Top 28 best paying jobs in basic industries

Top 28 best paying jobs in basic industries

Top 28 best paying jobs in basic industries

28 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries – MyEduScholars

However, raw materials provided by the basic industries are used in various sectors to produce finished products, such as iron and steel, paper, metallurgical goods, wood products, and milling products, among others.

Basic industries are a great choice for both young and older adults as they offer a wide range of jobs to choose from, as well as many high-paying jobs.

Basic industries play a critical role in our economy and daily lives. They provide the raw materials used to produce the products we rely on every day. These industries are essential to our way of life and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

There are many opportunities for those considering a career in the basic industries. With a variety of high-paying jobs available, you can be assured of gainful employment in this field.

An interesting fact about the basic industries is that they have minimal or no education requirements for almost all jobs, even though there is an extensive range of jobs with high salaries.

Many jobs are provided by the basic industries, offering employment opportunities to both young and older adults.

If you are looking for the best-paying jobs in basic industries, then below are the careers options in basic industries that come with high-paying salaries:

1. Drilling Engineers

Drilling engineers are among the highest-paid professionals in the basic industries, with monthly salaries averaging 350-400 dollars more than some jobs in other industries.

Drilling engineers commonly work on oil and gas rigs, offshore platforms, or mobile drilling units. They help petroleum geologists plan, oversee, and supervise drilling or extraction operations of oil and natural gas wells.

2. Agronomists

Agronomists are also on our list of the best-paying jobs in basic industries. However, they help and collaborate with farmers to maximize crop and plant production to benefit society.

Agronomists are paid a fair wage and their career paths help improve management abilities to provide consistent and valuable work. Agronomists can also be regarded as crop researchers.

3. Metallurgists

Metallurgists are highly-paid professionals who work in the extractive industries. They are responsible for extracting metals from their ores, and for studying the physical and chemical properties of metal and its alloys. Metallurgists have an extensive understanding of metals and their compounds.

Machine operators are commonly found in mines, laboratories, or metal production sites to operate industrial processes that convert metals to functional or finished products.

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4. Synthetic chemists

Synthetic chemists usually work in laboratories, where they make, design and develop chemicals for industrial, retail and manufacturing use. However, they can also work in other sectors such as pharmaceuticals and industrial solvents.

To become a synthetic chemist, you must have comprehensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, and chemical engineering since the job entails working with complex industrial processes.

5. Pipefitter

Pipefitters, also known as steamfitters, are among the best-paying jobs in basic industries. They focus on building and repairing pipe systems for carrying chemicals, acids, or gases.

The pipes fitted by the pipefitter are primarily used in commercial, industrial or manufacturing settings. The work requires physical strength and rigidity, but is still worth it.

6. Truck driver

Truck driving is a high-paying job in the basic industries and one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry due to the transportation of goods and services via roadways, often over long distances.

Truck drivers play an important role in the transportation of raw materials and finished products.

7. Health and safety officer

Health and safety officers play an important role in every industry, not just in the basic industries. They oversees the use of equipment by both young and old adults to prevent injuries or death.

However, the career path also provides training for all industry staff and educates them on preventive measures and tips to live a healthy life, making it one of the best-paying jobs.

8. Forensic scientist

Forensic scientists play a vital role in the basic industries as they work with the police and assist them in their crime investigations by applying scientific and theoretical technology.

To become a forensic scientist, one must have practical knowledge in natural sciences and chemistry, biochemistry, or forensic science. Forensic scientists are paid well for their expertise.

9. Business Development Engineer

As a business development engineer, you will be responsible for finding and maintaining new market opportunities for your company. You will help build valuable relationships with clients, vendors, and business partners.

Business development engineers require excellent communication skills and patience to effectively liaise between the company and employees or clients.

10. Electrician

As society has increasingly come to rely on electrical equipment, the demand for electricians has correspondingly increased. Electricians install and repair electrical wiring and are responsible for the maintenance of electrical equipment.

Although electricians require skills and strength, they are paid well in the basic industries. They use a wide range of tools and equipment like cable cutters, wire strippers, voltmeters, and many others.

11. Petroleum Engineer – $135,000/year

At the refinery, the crude oil is transformed into gasoline and other useful products.

