Top 25 best paying jobs in auto parts o.e.m.

Top 26 best paying jobs in auto parts o.e.m.

Top 25 best paying jobs in auto parts o.e.m.


Auto Parts OEM can be a rewarding career, as those who are interested in working in the engineering side of things may find some of the highest-paying jobs. This is a highly technical field, and those with degrees in engineering are often sought after for some of the most prestigious positions.

1. Industrial Engineer

The average annual salary for a dental assistant is $76,000.

Manufacturing engineers in the automotive industry design systems, machines, and processes that create auto parts. They may work on just a small part of the process or they can define how manufacturing will be handled from beginning to end.

The job of a vehicle mechanical technician has a lot of responsibility, as anything related to how the vehicle performs can affect the lives inside it. Additionally, there is a lot of education involved which is one reason pay is so high.

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2. The mechanical engineer

The average annual salary for a data analyst is $79,000.

If you know what type of engineer you want to be from the outset of your education, there may be fewer options for an automotive engineering degree, as most schools have mechanical engineering departments. However, many mechanical engineers end up working in the automotive industry.

Many of the tasks you perform at this job involve using engineering to optimize parts or create new ones. A few mechanical engineers in the auto OEM industry will specialize specifically in machines used to produce automobile parts, rather than working on auto parts directly.

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3. Engineer in Automotive

The average annual salary for a financial analyst is $72,000.

Automotive engineers typically work on a team that tackles all aspects of creating cars, from developing concepts to testing them. This varies based on which task or team they are assigned to.

To be successful in this profession, you must have a bachelor’s degree and experience working in the automotive field. Beginning your career at a junior level can help you gain experience and education that will lead to an engineer title.

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4. Engineer for Continuous Improvement

The average annual salary for a CPA is $74,000.

The position of Vehicle Manager requires someone who is constantly looking for ways to improve the vehicles or parts in them. This can be done through overseeing the facility and labor management, or by making improvements to the vehicles themselves.

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This position demands a level of tenacity and attentiveness that few others in the industry can offer. The individual must be able to see the big picture and have a well-rounded knowledge of material handling, standard operating procedures, human relations laws, and related information.

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5. Factory Director

The average annual salary for a physical therapist is $95,000.

The factory manager is responsible for overseeing everything that happens in the facility, making sure it runs smoothly and meeting goals or quotas. They may also be concerned with employee safety and happiness.

As a factory manager, you face many challenges and demands. However, your pay is likely to be higher than if you held a less demanding job. This is because most factories prefer experienced managers over those with only a high school diploma or no formal education at all.

High Paying Automotive Parts Advisor Jobs
Automotive Buyer. Salary range: $56,500-$90,500 per year. … Tool Crib Supervisor. Salary range: $36,500-$62,000 per year. … Automotive Wholesale Parts Advisor. … Wholesale Parts Salesperson. … Maintenance Parts Technician. … Outside Parts Salesman. … Automotive Parts Person. … Parts Sales Advisor.
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21 Entry-Level Jobs in Auto Parts OEM

If you’re interested in working in the automotive industry, an entry-level job might be a good place to start.

Even if you don’t have a degree yet, getting hands-on experience can help you figure out what career path is right for you.

If you want to enter the automotive parts manufacturing industry as a worker, then these entry-level jobs might be your ticket.

Catalog Content Team MemberAverage Annual Salary: N/A

To be successful as a catalog content team member, you’ll need to have strong marketing and communications skills. In many cases, this job entails working with advertisers and communicating the company’s products to the aftermarket. A bachelor’s degree in either of these fields is usually necessary for success in this position.

1. Machine OperatorAverage Annual Salary: $32,000

A machine operator typically has a variety of tasks that involve the maintenance and operation of different machines in a factory. Depending on their position, they may work one machine every day, all day.

This position can be a start for those without any prior experience or training. You may also find experienced machine operators within the company who have acquired their skills through experience.

2. General Line TechnicianAverage Annual Salary: $38,000

Your duties as a general line technician depend on what your OEM auto parts company is manufacturing and what job you’re tasked with. Many of these positions are assembly-line jobs, and you’ll be doing the same thing day in and day out.

3. Manufacturing AssociateAverage Annual Salary: $32,000

The manufacturing associate prepares the necessary equipment and materials for production, keeping an eye on inventory levels to ensure that necessary supplies are always available. In the event of a problem, they may need to step in and help out with different aspects of production.

Many companies prefer that new employees have a college degree, while others are content with only a high school diploma. This is an entry-level position that can lead to further management opportunities.

4. Parts Warehouse TeamAverage Annual Salary: N/A

Every automotive plant is going to have a lot of incoming inventory and outgoing product. There are many people who are responsible for managing raw materials as they come into the factory, and shipping finished products out to retailers.

