how do you say engine in spanish

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how do you say engine in spanish


What do you mean by engine of the car?

The engine of a vehicle is the part that converts the energy of the fuel into mechanical energy, and produces the power which makes the vehicle move.

What are the types of engines?

What are the two type of engine?

What engine means in Spanish?

motor. More Spanish words for engine. el motor noun. motor, power unit, drive shaft. la máquina noun.

What is gasoil in English?

: a hydrocarbon oil used as a fuel oil especially : a petroleum distillate intermediate in boiling range and viscosity between kerosene and lubricating oil.

What’s diesel in French?

[ˈdiːzəl ] 1. (= fuel) gazole m.

What does the Spanish word petrol mean?

(for lighter) bencina f.

What is diesel called in Spanish?

1. (= car, train) vehículo m diesel. 2. (= fuel) gasóleo m ⧫ gasoil m.

What turbo means in Spanish?

[ˈtɜːbəʊ ] (= fan) turboventilador m.

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What is Spanish for the word that?

As a pronoun that introduces a clause, it would be “que.” As an adjective, it could be “ese,” “esa,” “aquel,” or aquella.” As an adverb, it would be “tan.” And as a conjunction, it would be “que.” Getting down the nuances of “that” in Spanish might seem intimidating.

What is Turbo simple language?

Turbo Basic is a programming language created in 1987. PowerBASIC, formerly Turbo Basic, is the brand of several commercial compilers by PowerBASIC Inc. that compile a dialect of the BASIC programming language. There are both MS-DOS and Windows versions, and two kinds of the latter: Console and Windows.

Is there a word in Spanish for it?

Although Spanish has a word for "it," ello, that word is uncommon and can only be used as a subject pronoun or the object of a preposition under some circumstances. When "it" is the subject of an English sentence, the word typically is omitted in translation to Spanish.24-Oct-2019

Is Spanish an OVS?

by PA Malovrh

What does Segway mean in Spanish?

Explanation: Definición de segue/segway: to make a transition from one thing to another smoothly and without interruption: The conversation segued from travel anecdotes to food.20-Apr-2011

Is mower a Spanish word?

mower: cortadora de césped; cortacésped; segador.

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