Top 26 best paying affiliate programs

Top 26 best paying affiliate programs

Top 26 best paying affiliate programs

26 High-paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners

While anyone can technically try their hand at affiliate marketing, those with large followings online (i.e. influencers) are typically better equipped to reach a wider range of potential customers. It is important for the products being promoted to appeal to the influencer’s target audience; and in order to maintain a good reputation, influencers should only promote products they themselves enjoy and use.

This article explores over 20 high-paying affiliate programs, most of which operate independently of an affiliate network. They have been grouped together more or less by industry. Website builders, eCommerce platforms and web hosting services offer some of the best affiliate programs.

26 High-paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners:

  • 1. Refersion
  • 2. Canva
  • 3. Fiverr
  • 4. SEMrush
  • 5. GetResponse
  • 6. ConvertKit
  • 7. HubSpot
  • 8. Hostinger
  • 9. WP Engine
  • 10. Weebly

What’s the Difference Between an Affiliate Network and an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing networks are platforms that connect brands with affiliate marketers. These networks provide affiliates with training on how to promote the brand, and pay affiliates for sales generated from their marketing efforts. Some popular affiliate marketing networks include AWIN, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale.

An affiliate program allows a company to oversee and run the entire process, rather than using affiliate marketing software, like ReferralCandy or Refersion. This allows the company to appoint dedicated affiliate managers to liaise with the affiliates, which has the added benefit of not having to pay any affiliate network fees.

1. Tailor Brands.

Tailor Brands offers a wide range of logo design options and AI tools to help businesses quickly launch their brand. Their services also include helping businesses form an LLC to ensure they are following the proper legal protocol for their business type.

When it comes to the affiliate side of things, you can start earning in three ways, based on what you promote:

1. Their logo maker

2. Their LLC services

3. Their one-stop-shop

This means that you can segment your messaging to best resonate with your target audience. For each referral that you make, you have the potential to earn up to $500. They also offer professional support to help get you started and answer any questions along the way.

2. Canva

Canva is a favorite graphic design tool among novices for its easy to use platform and wide range of design options. The Canva affiliate program is also one of the best programs for beginners due to its free to join status and lack of minimum sales requirement. This makes it ideal for design influencers or bloggers who are active in the design niche.


As an affiliate, you can earn $26 for each new subscriber that signs up for the Canva Pro plan ($12.99) using your affiliate link. If the user signs up for a monthly plan, you’ll earn a monthly commission of 80% for the first two months of the membership. If the user signs up for an annual plan, you’ll receive a one-off commission of 25%.


Payments are processed monthly and can be received via e-transfer or PayPal.

Resources and support: 

To support affiliates in getting started, Canva shares a how-to guide, ad templates, community tips, and news. They also offer round-the-clock email and live chat support.

Cookies: 30-day duration

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the top marketplaces for freelance services, including design and writing. It offers a wide range of services that can meet virtually any need, making it a good choice for businesses with diverse target audiences.

Fiverr’s affiliate program offers a variety of products to promote, making it a good choice for beginners. These include the Fiverr Logo Maker,, and Fiverr itself.


The amount of commission you earn varies depending on the product category. For example, you might earn $15 for a purchase from one category and $150 for a purchase from another category.


To receive a payout, you must have a balance of at least $100 in your account at the time of payout request. Payouts are processed once a month, and can be made through PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer. Wire transfer is only an option for balances exceeding $1,000.

Resources and support: 

As an affiliate, you’ll have a dedicated manager as well as access to tutorials and creative assets. The dashboard will help you keep tabs on your campaigns.

Cookies: 30-day duration

4. SEMrush

If you blog about content marketing, SEO, PPC, PR, or marketing in general, you may be interested in SEMrush’s affiliate program. The program offers numerous ways to earn a commission, including rewards for new sign-ups and trials. Additionally, the cookie duration is longer than most other programs.

According to its website, HubSpot Sales is used by 25% of Fortune 500 companies. This number indicates that you’re in good company if you choose to use HubSpot Sales.


For every new subscription sale, you will earn $200. For every new trial, you will earn $10. For every new sign-up, you will earn $0.01.


Transactions that are approved are paid 20 days after the end of the month in which they were locked.

Resources and support: 

As a member of the SEMrush affiliate program, you will have access to exclusive creatives and resources, as well as support from our account managers.

