Top 42 best paying jobs for attractive females

Top 42 best paying jobs for attractive females

Top 42 best paying jobs for attractive females

42 Highest Paying Jobs for Women 2022

Although women are still underrepresented in the best paying careers, this is not as true as it was several decades ago. Various factors such as child-rearing, chauvinism, and gender bias have kept women out of the professional workforce for a long time, but these days there is much more opportunity for them.

Despite the progress women have made in the workforce, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. For example, women earn on average less money than men and they are often not promoted as quickly or given the same pay raises as their male counterparts. However, these issues have largely been overshadowed by recent advancements for women in fields such as law and medicine. As more women enter these fields, employers start to see them in a different light and begin to value their contributions more.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women’s earnings were 62 percent of men’s in 1979. However, the gap narrowed steadily over time and as of 2009, women earn about 80% to 83% of what men earn on average.

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There are a few theories about why women earn less than men. One theory is that there are differences in how men and women approach work, which may lead to different pay rates. Another theory is that women face discrimination in the workplace, which can result in them earning less than their male counterparts.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has conducted studies to try and understand the gender earnings gap and its potential causes. They have several theories about why this gap exists, including differences in work styles or discrimination against women at work.

Many female students choose to major in fields like literature or art history, which may have high rewards but lower earning potential. Female students who hope to increase their income should focus on studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors.

Another reason why women earn less than men is that they are more likely to be willing to accept workplace flexibility in exchange for pay. This is probably because they are starting families.

Some of the highest-paying jobs for women are those that have been dominated by women historically, while others are the result of a changing of the guard. As attitudes towards women working in high-stress and demanding jobs such as medicine and upper management change, more high paying jobs for women become available. There are many reasons why these types of positions can be lucrative for female employees. For example, because these occupations often require long hours and intense focus, they often offer excellent pay and benefits. Additionally, many companies value diversity in their workforces which can lead to increased opportunities for female professionals in fields like engineering or accounting.

1. Veterinarians

Women have been increasingly enrolling in veterinary schools, as they find the field to be welcoming and devoid of gender discrimination. They cite a love of animals, the opportunities for specialization within veterinary science and medicine, and the availability of scholarships as reasons for choosing this career path.

Veterinary school is a popular choice for women because they can work as small animal veterinarians without having to deal with large animals. Large animal veterinarians have access to restraints and other safety measures that reduce the risk of injury when working with large animals.

Veterinarians are some of the highest-paid women in the workforce. They typically earn more than other professionals with similar training and experience, and can make a great living as a veterinarian.

Average salary: $103,220.00

Percentage of women in the field: 76.39%

2. Physicians and Surgeons

As the number of doctors decreases, medical schools are starting to expand their class sizes in order to accommodate more students.

In the past, women have felt that they do not have a place in the medical field due to their gender. This has kept many women from applying for medical school, but now attitudes towards women in medicine are changing as more physicians retire and there are fewer qualified medical professionals available.

In 2019, women accounted for 50.5% of all medical students in the United States, a milestone that has been slow to come but is now well on its way. Many women work as doctors and surgeons, and their numbers are slowly changing the face of a field once dominated by men.

Many female physicians earn less than their male counterparts, though this is slowly changing as more women enter the medical field. As the number of female physicians rises, so too does the likelihood that they will receive higher paychecks over time. Physicians who are successful in their careers often enjoy satisfying job duties and ample opportunities for career growth.

Average salary: $97,656.00

Percentage of women in the field: 40.72%

3. Pharmacists

The pharmacy field is seen as a family-friendly field and women are often drawn to it for these reasons. Additionally, the pharmacy field offers high pay and opportunities for advancement in the STEM fields, which can be important factors for many women.

Retail sector work hours tend to favor work-life balance, and many female pharmacists can return to work part-time once their children are old enough for daycare. This shift in career path has helped attract more women to the profession.

Average salary: $97,604.00

Percentage of women in the field: 60.78%

4. Physician Assistants

As one of the highest-paying jobs for women, physicians assistants work under the supervision of physicians and perform many of the same duties as a doctor or surgeon. They often have more knowledge about medical procedures than doctors who have not gone through training as a physician assistant.

Female physician assistants often work in pediatrics and women’s health, but there is a growing demand for their services in other areas of medicine. This allows them to have more autonomy than doctors working under the supervision of another doctor.

