Top 37 best paying jobs in apparel

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Top 37 best paying jobs in apparel

Top 37 best paying jobs in apparel

37 Highest-Paying Fashion Jobs

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If you’re interested in fashion, there are many well-paying career opportunities across a variety of industries. By taking the time to research different fashion jobs, you can gain an understanding of what career best suits your skills, interests and experience.

If you are interested in a career in fashion, this list of the 15 highest-paying jobs in the industry will give you an idea of what to expect. These positions typically require a college degree and experience working within the fashion industry, but many employers also offer generous benefits packages.

37 highest-paying fashion jobs

The fashion industry is a highly competitive one, and with good reason. Salaries vary widely depending on the position and experience, but all of these jobs offer excellent pay and plenty of opportunities for advancement.

If you have skills in creative thinking, leading others, or promoting products, there are many high-paying fashion jobs out there that would be a great fit for you. Indeed has compiled a list of some of the highest paying fashion positions with salary expectations as well as essential duties to help you get started.

1. Stylist

National average salary: $53,686 per year

Primary duties:

Stylists design and coordinate outfits to help clients look their best or showcase the clothing itself. They may select clothing for photo shoots, advertising campaigns, television and film productions, or appearances made by public figures. Stylists keep up to date on trends by attending fashion shows or events and consulting with other creative professionals such as hairstylists, makeup artists and art directors.

2. Fashion designer

National average salary: $57,352 per year

Primary duties:

A fashion designer creates original clothing and accessories, specializing in certain products. Depending on the designer, they may create items for mass production or more unique items for high-end stores. The complete process of creating a collection – from conceptualizing ideas to making prototype garments and choosing materials – is often under the control of those with more skill.

3. Public relations manager

National average salary: $60,834 per year

Primary duties:

Public relations managers direct the public relations and communications departments for a company, working to uphold its positive reputation. They are responsible for overseeing and executing public relations strategies, which often involves building relationships with media outlets in order to promote the brand. Promotional campaigns and events may include fashion shows, press releases, fashion look books or showroom appointments. Fashion PR managers also oversee the marketing and PR calendars, media target lists and press kits developed by their team.

4. E-commerce manager

National average salary: $64,944 per year

Primary duties:

As the head of a retail organization’s online sales efforts, an e-commerce manager oversees everything from reviewing sales data to developing marketing campaigns. They also work with other departments to create a cohesive online shopping experience for customers. E-commerce managers often have administrative duties, such as managing payments and returns.

5. Brand manager

National average salary: $66,023 per year

Primary duties:

A fashion brand manager oversees the maintenance and creation of a company’s image, with the goal of attracting and retaining customers. The manager collaborates with marketing, product development, and creative teams to ensure that all launches adhere to the brand’s value and message. They are responsible for managing promotional content such as advertisements, email campaigns, websites, and market research.

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6. Marketing manager

National average salary: $67,216 per year

Primary duties:

Fashion marketing managers are responsible for creating advertising campaigns and analyzing the results of these tactics in order to determine which will drive sales for a company or brand. They collaborate with the marketing and product development teams, supervise the creation of briefs, logos, and package designs used to price and advertise products, monitor market trends, make decisions on whether a marketing plan is effective or needs improvement based on that information.

7. Account executive

National average salary: $68,239 per year

Primary duties:

Fashion account executives work to promote retail chains and designer brands in order to help them sell products. They meet with media outlets and representatives in order to coordinate ad campaigns, which may include ads in print publications or on the internet, TV and billboards. Account executives often set sales and revenue goals, analyze trends, and improve brand’s sales strategy.

8. Merchandising manager

National average salary: $69,407 per year

Primary duties:

Fashion merchandising managers oversee the stock, prices, and presentation of products in retail stores. They also conduct market research and analyze customer data to help them make decisions about which vendors to purchase products from or which products will sell best in their store.

9. Buyer

National average salary: $70,334 per year

Primary duties:

Buyers observe fashion trends and consult with retail or department stores to select products for sale in their stores. They may also attend trade shows and fashion shows to meet with designers, inspect products, and make decisions about which items should be sold. In making purchasing decisions, buyers take the price, quality, and customer habits into account before selling merchandise. They may work with suppliers to negotiate contracts and provide updates on shipments.