Cookies: 120-day duration

5. GetResponse

GetResponse’s free-to-join affiliate program is ideal for bloggers and content creators whose target audiences need an online marketing strategy. One of the attractive features of its program is that it offers two programs: one for leads and one for sales.


You have the choice of either being paid $100 for each new sale that you refer or 33% of every referred customer’s payments. The latter option could help to create a sustainable stream of long-term revenue.


Depending on the program you choose, you will be paid either once a month or 60 to 75 days after the person you refer signs up.

Resources and support: 

You will have access to free marketing materials like videos, sales copy, and banners. You will also be able to keep track of your referral statistics.

Cookies: 120-day duration

6. ConvertKit

As an influencer or blogger, you can check out ConvertKit’s affiliate program to earn a commission every month for as long as the referral’s ConvertKit account is active. For example, if you have helped ConvertKit to get 10 accounts on its lowest monthly plan, you can earn almost $90 each month.

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As an affiliate, you will earn a 30% commission for every sale made through your affiliate link.


No information is readily available about how payments are processed. Interested parties will have to reach out to ConvertKit for more information.

Resources and support: 

The ConvertKit affiliate program provides access to training courses, evergreen webinars, video, and graphics assets to help affiliates get started and drive sales.

Cookies: 30-day duration

7. HubSpo

HubSpot is one of the leading CRM platforms. With monthly plans ranging from $50 to more than $3,000, the earning potential is massive. According to HubSpot’s website, the average commission payout in 2020 was almost $300.

One of the advantages of the program is that it allows affiliates to choose whether to receive a recurring commission or a flat rate. In addition, it does not have any minimum sales requirements.


The recurring-rate program offers a 15% commission on a monthly basis, while the flat-rate program offers a 100% one-time payment for the first month’s revenue.

Payments: Interested affiliates must reach out to HubSpot directly for information about its payout schedule.

Resources and support: 

You will have access to a large inventory of creative materials that includes demo videos, banners, and copy examples.

Cookies: 90-days

8. Hostinger

Bloggers who are interested in writing about website management, web development or online business can check out Hostinger’s affiliate program. While its commission is one of the highest, the minimum payout is $100 and affiliates have to wait 45 days. All in all, considering the level of support affiliates are offered, it’s one of the best affiliate programs for newbies.


As an affiliate, you will earn a commission on every hosting package sold, with the exception of one-month hosting plans. There is also no commission earned on hosting upgrades or renewals.


Commissions will be paid out after 45 days. The minimum payout via PayPal is $100 and the minimum payout via bank transfer is $500.

Resources and support:

You can easily keep track of your campaigns via the control panel or reach out to your personal affiliate account manager for support. Hostinger also shares marketing material, like banner packages, that can be customized to fit your style.

Cookies: 30-day duration

9. WP Engine

WP Engine’s affiliate program, hosted by ShareASale, is an award-winning program that includes exclusive custom discounts and deals that you can share with your followers. Plus, you can also earn bonus commissions for referring at least 5 new customers per month.

In conclusion, the WordPress plugins and themes niche is one of the most lucrative for content creators.


For every new purchase, you can earn a one-time payment. The minimum amount for WP Engine hosting plans is $200. The commission rate for a StudioPress theme purchase is 35%.


Commission payments are made on the 20th of each month, provided that the referred individual does not cancel their hosting plan within 62 days (for WP Engine hosting plans) or 60 days (for StudioPress theme purchases).

Resources and support: You’ll have access to regular performance reports and exclusive promotional opportunities

As an affiliate of WP Engine, you will be assigned a dedicated manager to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. There are also a variety of pre-designed banners and landing pages, as well as the option for custom co-branded assets. In addition, you will have regular access to performance reports and exclusive promotional opportunities.


The duration for WP Engine is 180 days, while the duration for StudioPress theme sales is only 60 days.

10. Weebly

Weebly’s affiliate program, which is hosted by ShareASale, offers regular opportunities for affiliates to earn a bonus. It is free to join and open to affiliates from across the globe. However, one negative is that you’ll need to have at least $50 in commissions in your account before you can receive a payout.

Commission: You can earn 30% commission.

Payments: Affiliates are paid by means of check, direct deposit or Payoneer. Payouts are made once a month.

Resources and support:

Weebly does not give specific information about the resources that are available to users. It is advisable to contact them directly for more information.

