Top 27 best paying jobs in air freight delivery services

Top 27 best paying jobs in air freight delivery services

Top 27 best paying jobs in air freight delivery services

Best Paying Jobs in Air Freight/Delivery Services –

Airlines have become the most popular means of transportation in the world, with direct jobs accounting for more than 11 million people. Indirect and induced jobs combined are estimated to be around 87 million. The aviation industry as a whole is made up of many different branches, one of which is air freight delivery services. These services offer a lot of opportunities for those who want to work in them, and they can be very lucrative careers if you’re lucky enough to land a high-paying position.

A world full of packages

Are you expecting a package soon? The world keeps moving thanks to package delivery. In 2020, 131 billion parcels were shipped around the globe. China continues to dominate this industry, as they are well known for their booming e-commerce industry.

In 2021, air freight delivered 231,342 million cargo tonne-kilometers. This figure was a significant contribution to the global freight industry and underscored the importance of this mode of transportation.

Figures that hold promise

Yet to improve cargo load factor

Air freight delivery services operate at a load factor of around 50%, allowing for more room for future improvement. This is due to the increasing demand from businesses and consumers alike. Consequently, the industry will create many new well-paying jobs in the near future.

The boom in E-commerce

According to the IATA, e-commerce is responsible for a sizeable share of air freight carried in 2019. This market has been growing by 30% each year, so it is likely that more cargo will be moved using air transportation in the coming years.

E-commerce sales soared during the pandemic, reaching 4.4 trillion USD globally in 2021 and projected to reach 7.4 trillion USD by 2025. This has boosted the demand for air freight delivery services which have responded accordingly.

Air freight delivery is a valuable service right now and it’s going to be even more prominent in the future. So if you want to have a career in this field, there is no hesitation required. Here are some of the best-paying jobs in air freight:

27 Best Paying Jobs in Air Freight Delivery Services

1. Air freight pilot

Pilots are generally high earners, and this is not surprising given the similarities between their duties flying cargo or passenger flights. Despite being a pilot for a cargo or passenger airline, most pilots will still have the same duties as those with less experience. In fact, according to data from The Flight Association (TFA), the median salary for a cargo pilot is around $100,000 annually.

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A Boeing spokesperson says that the world’s freighter fleet is projected to grow by 70% by 2035, meaning that there will be a total of 3,010 freighters in use. This provides evidence of future demand for pilots who work in this field.

2. Air traffic controller

Becoming an air traffic controller is a high-stress job, but it is essential for keeping all air traffic safe. Air traffic controllers work throughout their region to keep flights moving smoothly. The salary varies depending on the level of difficulty and complexity of the work.

3. Aircraft maintenance mechanic

An aircraft maintenance mechanic can earn a six-figure salary, depending on experience and scope of work. They are responsible for inspecting flight controls, aircraft structure, hydraulic systems, and avionics.

Having knowledge of the loading and unloading mechanisms of a freighter is also important for a freighter mechanic. If air freight delivery services are provided by the company via helicopters, having certification in helicopter maintenance would be an advantage.

Aircraft mechanics are responsible for the safety of all passengers, pilots, and flight attendants on board an aircraft. They work closely with aircraft systems to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that the aircraft is ready for the next takeoff.

4. Freight Agents

Cargo or freight agents are the important players in air cargo delivery. They are responsible for handling each kilogram of cargo that passes through an airport and ensuring that it is delivered on time.

The cargo agents are responsible for preparing the required documentation for customs clearance before each flight, and on some occasions they are contacted by customers to verify missing information about the logistics. Once the aircraft arrives, freight agents monitor the loading process to ensure that all of the enlisted cargo has been loaded onto it.

cargo agents should have a sound knowledge of dangerous goods and computer literacy in order to enter data on specially-designed software.

5. Flight attendants

Airlines typically have a much smaller crew on air freight delivery services than they do for passenger flights. In most cases, only the captain and co-pilot will be present on the plane. If the flight is traveling over a certain threshold, there may be a relief crew present. During pandemics, many airlines have opted to use their passenger planes for cargo transportation in order to reduce strain on their workforce.

Due to the scarcity of cabin crew who are directly attached to air freight delivery services, median salary for flight attendants working for passenger airlines tends to be around $80,000.

6. Air cargo manager

In some companies, the person responsible for organizing and tracking air freight delivery is also known as a customer program manager, transportation manager, or head of air freight. This individual is responsible for ensuring that cargo is delivered on time and in accordance with customer specifications, evaluating customer satisfaction levels, and overseeing all related processes within the cargo wing.

A bachelor’s degree in shipping and logistics can help you find a job as an air freight delivery service manager. The average salary for this position is $100,000, and experience in the field is usually necessary.

7. Flight dispatcher

Flight dispatchers are responsible for the coordination of all ground operations leading up to and during departure of a flight. In order for them to be effective, they must have extensive knowledge about weather conditions. However, in order to work as a flight dispatcher, some academic qualifications (such as a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree) may be required along with specialized training.