10. Editor-in-chief

National average salary: $70,591 per year

Primary duties:  A fashion editor-in-chief oversees digital or print publications and makes decisions on what is published, such as setting the tone of a magazine and planning the layout, design, and contents of monthly issues. They also manage staff members, make hiring decisions, oversee publication budgets and promote their publication by attending industry events.

11. Art director

National average salary: $71,204 per year

Primary duties:

A fashion art director is responsible for supervising the creation of visuals for advertising campaigns, magazines and other media. They create a vision for the images and manage creative staff to ensure they are properly executed.

12. Creative director

National average salary: $86,660 per year

Primary duties:

A creative director is responsible for the vision and direction of a publication or advertising company. They develop ideas for layouts, graphics, and photos, working with the final approval on what appears in publications or advertisements.

The creative director is responsible for communicating a vision to the design team and has final say on details such as fabrics, colors, and other design details.

13. Design director

National average salary: $96,178 per year

Primary duties:

A fashion design director manages a team of designers to develop product lines for a retailer or brand. They provide creative direction to their team each season, ensuring that the products align with current trends and market demands. A fashion design director oversees all aspects of the design process, from market research to design sketches to product fittings and more.

14. Sourcing manager

National average salary: $98,439 per year

Primary duties:

Sourcing managers in the fashion industry often work within the manufacturing sector, overseeing the procurement of materials and components that are used to create clothing and accessories.

Sourcing managers are responsible for determining which suppliers to use, and often have to work on negotiations and legal agreements with these sources. The role also requires analyzing the manufacturing process to decide whether to replace a supplier based on the quality or cost of their goods.

15. Product manager

National average salary: $102,415 per year

Primary duties:

A product manager is responsible for overseeing the product development, design, and sales teams throughout the manufacturing life cycle. They ensure that the product meets customer needs and aligns with company goals. Most typically, a PM manages a specific product or line of products (for example, footwear or women’s wear), plan requirements based on customer need

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The fashion product manager monitors commercial trends to determine which marketing strategies will make the company’s product more marketable and profitable. They also handle quality assurance protocols for the products they oversee.

Indeed has a wealth of resources designed to help sales professionals succeed.

Some of Indeed’s top resources for sales talent include career advice, sample resumes, job search quick links, and more. With these tools at your disposal, you can improve your chances of landing the next big sale.

16. Senior Designer

National average salary: $104K 

The FIDM Fashion Design Program offers a rigorous and comprehensive education in fashion design. The program provides graduates with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in a fast-paced and always-changing environment, including creating new designs, evaluating prototypes, researching product trends, and attending product development meetings. Graduates of the FIDM Fashion Design Program are highly sought after by some of the world’s leading companies such as Gap Inc., Quiksilver, Monique Lhuillier (pictured above), GUESS, Volcom.

17. VP of Publicity 

National average salary:  $146K 

Graduates of the FIDM Visual Communications Program are skilled in strategizing press-related initiatives and directing the PR team. These professionals work with hundreds of companies across a variety of industries to help them disseminate their message to the public.

18. Marketing Director 

National average salary:  $130K 

The Marketing Director oversees the big picture of marketing campaigns and products, monitoring consumer reactions to marketing efforts and supervising branding and advertising efforts. Graduates of FIDM’s Merchandise & Marketing Program have worked at some of the most prestigious companies in the industry, including Fabletics, Zappos, Farfetch, Petco, and Sears.

19. Design Assistant

A design assistant is someone who assists a head designer in the creation of design collections. They make sure all the other details are taken care of so that the designer can focus on their work.

National average salary: $31,000-$50,000

20. Pattern Maker

Patternmaker is a genius who creates patterns that turn 2D designs into 3D garments. He works closely with fashion designers to create innovative and sustainable designs that can be worn daily.