Cookies: 120-day duration

11. Bluehost

As an eCommerce hosting provider, Bluehost is a top choice for WordPress hosting. The company’s plans are very affordable, starting at $2.95 per month. This makes it easy to get referrals and earn commissions. In fact, Bluehost paid out more than $5 million in commissions in 2020. While the affiliate program is great, there is a minimum balance of $100 in your account in order to receive a payout.

Commission: You can earn $65 for each qualified hosting purchase.

Payments: Commission fees get processed about 45 – 60 days after the end of the month. Affiliates have the option to get paid via PayPal, wire or ACH transfer.

Resources and support: 

As they offer a wide selection of creative assets, you can use ads or banners that work well with the branding of your website. Affiliate managers are also available 24/7.

Cookies: 90-day duration

12. Liquid Web

Liquid Web has two partner programs: an affiliate program and a refer-a-friend program. In this article, we will only be discussing the affiliate program.

Overall, this is one of the top affiliate programs. Affiliates will receive exclusive sales and promotions, as well as free giveaways that they can give to their audience. These incentives can help to get referrals, especially for beginners.

Commission: You’ll earn 150% of the monthly hosting cost (with a minimum of $150). Pre-paid plans also have a 50% bonus.

Payments: Approved transactions will get paid 15 days after the end of the day they are locked.

Resources and support: You’ll receive a dedicated affiliate manager, custom landing pages as well as custom content and links.

Cookies: 90-day duration

13. SiteGround

SiteGround’s web hosting services are priced slightly higher than some other companies on our list; however, at $14.99/month, their services offer good value for the money. Once-weekly payouts and no minimum payout threshold make their affiliate program ideal for beginners, and their commitment to increasing the amount paid per sale for affiliates who make more sales per month is commendable.


The commission rate will be determined by a sliding scale, for example; 1-5 sales per month will equal $50 per sale. The commission amount will increase based on the number of sales made per month.

Payments: Weekly payouts. No minimum payout thresholds. Withhold period of 30 days.

Resources and support: 

A number of banners and helpful screenshot images are shared with affiliates to help them promote our products. Affiliates also receive one month’s hosting on the house, while a custom landing page is also available for active affiliates. This landing page can be used to showcase your affiliate products and drive traffic to your site.

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Cookies: 60-day duration


If you are an influencer or blogger who generates high traffic, you may be interested in Wix’s affiliate program. Many small businesses turn to Wix when they are ready to create their company website, as it is easy to use. Therefore, you would have a large pool of potential users to sell to.

However, keep in mind that the program requires a minimal transaction amount of $300 per month. If you do not generate a commission of at least $300 per month, you may be removed from the program. Another downside is that you may not be able to promote any special sales that Wix offers.

Commission: You can earn $100 when a referral buys a Wix Premium Plan.

Payments: Affiliate fees will get paid about 45 days after the end of each calendar month.

Resources and support: 

You can launch and keep track of your campaigns via a dashboard. Here, you’ll also be able to access detailed statistics and customize reports. Creative resources are also provided and get refreshed regularly.

Cookies: 30-day duration

Key Features: Email Marketing, Kitting, Promotions Management, Templates, Data Security, Inventory Management, Multi-Store Management, SEO Management,

Channels: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok

15. Shopify

If you are the owner or manager of an active website with an established audience who have experience with Shopify or other eCommerce platforms, you may be eligible to join the Shopify Affiliate Program. There is no charge to join, but applicants must have a history of creating original content.


As an affiliate, you will be compensated with a commission for every merchant that you refer to a paid Shopify plan using your unique affiliate link. For more information regarding payout amount, please contact Shopify directly.

Payments: Payouts are made only via PayPal. Payouts are made twice a month for balances of at least $25.

Resources and support: 

As an affiliate, you have access to a Growth Center with resources to develop content and optimize your performance. You also have access to a library of lead magnets and product announcements. In addition, you have a personal dashboard to view detailed performance insights.

Cookies: 30-day duration


Key Features: CRM, Email Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Inventory Management, Multi-Store Management, Returns Management, SEO Management,

Channels: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest

16. BigCommerce


BigCommerce can be used to sell a variety of items online. In addition, there are many BigCommerce apps that can help increase online earnings, making it an appealing option.


As an affiliate, you will earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment. For enterprise clients, you can earn up to $1,500.

