how to layer your hair extensions

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how to layer your hair extensions

How many hair extensions do you need for thickness?

Average/Thick hair – Hair of around 16” in length can be added with 125-175 hair extensions, lots of length and volume can be added with around 150-200 hair extensions. Very Thick hair – around 175-200 hair extensions would be need to add 16” hair, longer lengths can be added with around 200 or more hair extensions.Mar 4, 2015

Do you need layers for extensions?

Layers are essential to a natural and sexy extension install. Layering will make your extensions bouncy, flowy, and light. If you order extensions in different lengths like 16 18 20, then you will have very light layers, and your ends will not appear blunt.Apr 11, 2018

Is 2 rows of extensions enough?

– 2 rows is the most common amount of hair worn. – 2 rows are great for someone looking to add a maximum of 6-8” of length. – 2 rows are also great for someone looking to fill in the sides of their hair.Feb 26, 2020

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How many layers of extensions do I need?

For most clients, you will need at least 5 packs or 100 strands of hair extensions. The number of hair extension packages you need will be based on the length and thickness of the client's hair and the length and volume the client wants to achieve.

Can you mix extension lengths?

You don't have to stick with one length of extensions; you can mix up lengths to create more volume and bounce. For instance, you can start with four-inch hair extensions and then use three-inch hair extensions for added texture and volume. It's crucial to mix up the extensions to create the best effects.Jan 12, 2022

Can you mix different types of hair extensions?

You can use the same products you would normally use, however, the extensions need re-positioning every 2–3 months as the natural hair grows.

Do hair extensions have to match exactly?

The hair extension color does not have to be an exact match to the client's hair color. Look for the same depth of color not the exact tone. Once the extensions are in they will “take over” the whole head of hair and will look great.Mar 7, 2019

Can you mix different length extensions?

Blends Your Extensions Through the layering process, your short hair can get mixed with long hair extensions. Those who are using clip-ins must add layers to blend the extensions into their natural hair.Nov 30, 2021

What order do I put my extensions in?

Separate a straight thin section of hair about two inches above the ear on the side, and clip the rest of the hair away. Take a 2 clip weft and secure the clip closest to your hairline first. Then secure the second clip closer to the back of your head. Repeat on the other side.

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