National average salary: $40-100k

21. Fashion Illustrator

A fashion illustrator designs the required garment designs in 2D software like Illustrator, and works closely with the fashion designer to create final product concepts. The illustrator creates a variety of different garment styles and poses, consulting with the designer as they go along.

Their job primarily consists of making conceptual illustrations, garment designs, etc.

National average salary: $73,200

22. Retail Buyer

When you are the buyer for a retail brand, you will be looking into how the business is run and what products to sell. That information comes from the retail stores that sell the products.

National average salary: $53,203

23. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is responsible for designing images, creating magazine layouts, templates, posters, and social media templates using software like Photoshop or InDesign.

National average salary: $75,000

24. Fashion Journalist

these individuals are in charge of bringing trends and news to the readers in some of the most famous fashion magazines. They use their creativity, critical thinking skills, and journalistic knowledge to help people better understand what is happening in the fashion industry.

National average salary: $60,000-$148,000

25. Fashion Forecaster

Fashion forecasters are responsible for predicting trends and colors of what upcoming years would look like. They do this by researching past and current trends, so that they can predict which fashion styles will be popular in the coming years. This information is then used to help designers plan their upcoming collections.

National average salary: $50,000-$100,000

26. Fashion Photographer/Director

A fashion photographer/filmmaker is typically a freelance professional who takes on many different tasks in the fashion industry. These tasks can include photography for photoshoots, filming and creating catalogs with designers, etc. In order to be successful as a fashion photographer/filmmaker you need both amazing photographic skills and an understanding of the Fashion industry.

National average salary: $77,550

27. Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist is someone who helps design and create visual representations of clothing, hairstyles, and makeup. They work with magazines and ecommerce sites to bring the designer’s vision to life in a visual format.

National average salary: $68,000

28. Textile Designers

There is a difference between fashion designers and textile designers. While a fashion designer works on cutting and shaping garments made of fabric, a textile designer focuses on creating prints and textures.

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National average salary: $50,500

29. Fashion Marketing and PR

A fashion marketing specialist helps create awareness for a brand through various methods, such as communicating with influencers and celebrities, writing press releases, designing new campaigns, etc.

National average salary: $1,00,000

30. Model

thin, tall, blond hair, blue eyes etc.

The world of fashion modeling is an ever-changing and demanding one where stylists, photographers, designers and filmmakers must bring their creative imaginations to life. The majority of models are handled by large modeling agencies who require a model with the perfect “model aesthetic” body type: thin with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

There are a variety of models that fall into the runway, photoshoot, editorial, and commercial categories. Some of the most well-known models include Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

National average salary: $25k-200k

31. Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser is responsible for dressing mannequins in fashion and designing the right atmosphere for the best customer experience.

National average salary: $55,500

32. Costume Designer

A costume designer is responsible for creating costumes for movies. They need to be familiar with scripts, do character analysis, and then design garments that are artsy and avant-garde in their aesthetics.

National average salary: $100,000

33. Personal Stylist/Shopper

A retail stylist is responsible for guiding customers on the latest fashion trends and helping them build a wardrobe that suits their body type, skin color, etc. They work closely with Visual Merchandisers to bring relatable and innovative styling techniques.

National average salary: $56k-73k

34. Studio Manager

A fashion education can help a boutique manager visualize the store’s aesthetic and bring up more ideas to enhance it.

National average salary: $45,700

35. Fashion Copywriter

A fashion copywriter is responsible for writing the product descriptions and blog posts for press releases, promotional emails, and social media updates.

National average salary: $47k-$62k

36. Professor

Design institutes need professors who can teach the design processes and different modules that require fashion education.

Design institutes often rely on professors to help teach students about the various design processes and specific modules that may be required for a fashion degree. After gaining experience in the industry, you may be called upon to fill this role permanently or temporarily.

National average salary: $50,211

37. Fashion Blogger/Vlogger

Bloggers who blog about fashion can help build a personal brand image for themselves. This is because the fashion brands can contact them to promote trendy collections.

National average salary: $37,000

To be successful in the fashion industry, you’ll need to be aware of the different types of jobs in the fashion world and what they entail. This will help you to find a position that is right for you and fit your skillset.



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