Top 28 best paying entry level jobs

Top 28 best paying entry level jobs

Top 28 best paying entry level jobs

28 High-Paying Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-level jobs are critical for building the foundation of your career. Through these roles, you gain professional experience and make connections that can shape the rest of your career. Picking the right entry-level job is essential for setting yourself up for future success. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best high-paying entry roles and help you understand exactly what to look for in an entry-level job. We’ll also share some tips for how to secure a good entry-level job.

What Are the Best Entry-Level Jobs

We have compiled a list of the best entry-level jobs in terms of salary and future growth. The list includes jobs of varying work cultures and industries. This way, you can find a job that is the perfect fit for you.

1. Web developer

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

Web developers use a combination of programming and design skills to create websites and web applications. Depending on the project, they may focus more on the back-end database aspects or the website’s user-facing interfaces. They are usually employed by an agency or work independently and directly with clients.

A degree is not required but recommended. Creating an impressive portfolio of work and obtaining references are critical to high career growth in this field.

Demand for web developers is projected to grow 13% over the next decade, making it one of America’s best entry-level jobs. Work culture and environment vary by agencies and clients.

2. Dental hygienist

Average Annual Salary: $113,000

Dental hygienists in Austin, Texas can expect potential job growth due to the average age of the population steadily growing. This will result in greater demand for dental services. Dentistry currently ranks among the highest paid jobs in Austin, Texas.

The work environment in dental offices varies, and the relationship between dental hygienists and their supervising dentist can also vary.

3. Sales representative

Average Annual Salary: $56,000

Sales representatives identify potential customers, assess their needs, and convert them into sales. The main abilities required are interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills.

Excellent communication skills are critical for understanding customer needs and conveying how a product meets those needs. Strong analytical skills are used to strategize outreach methods and streamline the messaging of a product or service.

Top performers can earn significant commissions and access to desired sales regions. The work environment is often high-paced and competitive.

4. Anesthesiologist

Average Annual Salary: $226,000

They work closely with surgeons to ensure that the patient’s anesthesia needs are met throughout the entire surgical process.

Anesthesiologists play a critical role in the care of surgical patients by providing pain relief before, during and after surgery. They work closely with surgeons to ensure that the patient’s anesthesia needs are met throughout the entire surgical process.

This involves:

  • Before an operation. Meet with patients to assess their individual needs.
  • On the day of an operation. Supervise the administration of medicine and ensure its success.
  • After an operation. Continue to evaluate the patient to maintain their health and comfort.

The salary growth in the field of anesthesiology is extremely high. Anesthesiologists are required to have four years of medical school and four years in a residency program. They can then specialize further through fellowship programs, dramatically increasing their earnings. This job is the highest-paid in Texas, with Houston showing especially high demand. The work environment involves close collaboration with multiple teams of medical staff, as well as with patients.

5. Psychiatrist

Average Annual Salary: $169,000

Psychiatrists help patients with psychological problems by conducting physical and mental assessments, using various tests including laboratory and psychological ones, and discussing the patient’s family history, mental state, and life experiences. Treatment plans are then developed to address the psychological problems of patients.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who complete four years of medical school and residency. They can then obtain further training to specialize in fields such as geriatric, addiction, and forensic psychiatry.

6. Video editor

Average Annual Salary: $49,000

Film and video editors manage aspects such as camera footage, sound effects, and graphics to produce a final video or film product. This requires the use of video editing software tools, creative and technical skills, and the ability to communicate requirements with clients. The job is seeing a tremendous year over year growth of 20%.

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Film and video editing is often a freelance job, which means that the work culture is determined by the individual. The job also typically does not require an advanced degree.

This helps to explain why film and video editing is ranked among the best jobs for recent college graduates.

7. Software developer

Average Annual Salary: $94,000

This field is growing rapidly as nearly every aspect of modern life involve software-development. The job has ranked among the highest-paying in recent years and is expected to continue in the future.

The work environment for software developers can vary depending on the employer, with some being fast-paced and competitive while others are more laid-back and relaxed. Many software developers also work freelance or as independent consultants.

8. Nurse practitioner

Average Annual Salary: $104,000

Nurse practitioners are responsible for assisting in disease and illness prevention, diagnosis of illnesses, and overall patient care.

Nurse practitioners must hold a master’s degree in nursing. They may additionally specialize in areas such as:

  • Geriatrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Mental health
  • Family practice

As the average age of the population grows, so does the demand for health services. Those with experience and specialization in this field can expect to see their salaries increase as a result.

The work environment for nurse practitioners always requires individuals with strong leadership and communication skills. Nurse practitioners must be able to relate with patients, as well as collaborate with medical staff.

Nurse practitioners may choose to work under a supervising physician or open their own independent practice. The medical industry comprises most of the highest paying jobs in Oklahoma, presenting great opportunities for this career.