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Average salary: $91,676.00

Percentage of women in the field: 70.64%

5. Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are similar to physicians in that they provide care for patients, but work under the supervision of a doctor. This is a field that is dominated by women due to the fact that men have historically been discouraged from becoming nurses. Nurse practitioners can also gain advanced degrees over the course of their career, just like physicians.

The medical profession is a highly attractive field for women who are also mothers. These women can earn a good salary, help people with their medical needs, and have flexible hours to spend more time with family. As the demand for medical professionals increases, the earning potential for these women grows as well.

Average salary: $91,156.00

Percentage of women in the field: 87.17%

6. Human Resources Managers

Human resources has long been a field dominated by women because of the perception that it is a role that is better suited for women than men. Additionally, the stereotype that women are better at evaluating personality traits and matching them with job roles has contributed to the dominance of female HR professionals. Women have higher levels of emotional intelligence than men do, which makes them excel in areas such as conflict resolution, managing people, and negotiating

There is no denying that these stereotypes exist, but they do have some basis in reality. Women are typically better than men at being effective human resource managers, and this is one of the higher-paying jobs for women. As long as you conform to these stereotypes, you may be able to achieve success in this field.

Average salary: $79,976.00 

Percentage of women in the field: 76.92%

7. Management Analysts

Management analysts work with organizations to find ways to improve their operations. They use reports, procedures, manuals, and other material that instruct employees on how to do their jobs correctly in order to make recommendations. This includes seeing an increase among women in the field due to more females getting a degree in business and then earning a masters of business administration (MBA).

The high pay and reasonable work-life balance are among the reasons that management analyst jobs are attractive to women.

Average salary: $78,884.00 

Percentage of women in the field: 43.79%

8. Psychologists

There are more women than men in the field of psychology for a variety of reasons, including the fact that women are physically more empathetic and can turn thoughts into words better than men.

There are many factual reasons why women have a stronger inclination towards working as psychologists than men do, which means that they are more likely to be able to provide support and assistance to those who need it most when it comes to mental health treatment.

Women are drawn to psychology because it is one of the highest-paying jobs for women, and it has a variety of concentrations that allows them to focus in an area that interests them. Additionally, psychology is a field with the potential to help people heal their minds.

Average salary: $74,932.00 

Percentage of women in the field: 81.58%

9. Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy that was created to help soldiers regain the function of their limbs so they can perform daily tasks. Women have been the primary practitioners in this field for quite some time, but there is still a lot of room for advancement in this area. There are many reasons why women may enjoy working as occupational therapists, but one reason is that it pays very well and offers employees many opportunities for professional growth.

Although there is no definitive answer as to why women dominate the field of occupational therapy, it is a highly rewarding career with good pay and stability. Occupational therapy is beneficial for both practitioners and patients, which contributes to high job satisfaction for those in this field.

Average salary: $74,932.00

Percentage of women in the field: 85.87%

10. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

Since the 1940s, women have been working in the field of public relations and fundraising. However, at the lower levels of the industry, they have been outnumbered by men. However, in recent years, this has begun to change as more women are moving up into executive positions within the field with higher pay scales.

Public relations and fundraising are traditionally dominated by women due to the perception that they are good at solving complex problems, having a reputation for building strong foundations with clients, and managing crises. This is a field with an excellent average salary that increases with experience.

Average salary: $72,748.00

Percentage of women in the field: 69.44%

11. Modeling/Acting – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

Casting agents often look for attractive candidates when searching for new talent in the entertainment industry. Beyond personality, good looks are important factors in whether or not someone will be successful in this field. The entertainment industry is a high-profile and glamorous one with numerous opportunities, which means that millions of people rely on it to support their livelihoods.

Despite being highly rewarding and attractive, it is not easy to make a name for oneself in the fashion industry.

To succeed, you need to focus on what you are good at and networking with other successful people.

Average Salary $84000 per year

12. Flight Attendant – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

Women are generally more considerate and kind than men, which is one of the qualities employers prefer in cabin crew. This is a women-dominated sector, so employers can be confident that they’re hiring employees who will provide a positive experience for passengers.

If you love traveling, this job might just turn your dreams into reality. With a travel company as your employer, you can experience new places and cultures all while making money.

With a travel company as your employer, you could work in many different locations around the world and make money doing it. Traveling is a fun way to learn about new cultures and meet interesting people- all while earning some extra cash!

The average salary for a police officer is $33,065 per year.

13. Event Hosting

If your voice is attractive and draws people’s attention, then hosting or anchoring might be the perfect job for you.