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The average salary for a flight dispatcher is approximately $60,000 annually, which may be subject to change depending on various factors.

8. Air Import Manager – Air Freight

The average salary for an Air Import Manager – Air Freight is $81,000.

Air import managers are responsible for overseeing the importing of goods by air cargo. They work with airlines, freight forwarders, and other parties involved in getting the goods from the point of origin to the destination.

9. Warehouse Manager

The average salary for a Warehouse Manager is $80000.

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for providing training and education to other professionals in order to improve efficiency and growth across the sectors. Additionally, they are responsible for enforcing security measures and inventory levels for both specialty companies, such as pharmaceuticals, as well as general companies.

10. Freight Broker

Freight brokers typically earn around $62,000 per year.

Freight brokers are responsible for connecting businesses with carriers that can move goods from one point to another. They work with companies that need to ship products and materials, as well as connect them with the best carrier for the job. This is an important role in today’s economy, where businesses strive to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

11. Shipping Manager

The average salary of a Shipping Manager is $50,000.

As a shipping manager, you would be responsible for coordinating and supervising all transportation-related activities. This includes ensuring that goods are delivered on time and within budget.

12. Aircraft Load Master

The average salary for an aircraft load master is $45,000.

The Aircraft Load Master is responsible for ensuring that the cargo being loaded on an aircraft does not exceed the aircraft’s maximum allowable weight. They work with the flight crew to make sure that the cargo is securely loaded and that no hazardous materials are being transported.

13. Airline Freight Forwarder

The average salary of an airline freight forwarder is $41,000.

Freight forwarders work for airlines and other transportation companies to ensure the timely and efficient shipment of goods between points of origin and destination. They typically work with a network of transportation providers to make sure that cargo is delivered on time, within budget, and in accordance with airline specifications.

14. Inventory Specialist

The average salary for an inventory specialist is $37,650.

Inventory specialists are responsible for organizing and keeping track of all the inventory in a business. They work with management to determine what needs to be ordered and when, as well as monitoring what is being used and how much remains.

15. Air Cargo Handler

The average salary of an Air Cargo Handler is $37000.

The Air Cargo Handler is responsible for loading and unloading cargo and baggage onto and from aircraft.

16. Airline Cargo Representative

The average salary of an Airline Cargo Representative is $37000.

Cargo representatives are responsible for ensuring that baggage and cargo are safely transported and properly documented.

17. Airport Manager

An airport manager is an important position at an airport and must ensure that all staff carry out their duties well in order for the airport to function effectively. The manager is responsible for ensuring that all equipment in the airport is functioning properly, helping to maintain accurate records, and also helping to plan budgets. The average salary for a US-based airline manager is around $53,173 per year.

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18. Aviation Manager

An aviation manager is responsible for the management of an airport or aviation-related business. They help to recruit staff and keep the airport compliant with FAA regulations. Salaries can range from $1,040,000 to -346,000 Nigerian Naira per month.

19.  Air Freight Manager

Air freight managers are responsible for overseeing the shipments that are to be delivered. They work in the freight delivery department, and their job is to make sure that goods arrive on time and that all of the necessary steps are taken to ensure proper loading and storage of goods. In America, air freight managers earn between $58,482 and $106,912 per year.

20.  Air Freight Logistics Customer Service

The workers’ job is to attend to customers’ needs, take calls, and process shipments. Their salary in the United States is $51,166 per year.

21.  Air Line Pilot

A pilot is responsible for flying the plane, checking the plane before takeoff to make sure it is in good condition, and ensuring that they are following the correct route. They also check to see if there’s enough fuel left to reach their destination as well as whether the cabin pressure is okay. Pilots earn an annual salary of $146,500.

22.  Transportation Freight Coordinator

A transportation freight coordinator oversees the process of shipping customer shipments. They help to manage both incoming and outgoing freight, with salaries ranging from $53,180 to $65,452.

23.  Freight Delivery Driver

The company’s delivery drivers help to pick shipments from their office and deliver them to the owners. They plan their delivery schedule and make sure that the goods are delivered on time and in good condition. The annual salary for a delivery driver at this company is between $35,000 to $66,500.

24.  Freight Payment Coordinator

The individual is responsible for authorizing and coordinating freight payment receipts as well as preparation of the customer’s shipments invoices. Their salary falls within a range of $44,240 to $48,853 per year.

25.  Freight Distribution Manager

The freight distribution manager oversees the transport of goods and ensures that all products reach their destination in a safe and timely manner. In addition to supervising employees, this position is responsible for approving shipments before they are sent out and monitoring their progress throughout the distribution process. They earn $66,923 per year in the United States.

26.  Air Craft Freight Loader

An aircraft freight loader is responsible for loading and unloading freight from the airport warehouse onto air crafts. They earn a salary ranging from $27,000 to $47,000 in the United States.

 17.  Customer Program Manager

The company maintains a close relationship with its customers, which helps it grow. They help accept and process customer orders, and also try to find out what the customers’ needs are and provide solutions. In 2016, their revenue in the United States was $51,072 per year.


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