9. Social Media Manager

Annual salary: $77,500

Social media is changing the way brands communicate with their customers. Where once companies had to pay thousands for a TV spot, now they can tweet, post on Instagram, and produce TikTok videos for a fraction of the price, bringing in huge audiences and big profits. As a social media manager, you’d be in charge of all of that, managing multiple accounts to get the brand’s message across to its audience.

How to get the job: 

Some marketing and PR firms prefer applicants with a degree, but being creative with your application can help you stand out. This could include making a resume or personalized TikTok application.

10. Human Resource Associate 

Annual salary: $73,500

The role of HR is to manage all aspects of employee relations from paychecks and office disputes to sick leave and terminations. You will be responsible for enforcing company policies, onboarding new employees, terminating employees, and managing promotions. You will be a central figure within the company and play a key role in keeping the business running smoothly.

How to get the job: 

When hiring for an HR position, many managers will look for individuals with strong organization skills as well as excellent interpersonal abilities. A career in customer service is often a good foundation for a role in HR, as it develops many of the necessary skills.

11. Executive Assistant

Annual salary: $70,000

As the right-hand person of the CEO, an Executive Assistant makes sure meetings happen on time, emails are answered, phone calls are returned, and important work gets done in a smooth, organized manner.

How to get the job: 

You will need to be good at communicating with people, both in person and on the phone, as well as being able to manage your time effectively.

12.  Marketing Associate

Annual salary: $76,500

A Marketing Associate job will see you running big campaigns for a range of clients. You will need to get hands on, liaising with creative teams and account managers to get projects completed. You will almost certainly end up drinking a lot of coffee.

How to get the job: 

Project management skills are a big asset for this position. If you can demonstrate the ability to get things done, and if you have experience delivering projects in the past, be sure to highlight these achievements. Some employers will want to see a degree, but others will be willing to consider candidates with promising potential.

13. Database Analyst

Annual salary: $86,500

In this position, you will be working extensively with computers in order to analyze data and help companies to make well-informed decisions. A large portion of your time will be spent inputting data or developing programs that enable more efficient data management.

How to get the job:

Skills in math and software understanding are critical for success in a Database Analyst career. Candidates with coding backgrounds may be especially well-suited for this role.

14.  Paralegal

Annual salary: $62,500

As a paralegal, you would be responsible for managing paperwork, case files, and notes for a team of lawyers. You could work in the legal department of a big company or in the courts helping defence and prosecution teams. Although a cool briefcase isn’t guaranteed, you could afford one with your first paycheck.

How to get the job: 

To become a Paralegal, you will need either a BA degree with one year of law experience, or a paralegal certification from an American Bar Association (ABA) program. Start your search for Paralegal jobs now.

15. Environmental Engineer

Annual salary: $95,000

Environmental Engineers work on behalf of government agencies to carry out tasks relating to the environment. These could include recycling, waste management, pollution or animal control. You’ll be able to spend time enjoying the great outdoors, and it’ll be your job to ensure it stays great for generations to come.

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How to get the job:.

Typically, environmental engineering jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. However, having a strong understanding of scientific and geographical concepts can give candidates a competitive edge.

16. User Experience Designer 

Annual salary: $102,500

A user experience designer, otherwise known as a UX designer, is a professional who helps make websites and apps function correctly. This involves placing buttons in the appropriate locations, using colors that do not hurt the eyes, making text readable, and ensuring that every part of a site is accessible for all readers. The demand for UX designers is growing rapidly and those who enter the field early can expect to earn a significant income.

How to get the job: 

A degree in design is a good starting point for a career in user experience design. Understanding web accessibility will help you stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs.

17.  Accountant

Annual salary: $71,500

As the office’s finance manager, you will be responsible for invoices, salaries, bonuses, and expenses. You will also need to file tax returns, a task which you will no doubt excel at.

How to get the job: 

Most firms hiring for an accountant position will require applicants to have a degree in mathematics or a related field. Consequently, applicants who enjoyed math as their favorite subject in school will be at an advantage.

18.  Content Strategist

Annual salary: $88,000

As a content strategist, you will be responsible for understanding how a brand’s content is performing and how to make it work harder. You will work with a lot of words, analyzing their performance and coming up with ideas to keep brands thriving.

How to get the job: 

A degree in advertising can be beneficial, but a portfolio of good ideas is what brands really want to see. Show them you can think outside the box by applying for content strategist jobs.

19. Copywriter

Annual salary: $78,500

Copywriters are responsible for creating the text in advertisements, posters, emails, birthday cards, websites, and other marketing materials. Most of the marketing text that consumers see is written by copywriters. Copywriters are employed in private firms, marketing agencies, and large corporations across the country.

How to get the job:

To be considered for a copywriter position, you will need to demonstrate your excellent writing skills. A portfolio of well-crafted ideas, along with a cover letter free of any typographical errors, is a great way to get started.

20. Mortgage Assistant

Annual salary: $60,000

As a Mortgage Assistant, you will play an important role in helping people finance their new homes and getting them the best deal on their property. This will provide you with a great sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have helped another family realize their dream home.

