helped put him on the American map, so to speak.

How much was Russell Crowe paid gladiator?

Notable Salaries Crowe earned $5 million for 2000's "Gladiator". That same year he earned $7.5 million for "Proof of Life". In 2001 he earned $15 million for "A Beautiful Mind". In 2003 he was paid $20 million for "Master and Commander", which is the same as earning $28 million in today's dollars.

What did Russell Crowe do before becoming famous?

Actor Russell Crowe started out in 80s band, Roman Antix. Stuff has partnered with NZ On Screen to bring you this Before They Were Famous spot every week. Today's star has gone from fronting a local (le) rock band, to becoming an Academy Award winner.Oct 27, 2016

Who is Russell Crowe’s wife now?

Is Danielle Spencer in a relationship?

Who old is Russell Crowe?

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