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Navy blue is an accommodating color – it can go with a wide variety of other colors.

So, if you have a navy blue dress and you’re trying to match it with the right color shawl, you should have an easy time choosing the right pairing.

Understanding how this color works against other colors will be key to getting the look you want, whether it’s a formal classy look, or a playful fun look or something in between. You’ll also want to consider the dress code or occasion for your outfit when you choose a shawl to go with a navy blue dress.

The first thing to understand is that navy blue is considered a neutral color, so you can play it against many different colors.

Some of the best color shawls with a navy blue dress include:

Let’s take a closer look at why some of these color shawls work and which other colors may also go best with a navy blue dress. We’ll also review which color shawls are harder to pair with navy blue.

Neutral Color Shawl with Navy Blue Dress

If you want a more sophisticated look, veer toward neutral color choices for a shawl with a navy blue dress. Think beiges and creams, and colors in that family.

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For warmer weather or daytime events, a lighter color can work well with the overall mood. For evening or cooler weather, darker color neutrals like chocolates match a navy blue dress as well as the overall environment.

Colorful Shawls with a Navy Blue Dress

For a more vibrant look, you might want to spice up a navy blue dress with a pop of color. And that’s easy because a range of colors can work.

Among the colors that work really well with navy blue are those in the purple range like:

The reason that purple colors create a good look with navy blue is that purple is a color in the range between blue and red, and blue and purple are both considered “cool” colors.

Other vivid colors like orange can work in harmony with a navy blue dress as well.

  • Orange shades can provide a good contrast with navy blue because they are considered complementary colors according to the RYB traditional color theory. Orange and blue are opposite, so they often look good together.

Can You Wear a Black Shawl with a Navy Dress?

Yes, black is widely accepted as a great pairing with navy blue. In years past, you might be warned against wearing a black shawl with a navy blue dress because the colors were considered competing.

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Now, black and navy blue together are regarded as a coordinating color palette.

Difficult Colors to Match with Navy Blue

Navy blue is a “friendly color” but some colors are more difficult to pair with it.

Green and yellow, for examples, can create a confusing color palette if you’re not careful with coordinating them.

If you want to wear a green or yellow shawl with a navy blue outfit, just pay special attention to the hue and tone of both the blue and the bolder color.

That way you can avoid a chaotic feel and create an outfit that’s more harmonious.

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