Starting at the bottom of the warehouse, there is an entry-level position that may require a lot of counting and lifting. As you progress in your career, you might find opportunities for advancement or you may enjoy the physical aspects of this job.

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5. Entry-Level SalesAverage Annual Salary: N/A

Entry-level sales representatives for OEM automotive parts companies typically work to maintain relationships with VARs, which are companies that resell finished goods. These types of relationships are important because they allow the OEM to sell its products at a higher margin.

If you work for an OEM company that has branched into making sales, you will be busy trying to make sales happen and keep customers happy.

6. Maintenance TechnicianAverage Annual Salary: $47,000

Factory maintenance technicians are not just concerned with the products that the factory produces, but also the factory itself. This is a job that used to be called a janitor, but there are now many more responsibilities involved in this position.

To be successful in this position, you don’t need any experience or a degree in electronics, but it would be helpful if you have some working knowledge of large machines.

7. Production WorkerAverage Annual Salary: $30,000

Their job might be to feed raw materials into machinery, assemble products, or monitor the work of a specific machine.

8. Electronic AssemblerAverage Annual Salary: $31,000

Most modern vehicles have a lot of electronic components, and there are many companies that need someone who can assemble those parts. Usually, only high school diploma or GED holders are able to gain entry-level positions in this field.

Electronics assemblers who want to pursue a career in electrical engineering may find this job helpful. It gives them experience working with real world electronics and can help prepare them for more specialized careers.

9. Car Manufacturing TechnicianAverage Annual Salary: N/A

This entry-level position in car manufacturing may entail a variety of different duties, such as assembling parts, working machines, doing maintenance, and staying on top of quality control issues.

This career usually requires manual dexterity and confidence when handling machines or software. There will be a lot of on-the-job training throughout this career.

10. Painter

As a painter, your experience and qualifications will help you to be eligible for coverage under Caliber’s insurance system. You must be able to work quickly and efficiently, as well as adapt to changing conditions.

11. UET Maintainer

UET Maintainers perform and maintain daily post-operational checks of the lift system and MAET. You need to comply with company standard operating policies and procedures, assist in general supervision of students, and cleanliness of the training site.

12Warranty Management Application Developer

To be a successful Warranty Management Application Developer, you need to have experience designing and developing apps that meet business processes and applications.

13. Premier OEM Assembly Worker

As an Premier OEM Assembly Worker, you will be responsible for the assembly and repair of Premier O.E.M. products. Generally, having no previous experience is not a barrier to entry into this field, but having some experience is generally preferred. Additionally, being able to demonstrate financial prudence, honesty and fairness in your dealings with others are also prerequisites for success in this position.

14. Emergency Vehicle Installer

If you want to be a successful emergency vehicle installer, you need to have experience in automotive writing or related experience in a fast-paced shop. You also need to be able to work under pressure and make quick decisions.

15. Mechanical Engineer

If you know you want to work in the automotive industry from the outset of your education, then a mechanical engineering degree may be limiting for you. However, most schools have departments dedicated to mechanical engineering and the average salary for those with a degree is around $79,000 annually.

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16. Continuous Improvement Engineer

In order to be successful in this position, you need to be constantly looking for ways to improve the operations of the company. This can include making changes to vehicles or parts, as well as overseeing the facility and labor management. On average, a person in this position earns $74,000 per year.

17. Factory Manager

The factory manager’s job is to make sure that the facility runs smoothly and meets production goals, while also keeping employees happy and safe. They may receive an average salary of $95,000 a year.

18. Catalog Content Team Member

The catalog content team member is responsible for developing and marketing the company’s products to the aftermarket. They lean heavily on their advertising and communications skills in order to do this.

19. Car Audio Installer

Car audio installation technicians are responsible for installing a sound system in a vehicle, as well as repairing or diagnosing issues with the audio system. They are often familiar with the wiring of other automotive electronics, such as backup cameras, Bluetooth, navigation equipment and car alarms.

Certain automotive electronics, such as speakers or stereos, require the removal of various interior parts in order to be installed. A car audio installer may also be responsible for providing customer service over the phone or in a shop. In order to do this job effectively, an installer may need extensive experience with installing sound equipment and working with different types of vehicles.

20. Tool Crib Attendant

Tool crib attendants keep track of the tools in a tool crib at a construction site, ensuring that they are used correctly and that they are returned to the tool crib at the end of the day. This job requires careful inventory management and staying up-to-date on changes to equipment usage.

You inspect the equipment to make sure it is in good working condition and report any issues, such as worn or damaged tools, to your supervisor. Depending on the company, you may also be responsible for ordering replacement tools or repairing broken tools that are only slightly damaged.

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