Payments: No information is available on their page. So, it’s best to contact them for more info about their payment schedule.

Resources and support: 

Affiliates receive pre-made banners and emails. To help them generate more sales, they also have direct access to their dedicated account manager who is an expert in affiliate marketing.

Cookies: 90-day duration

Key Features: Theme Development, User Management

CRM, Email Marketing, Kitting, Multi-Channel Marketing, Promotions Management, Reviews Management, Templates, Data Security, Inventory Management, Multi-Store Management, Returns Management, SEO Management, Theme Development, User Management

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube

17. Elementor

Elementor boasts over 5 million active installations, making it one of the top 15 WordPress plugins. Like WP Engine, it’s a great affiliate program for influencers and bloggers whose audiences are interested in all things WordPress. According to its website, some of the Elementor affiliates earn over $10,000 on a monthly basis!

Additionally, the company has strong branding that will not negatively impact your image.

Commission: Affiliates receive 50% per sale.


Payouts will be made in bulk once the total amount earned is at least $200. Commission will only be paid 30 days after a purchase has been made, to allow for the potential return/refund of the product.

Resources and support: You’ll get exclusive access to a collection of Elementor logos and banners.

Cookies: 30-days

18. Coursera


There are more than 4,000 courses and specializations on Coursera that you can promote. Affiliates can also earn commission from eligible purchases made by users who are already registered with Coursera, making it a good program for beginners. In addition, affiliates can earn multiple times from a single user when that user buys multiple products.


Commissions on eligible purchases range from 10% – 45%. Only the first month’s transaction will be commissioned.

Payments: For more detailed info about its payout schedule, interested affiliate marketers should contact Coursera.

Resources and support: Affiliates will receive banners, text links, and weekly newsletters.

Cookies: 30-day duration

19. Kajabi


Kajabi’s affiliate program offers 9 partner tiers, which is attractive for affiliates. We like the concept of gamification, as it can provide extra motivation to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Commission: You’ll receive 30% lifetime commission per new referral that remains active past the trial period.


Our payouts are processed on the 25th of every month. Please note that there is a 60-day hold on all payouts. If your referral is on an annual plan, they will only receive their payout once per year. All payouts are made through PayPal.

Resources and support: You’ll receive access to webinars and customizable email templates.

Cookies: No information is provided on its website.


Key Features:  Drag & Drop

Email, video hosting, and eCommerce features are fully integrated with PayPal and Stripe. The website builder is constantly being developed and offers a membership system that is secure and simple to use. All of these features are available in one place with Motivation Digital.

Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Email

20. Teachable

If you’re interested in earning a recurring commission, Teachable has a great program. According to their website, affiliates earn on average $450 per month, but many make more than $1,000 per month.

Commission: You can earn up to 50% commission. Recurring commission will always be 30%.

Payments: Approved transactions are paid 10 days after the end of the day they’re invoiced.

Resources and support:

The Teachable affiliate program provides access to effective marketing language and monthly updates about the platform.

Cookies: 90-day duration

Key Features: Custom/Mandatory User profile fields, Changing Course default settings, Scheduling LIVE events, Assign Courses to categories, Survey Engine, , , , , , ,

Channels: Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Email

21. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor’s program is ideal for beginners as there are no minimum traffic requirements. Unlike most other programs, no “sale” is needed. You’ll earn a commission when a user clicks out to one of its specific hotel booking partners. For example, an affiliate that sends 170 clicks to TripAdvisor can receive $60 per month.

At the moment, only hotels can earn commissions through the affiliate program. It would be beneficial to see affiliates get rewards for short-term rental properties as well.


You can earn a minimum of 50% of the commissions that TripAdvisor receives from its hotel booking partners when a user visits TripAdvisor using your link and then clicks out to one of TripAdvisor’s partners.

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Payments: Commissions are paid by Commission Junction or AWIN. So, affiliates need to refer to the Ts and Cs of whichever of the two partners they’ve selected.

Resources and support: TripAdvisor will give affiliates a selection of logos, text links, banners, buttons, and badges.

Cookies: No information is provided.

22. BH Cosmetics

For beauty influencers, the BH Cosmetics affiliate program may be of interest. Its products are cruelty-free and include vegan options, which could be appealing to a wide range of audiences. Additionally, as sustainability and vegan-based products are some of the retail trends that will shape 2022, its products could be worthwhile to promote.