Attracting attention is a challenging task, and not an easy one. This is why anchors and hosts are hired for events specifically so that they can capture the audience’s attention. They must be attractive and have a lively personality in order to do this effectively.

Events hosts are often needed at award ceremonies, ceremonies, and even private functions like birthday parties.

Hosting events can be a great way to make some extra money. It’s not exactly a nine-to-five job, so you can do it in your free time and make some extra money.

Average Salary $31,666 per year

14. Singer – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

As the music industry continues to grow, more and more people are wondering why a singer has to be attractive in order to succeed. The answer is that there is no set rule as to how successful a singer has to be based on their looks alone. There are many successful singers who do not look particularly good, and there are also many successful singers who look very good. attractiveness is not necessarily a determining factor in whether or not someone will be successful in the music industry.

We understand that you may have questions about this topic, and we want to provide some insight into why attractiveness is such a necessary attribute for singers. First and foremost, attractiveness helps promote an image of professionalism and credibility among fans and other professionals within the music industry. Additionally, attractive singers are often given more opportunities than their less-attractive counterparts due to their appearance commanding more respect from those who make decisions about talent casting.

If you have an attractive personality and a melodious voice, it may be a good idea to become a lead singer in a band or start booking shows for live solo gigs.

Average Salary $41,480 per year

15. Front Desk Executive – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

A career as a front desk manager is one of the best paying jobs for attractive females. This position offers great opportunities in the hospitality industry.

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You are responsible for the look of your office, and your appearance reflects on the company as a whole. Therefore, it is important to take care in your grooming and appearance. Employers only hire candidates who project an attractive personality, so make sure you present yourself in a professional manner.

This job does not require a lot of physical labor, but it does require some mental effort.

Average Salary $51,687 per year

16. Instagram/YouTube Personality

Generally speaking, social media can be a lucrative career for attractive females.

Most social media stars make a good living off of their platforms, thanks to the large following and engagement they receive. In some cases, these individuals can earn over $100,000 per year from their online presence alone!

Seven-year-old Radzinskaya is the highest paid female YouTuber, with an estimated net worth of $10 million due to her massive following and successful content.

Average Salary $47,630 per year (with a decent following)

17. Teacher

Teaching is a great career option for those who are thinkers and have a strong personality.

Teachers often transmit their energy to students in order to boost their morale and make them love learning. This is easier for teachers with an attractive personality, as students are more likely to feel safe and comfortable around them.

Average Salary $62,870 per year

18. Sales and Marketing

Having excellent communication skills, a friendly attitude, and people skills is essential for success in sales. If you are good at convincing others to buy what you have to say, sales may be the perfect career for you.

This profession has a variety of job roles that include telecaller, sales executive, sales head, marketing manager, chief executive officer (CEO), and so on. While each role offers a basic salary with impressive sales-based incentives, there is no limit to your earning potential based on your title.

Average Salary $57,192 per year

19. Make-up Artist – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

there are so many possibilities.

With more and more awareness being brought to the beauty and health sector, makeup is another up-and-coming profession for women. There are many ways you can start your career with certification and basic training, or even start your own studio with different possibilities open to you.

Average Salary $47,917 per year

20. Insurance

That is one of the keys to being a successful insurance agent. You must be able to put your clients at ease, and make them feel like they can totally trust you with their personal information.

Insurance sales agents are often required to have excellent customer service skills in order to build relationships with clients and ensure that they are satisfied with the products that they purchase from an agent. Agents should also be able to articulate complex policy terms clearly, so that potential customers can understand what coverage is available for them.

A successful insurance career requires both people skills (able to relate well and put clients at ease) as well as technical knowledge about how policies work (able communicate complex terms). Plus, it’s important for agents not only sell policies but provide outstanding customer service in order foster long-term relationships

Salary packages in insurance come with different incentive-based structures, which means that you have complete control over your earnings potential. This is one of the best jobs for attractive females because of the high pay and opportunity to make a lot of money.

Average Salary $52,533 per year

21. Journalism

Journalism and mass communication is a great career for attractive females. Aside from having good looks, being comfortable in front of the camera is a must.

Journalism is a profession that involves collecting and presenting news and information. It is a challenging, adventurous, and at times risky career. Journalists often work in television, radio, newspaper, online publications, etc.

Some of the job options in this profile are:

  • Reporter
  • Copywriter
  • Sub-editor
  • Research Analyst
  • Writer
  • Content Writer

Average Salary $59,367 per year

22. Insurance

Insurance is a career that involves selling insurance policies. To be successful in this field, you’ll need to have a great personality and be able to sell yourself well.

