how to prep for eyelash extensions

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how to prep for eyelash extensions

Can you drink coffee before lash extensions?

No Caffeine Please do not drink any caffeine before your appointment. Drinking caffeine prior to your appointment will make your eyes twitch which makes it difficult to work with. This could cause delay in the lash appreciating.

What should you not do before getting eyelash extensions?

Avoid caffeine To get the best results and ensure that you have the most relaxing experience possible, refrain from consuming all caffeinated and energy drinks at least three hours before your eyelash extension appointment.Sep 29, 2019

How do you clean your eyes before eyelash extensions?

Any cleanser without oil should do this job. Proceed and wet your lashes with water. Apply a tiny amount of lash shampoo on each of the lashes. Use a cleansing brush to apply this shampoo.May 24, 2021

Do you need primer for eyelash extensions?

There's no denying that you should always prime your clients' eyelashes before applying any classic or volume eyelash extensions. There are several good reasons for this: The primer strips natural lashes of oils and residue. It provides a clean slate that has the optimal pH for bonding the lash extensions.Aug 25, 2019

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Can you prep lashes with micellar water?

Yes, micellar water is safe to clean eyelash extensions and will not damage them. While micellar water can weaken the lash glue when it's infused with oil, a water-based product is completely safe.Apr 8, 2022

Should lashes be cleaned before extensions?

The answer is Yes! With each client, whether you are applying a full set of lashes or just a fill, you should always cleanse the lashes prior to starting the service. Any debris or residue on the natural lashes will cause a barrier between the natural lash and the adhesive.Dec 21, 2016

What can I use instead of lash shampoo?

Use a gentle, oil-free and alcohol-free cleanser – such as a foaming face cleanser, facial soap or baby shampoo – and work it gently into your lashes and over your eyelids.Aug 5, 2019

What to clean lashes with before extensions?

My personal preference is to wash and rinse the lashes before I start applying eyelash extensions, using a proper lash foam shampoo. I do this before starting a new set or before a refill. This ensures the lashes and lash line are completely clean without drying them too much.Oct 28, 2018

What can you not do with eyelash extensions?

Don’t Get Lash Extensions If You Have Certain Diseases

Do and don’ts with eyelash extensions?

Take care not to rub your lashes with your hands or towels and avoid using tools like lash curlers, waterproof mascaras, and oil-based cosmetics …

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