Commission: You’ll earn 6% commission on all the sales generated via your site. The average order value is about $38.

Payments: No detailed information is provided.

Resources and support: You’ll receive a monthly newsletter, coupons, banners, and other captivating creatives.

Cookies: 90-day duration

23. Amazon Associates

Though affiliate marketing can seem like a jungle at times, it is often best to stick with the most well-known programs, especially when you are first starting out. Amazon Associates is one of the biggest and most well-known affiliate marketing programs in the world. It has helped countless bloggers and other content creators monetize their traffic. However, it is important not to confuse it with the Amazon Influencer Program. Influencers with a sizable social media following can refer to this program in order to earn commissions on qualifying purchases.

Commission: You can earn up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying programs and purchases.

Payments: No information is provided.

Resources and support: Amazon offers high-converting promotional and announcement banners. There’s a variety of standard banner sizes and shapes which means that you’ll be able to pick one that fits in with your branding.

Cookies: No information is provided.

24. Sandals

The Sandals and Beaches brands offer an affiliate program that is ideal for travel influencers and writers if they know their target audience is craving a Caribbean vacation. The getaways are suitable for both couples and families, which means that the target audience can be reached more effectively.

Commission: Commissions start at 4% for all travel products. Affiliates can also win free trips and other performance bonuses.

Payments: The program is powered by the CJ Affiliate network. So, interested affiliates should reach out to them regarding their payout policies.

Resources and support:

You’ll receive access to a library of hundreds of banners in a variety of colors. Promotions and offers will be communicated monthly via newsletter. In addition, you will be assigned a dedicated affiliate marketing manager to provide additional support.

Cookies: 60-day duration

25. eBay Partner Network


eBay’s affiliate program offers bloggers and influencers the opportunity to earn commission on more than one billion listings. The program includes new and used products, making it a good option for influencers whose audiences are interested in used products. High-volume traffic to the platform may result in an invitation to join the invite-only Premier program.


As an affiliate, you will earn a percentage of the GMB based on eBay’s category-level commission rates. For example, if the purchased item falls under the fashion category, you will earn 4% commission.

Payments: Payments are made via PayPal or electronic fund transfer.

Resources and support: 

eBay offers reporting tools to help you monitor your performance and optimize results. You can also find deals to help drive traffic, as well as logos and banners to create captivating branded content.

Cookies: A qualifying transaction occurs when a user makes a purchase within 24 hours after clicking on your affiliate link.

26. Refersion

Refersion helps e-commerce store owners incentivize their customers for promoting their business. It allows merchants to design different types of offers, create links and coupon codes, customize commission structures, track sales, and integrate the software with their e-commerce solutions. Refersion integrates directly with major platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. It also has API keys available for customized integration with other programs.

The software enables merchants to quickly view how every affiliate contributes to their ROI through three key performance indicators—effective earnings per click, average order value, and total revenue per affiliate. Refersion also values continued engagement with its affiliates and has a Message tab on its dashboard, where brands can directly exchange messages with their affiliates. Through integrations with Mailchimp and Klaviyo, online sellers can email newsletters to update partners about new products, fresh creatives, or images to help market their brand or any changes to commissions.


The platform offers affiliates a 15% commission for all referrals who register with the platform using their link. For referrals who subscribe to Refersion’s direct billing service, the affiliate will still receive a 15% commission.


Users have three options for paying affiliates: PayPal, gift cards, or check/deposit.

Resources and support:

The Refersion customer success and development team can help you optimize your settings. To start, the Refersion Marketplace is a great place to find potential affiliates. You can get discovered by over 8,000 affiliates when you place an offer here.


The platform allows merchants to choose a cookie length between two days and two years.

Key Features:  and Event Management

Our platform provides users with a suite of tools to streamline their recruiting process, develop marketing content, sell products, manage events, and stay compliant with industry regulations.

Channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn



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Top 23 high paying affiliate programs in 2022High Paying Affiliate ProgramsCommissionAffilorama50% commission (up to $35 commission per sale)SEO PowerSuite33% commission (up to $100 per sale)SpyFu40% recurring commission (up to $120 per sale)Kinsta$50 to $500 for each referral with 10% monthly recurring commissions23 High Paying Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Website in › high-paying-affiliate-programsAbout Featured Snippets

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