Your personality, your skills, and the opportunities you have access to will all be factors in determining how much you earn in insurance. However, many people feel comfortable relying on insurers because salaries are based on incentives.

Average Salary $52,533 per year

23. Journalism

One of the best paying jobs for attractive females is journalism and mass communication. These careers often require a comfortable and confident personality, as well as an attractive appearance.

Journalism is a challenging, adventurous, and often risky career that involves collecting and presenting news and information on TV, radio, newspaper, online publications, etc.

Some of the job options in this profile are:

  • Reporter
  • Copywriter
  • Sub-editor
  • Research Analyst
  • Writer
  • Content Writer

Average Salary $59,367 per year

24. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

In the past, these positions were filled by men who left to fight in World War II. Since then, women have taken over this field in large numbers, due to their abilities and experience.

Women excel at building strong reputations with reliable foundations of clients. This field pays well and provides opportunities for career growth over time.

Average Salary $72,748 per year

25. Lawyer

Attractive women may find law a great career option, as the job of an attorney is to convince a judge or jury to rule in favor of their client. With a strong personality and good communication skills, attractive women can be successful attorneys.

There are many legal options available to attorneys, including practicing within the government, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, or private practice in law firms and corporate businesses.

Average Salary $81,792 per year

26. Bottle Server

If you are attractive, there is a good chance you were offered the job as a bottle server. However, this does not mean that you are not appreciated.

Most people would agree that looks are very important when it comes to success in this job. However, there is nothing wrong with making a little extra money by using your attractiveness if you’re working in a safe environment.

Average Salary $36,156 per year

27. Bartender/Waitress At An Exclusive Restaurant

Many people in the horeca industry work based on their looks, and this is especially true in major cities. From what I have experienced, Los Angeles is probably one of the few places where a lot of young people are willing to work hard to get a job with cafes, bars or restaurants.

There are many reasons why young people might want to pursue bartending or waitressing jobs. These jobs often require no prior experience, and they can offer flexible hours that work well with students’ busy lifestyles.

Have you ever heard of Hyde on Sunset? This restaurant is not for the faint of heart – it’s frequented by celebrities and people who are extremely good looking. If you want a job there, you’ll need to be stunningly beautiful.

Average Salary $42,556 per year (including tips)

28. House Sitting

House sitting is a great way for women to earn extra money. The job involves looking after a client’s house while they’re away, which can sometimes include taking care of their pet. In addition, if you are good at it, you may be entitled to extra pay. This is one of the easiest jobs that women can do as an added side hustle.

House sitting jobs can be a great way to spend your time if you don’t have much else going on. Even if you only have to do minimal work, making sure the pets are fed and the house is clean takes a lot of time. If you’re actively looking for a house-sitting job, start with!

Average Salary $50,654 per year

29. Personal Trainer/Life Coach

Despite the availability of technology and the internet, many people still turn to life coaches and personal trainers to help them reach their goals. This is because these professionals have a lot of experience and knowledge that can help people achieve their goals.

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When a client hires you as their personal trainer, it means that they want to work with you and/or have your body. This is an excellent job for people who are attractive, as it requires a lot of energy and stamina.

Average Salary $40,510 per year

30. Food Delivery

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, food delivery on DoorDash is one lucrative side job that every pretty girl should consider. Simply register and get started!

Clients who need these services are within the city. You simply wait for an order to come in, pick up the said order from the restaurant, and deliver it.

31. Tutoring

If you’re good at math, chemistry, French, or another subject that intimidates others, tutoring can be a great way to make money on the side.

If you are knowledgeable about a subject in demand, you can earn a lot of money as a tutor. Parents are willing to pay for services that provide knowledge in areas where their children need help.

32. Become a translator

If you have a skill that can be used in other countries, such as fluency in a foreign language, you can work as a translator or interpreter to make some extra money.

Translation services typically require you to take a test before being matched with or approved for a job.

33. Pool Cleaning Service

Pool cleaning can be a great way to make some quick money, provided that you know how to do it.

There are many online classified ads that list pool cleaners looking for new clients. Look through these ads to find pools that need cleaning and contact the pool cleaner who has listed their services in the ad.

34. Interior Decorator

As an interior decorator, you can make a comfortable living by supplying stylish or beautiful things to people in need of a makeover.

As an interior decorator, you will often be painting walls, hanging wallpaper, selecting and placing furniture, installing window treatments, and adding accessories such as throw rugs.