21. Average entry-level compensation: $85,421

Average salary: $96,289
Salary range: $67,000–$134,000

Data is increasingly becoming more important in today’s tech-centric world, and as such, companies are in need of data and analytics teams to help organize and make use of this data to achieve their goals. Data scientists play a key role in this process by creating the frameworks that companies use to analyze large sets of data.

This includes designing and implementing algorithms and statistical models, running tests and experiments on existing data, developing internal and external data products, and continually evolving and optimizing their frameworks to ensure accurate results.

In order to be hired as an entry-level data scientist, you will need to have completed a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computer science, math, engineering, or statistics. Some companies may require that candidates have completed an advanced degree. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate core data science skills.

22. Average entry-level compensation: $70,346

Average salary: $87,805
Salary range: $60,000–$144,000

Management consultants work with companies to help them improve their businesses by identifying problems, developing solutions, and overseeing the implementation of those solutions. For example, a team of consultants might help a company revamp their hiring practices to attract top talent, overhaul their internal processes to improve efficiency, or reimagine their budgets to cut costs. Management consultants are employed by consulting firms, not by the client companies they work with, which means that consultants have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects over time.

Management consulting is a competitive industry. To get your foot in the door at a consulting firm, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in a related field (such as business administration or economics) and high grades during your undergraduate studies. Keep in mind that some management consulting firms prefer candidates to hold advanced degrees—even for entry-level roles.

23. Average entry-level compensation: $62,581

Average salary: $71,901
Salary range: $50,000–$105,000

As a software developer, you will be responsible for developing different types of software. This will involve working with product managers to identify the end user’s key needs and designing software, features, and fixes that meet those needs. You will then be responsible for writing, testing, and deploying the relevant code.

Some companies may require their software developers to hold a degree in computer science while others may not. As long as the individual knows how to code and can prove it during a technical interview, they should be good to pursue the position.

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24. Average entry-level compensation: $59,212

Average salary: $69,209
Salary range: $50,000–$98,000

Responsibilities of IT business analysts include analyzing a company’s current IT operations and making recommendations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and implement systems and protocols that empower employees to be more productive. Factors that may be analyzed include hardware, software, and/or IT systems, processes, and services. IT business analysts may also be involved in new projects to determine what kind of IT solutions the company will need to support the project.

An entry-level IT business analyst typically needs a bachelor’s degree in business administration, information technology, or a related field. They should also have a deep understanding of IT systems, which could be gained through undergraduate coursework, internships, or personal study.

25. Average entry-level compensation: $51,458

Average salary: $63,046
Salary range: $44,000–$104,000

As an investment associate, you may work at a bank, financial services firm, or other financial institution. You would assist portfolio managers in researching and developing investment strategies for clients—both private and corporate. Your responsibilities would typically include analyzing financial data, conducting research, creating presentations and other client materials, managing client transactions, and performing related administrative tasks. Most investment associates have analytical, research-based tasks as well as client-facing tasks—so in order to succeed, candidates should be comfortable doing both.

A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or a related field is typically required for investment associate positions.

26. Average entry-level compensation: $49,724

Average salary: $58,415
Salary range: $42,000–$82,000

Desktop support engineers are responsible for diagnosing and resolving issues with an organization’s software or hardware (such as computers, laptops, and servers), whether that’s on-site or from a remote location. Generally, a user will send over an IT request—and when the desktop support engineer receives that ticket, it’s their job to identify the problem, fix it, and ensure that everything is back up and running properly. They may also be responsible for documenting solutions, keeping track of backups and maintenance, and/or supporting IT technicians on their team.

While a degree is preferred by many companies, it is not always required. If you have the ability to troubleshoot IT issues and solve problems quickly and effectively, you may be able to land a role.

27. Average entry-level compensation: $45,000

Average salary: $50,025
Salary range: $38,000–$69,000

An HR Associate will support leadership in the human resources or “people” department on a variety of projects. They will work with recruiters and HR managers to schedule interviews or contact references, process payroll and benefits paperwork, conduct orientation and onboarding sessions, help plan and execute trainings, and/or take on general administrative work. Because they are often exposed to sensitive employee information during their work, HR associates must be able to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and build and maintain trust with their team.

While many companies prefer to hire HR associates with a bachelor’s degree, you can also get your foot in the door without a college degree as many companies are looking to hire HR talent with the right attitude and personality.

28. Average entry-level compensation: $43,041

Average salary: $44,624
Salary range: $35,000–$60,000

As a sales development representative, your responsibilities will include generating qualified leads, reaching out to those leads, and briefly educating the lead on the product or service that is for sale. The goal is to schedule a call or meeting with a sales executive who can continue the conversation and ultimately close the deal. To succeed in this role, you will need solid research skills, a willingness to make a high volume of cold calls, and the ability to connect with potential customers.

Most companies seek candidates for the role of SDR with the personality, drive, and tenacity needed for a successful career in sales. The average entry-level compensation for this role is around $43,000. Salespersons with excellent performance may be eligible for bonuses and commissions which could drive earnings higher.

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