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don’t major in engineering

· Wissam Seif

Why we should not take engineering?

Engineering does not teach you how to think People often describe computer science and related fields as problem-solving fields – writing code (or designing architecture or building circuit boards) to solve a particular problem.14-Oct-2015

Should I do engineering if I dont like it?

It depends how far along you are. If you aren’t even in college, apply to a different program. If you are halfway through your degree, just finish your degree …

Should I take engineering or not?

Think about the pros and cons of your current role, and consider how they might come into play in a new opportunity in engineering. No job is perfect, but if you tend to enjoy being hands on with problem-solving and enjoy working with technology, engineering might be a path you want to pursue.09-May-2018

What if I am not interested in engineering?

If u r not interested in engineering then you can do MBA,Bsc,Msc after doing this you can get good jobs.12-Nov-2018

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Should I not pursue engineering?

The main good reason to not pursue engineering is because you lack the aptitude and passion for the work. Please do not go into engineering if absolutely have no interest in it or are not intellectually suited to it. it is pretty hard, in school as well as as a career.

Why engineering is a useless degree?

In India 92% engineers are unemployed, and the trajectory is that after engineering they get shoddy jobs, they drop out of job, prepare for UPSC for another five years, and become highly unproductive workforce of India. In the process, they waste Rupees 50 lakhs of their middle-class family.

Is engineering degree a waste of time?

There is nothing is waste of time if you want to study engineering then do it what make one promise to yourself in any situation you could not change your discussion if you do that thin with yourself there is nothing waste of time you can do anything and make anything happened. Not at all!!

How useful is an engineering degree?

All of these skills are greatly needed in the professional world, in any field. So, engineers tend to do better no matter which sector they choose, and they also tend to make good managers. So much so, engineering is the most common undergraduate degree among Fortune 500 CEOs.

Is studying engineering worth it?

if you choose engineering for just in sake of placement then not worth it. if you wants to know how things are working then worth it. if you are doing just to get degree then it is not worth it. Most of the people are doing same.

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Is engineering a useless degree?

Engineering degrees are worth it if you want a well-paid job with great benefits. According to a survey of 1,350 engineers, 90% stated they would recommend an engineering degree to young students.25-Oct-2021

Is engineering worth it 2020?

Actually it is worth doing engineering in India at any time. But it solely depends on how we are going ahead with it. Being an engineer you always have an extra …

Is it worth it to major in engineering?

It definitely is worth it if one has the required tools for excelling in engineering courses i.e. solid grasp of high school math, language of instruction ( …

Is engineering still a good career?

Of the engineers surveyed, 92% still recommend engineering as a career path for young students. Many expressed the opinion that a job in engineering provides a solid background in math, science, and logical reasoning that can be applied to several jobs across several different fields, in addition to engineering.17-Aug-2018

Is engineering still in demand?

While in the US, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 140,000 new engineering jobs will be created by 2026 in the US alone, meaning prospective engineering graduates there will also be in high demand.

Is engineering still a good major?

As per research, engineering graduates with top- notch qualities and extensive knowledge get high paying and highly rewarding careers in the industry. And of course, the income keeps on getting better with time and as you keep gaining more skills.21-May-2021

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