35. Become A DJ


DJing is a rewarding career if you are good at mixing small audio clips with crossfader and cue functions to blend or transition between songs.

DJing is a great way to make money and work for parties and events. You can start by investing in a mixer and some speakers, after which you will be able to profit from your skills.

36. Laundry Service

Even busy city folk are willing to pay someone else to do their laundry for them, as long as the person doing it is skilled and can provide good service. You’ll need a decent washing machine and other supplies to get started, but it’s worth the investment.

37. Create a course to sell

Some people may find it difficult to create and sell an online course, as they must deal with angry parents or school politics. However, this is not the case with online courses that offer useful information.

If you’re worried that you don’t have the skills necessary to complete this task, I can understand that. However, the best way to overcome your fear is by focusing on what you’re good at. You may be an excellent graphic designer, a great bookkeeper, or skilled at editing videos- so use those strengths to create a course.

The success of your course sales will largely depend on the demand for what you’re teaching, and courses that focus on skills that are marketable tend to do well. To get a sense of the types of courses out there and how you might fit in, check out online course platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable.

The downside of this side hustle is that it takes a lot of work to create, market, and launch your course. The upside is that you are in complete control of what you create while making fairly passive income.

38. Start a consulting service

As an expert in a certain field, you can earn money by providing your knowledge to others. Rates start at $60/hour, but average closer to $100-$300/hour.

Here’s how it works:

  • Someone searches for an expert on a specific topic
  • They find you and schedule a call
  • Both parties receive confirmation from Clarity
  • You get on your call and receive payment for your time

If you’re interested in consulting for Clarity, their expert standards list includes topics like business, funding, product and design, technology, skills and management. You’ll need to apply to be considered for a position on the team. Clarity will review your application and decide whether or not you meet the company’s qualifications based on demand and your profile.

39. Sell things on eBay

There is no guarantee that you will make money from this side hustle, but it is an easy way to start making money without spending any time or money. You can sell what you already have in your home.

Here are a few tips to get this side hustle up and running quickly and on the cheap:

  • Start small by selling items for around $10 or less – you’ll keep your costs down and bank some good reviews
  • Invest in a postage scale
  • Watch what you spend on packing materials
  • Sell what you know, which helps you market and list things correctly
  • Learn more through online reseller communities, like blogs, YouTube channels, and social media

40. Sell on Shopify

Shopify is a popular platform for setting up and running your own eCommerce store. It’s easy to use, and you can run your store in a passive way if you use Shopify for dropshipping.

With Shopify, you can create an online store to sell items that can be drop-shipped by a third party. You choose the items you want to sell and specify how they will be delivered (through a designated supplier).

Shopify takes care of the hard work for you, automatically shipping orders and managing traffic. However, you will need to check in from time to time to keep your site up-to-date and running smoothly. Starting a Shopify side hustle can be done for as little as $29/month.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create their own websites and manage their sales and customer service. There are already over 1 million businesses using Shopify, and they have generated over $135 billion in sales.

41. Become a rideshare driver

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft offer a cheaper alternative to taxis, as well as the convenience of using apps that are easy to use. They are popular with millennials, who appreciate the peer-to-peer interaction and quick delivery times.

Uber drivers have the ability to set their own hours, which can be a great way for them to meet new people and make extra money. I’ve met a lot of Uber drivers who love being able to side hustle whenever they want.

There is a lot of information to understand about driving for rideshare services before you start, like the average pay often being less than advertised. However, this list includes reputable reviews from a number of thrilled drivers who love making their own money on their schedule.

42. Become a Pet Waste Collector

There are many lucrative side hustles for pretty ladies. For example, you can start up your own pet waste removal company and employ people to work for you. Additionally, you can learn how to start a business from scratch, which could bring in an income of $75-$100 per hour.



What is the highest paying female dominated job?

High-Paying Jobs Where Women Outnumber MenBudget Analysts. … Natural Sciences Managers. … Public Relations and Fundraising Managers. … Veterinarians. … Physician Assistants. … Nurse Practitioners. … Pharmacists. Percentage of women in occupation: 52.9% … Nurse Anesthetists. Percentage of women in occupation: 59.6%High-Paying Jobs Where Women Outnumber Men | › money › high-paying-jobs-women-outnumber…About Featured Snippets

What profession has the most attractive females?

For women, the most attractive jobs were:Hairdresser.Nurse.Lawyer.Entrepreneur.Teacher.These Are The Most Attractive Professions – › 2018/05 › most-attractive-professionsAbout Featured Snippets

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