As a petroleum engineer, you will be responsible for finding, boring, drilling, extracting, and removing petroleum from the earliest stages. Oil and other important minerals are investigated by petroleum engineers. After that, these resources can be extracted directly from the ground if they are onshore. If they are offshore, the resources are transported by ship or pipeline to a refinery. At the refinery, the crude oil is transformed into gasoline and other useful products.

Petroleum engineers plan the frameworks for oil boring and production, oversee extraction methods, operate equipment and separate process flows from crude oil.

They apply the principles of applied chemistry and mathematics to solve technical problems of processing crude oil, natural gas, and extraction. This is the reason Petroleum Engineer is the best paying job in basic industries.

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12. Agricultural Chemist – $125,000/year

As an Agricultural Chemist, you will work on preserving the quality of soil as well as improving it. They study the growth of various organisms such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and other pesticides.

Agricultural chemists play an important role in developing new techniques to improve plant growth and crop yield. Agricultural chemist is one of the most sought-after professions in the basic industries sector.

13. VP in Mining Operations or Machinery and Equipment – $120,000+/year

The role of a Vice President is one of the most sought-after roles in any industry and it is even more essential for basic industries.

As a Vice President in Mining Operations, you will be responsible for assessment, due diligence, and supervision of mines and projects supporting the growth strategy of the company through internal projects and acquisitions.

Machinery and Equipment is another area in basic industry that offers high pay to VPs. Duties for this position include meeting with clients, conducting interviews and market research, writing reports, overseeing a team of junior analysts, and more. The VP role is therefore one of the most lucrative in basic industry.

14. Metallurgist – $87,237/year

Metallurgists are specialized in the extraction of metals from their ores. They are responsible for the development and testing of the metal extraction process.

Metallurgy is the process of working with metals to create new products, either by shaping and joining pieces of metal together or by alloying different metals to create a new metal. It is a skilled trade that has been around for centuries, and it is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries.

15. Mining Engineer – $81,944/year

The mining and geological engineering field employs workers in the primary industries sector.

It includes various industries like coal mining, oil and gas extraction, and other secondary activities that support mining.

As a mining engineer, you will be responsible for the infrastructure of mining operations. This includes planning, design, construction and routine maintenance.

16. Soil Conservationist – $64,588/year

As a Soil Conservationist, you must have practical knowledge of soil, water and environmental conservation methods. You will also assist landowners with issues such as soil, water, plant and other animal resource management.

17. Mining and Geological Engineers – $97,090

Mining and geological engineers work in the primary industries sector, which includes various industries such as coal mining, oil and gas extraction, and mining support activities. Mining and geological engineers are responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure for these industries.

18. Geologists – $67,894

Geologists are scientists who study the history, structure, and other physical properties of the Earth. Their knowledge of rocks and minerals is used for finding energy sources such as coal, oil and gas.

Geologists understand the movement of Earth’s land masses by studying the tectonic forces that push up mountains and volcanoes or cause earthquakes.

They use their knowledge of geology to find metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, and titanium which are used for tools and machinery.

19. Synthetic Chemist

A synthetic chemist works on the development of new and valuable compounds. These compounds typically have a specific purpose. For example, synthetic chemists may develop chemicals that are used in healthcare, agriculture, or manufacturing. Synthetic chemists may also need to apply mathematical models to complex industrial processes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a synthetic chemist is $85,220.

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20. Officers of Health and Safety

When new employees in basic industries begin their training, they are advised about the risks and hazards associated with their jobs. Those who operate with metals, heavy farm equipment, or any form of chemical must understand how to do so safely.

21. Horticulturist

A horticulturist has expertise in cultivating plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and ornamental trees. He also specializes in landscape design to create parks that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

22. Vice President in Mining Operations or Machinery and Equipment

In many industries, the role of vice president (VP) is highly sought-after. In basic industries, a VP is even more essential. As a VP in Mining Operations, you will be responsible for assessment, due diligence, and supervision of mines and projects supporting the growth strategy of the company through internal projects and acquisitions. The average annual salary for this position is $120,000+.

23. Steel Fabricator

As a steel fabricator, you will be responsible for converting basic steel sections into various segments and shapes. This role requires the use of specialized tools such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC).

24. Steel Worker

As a steelworker, you will build and install steel components, creating structural elements of buildings such as frames and columns. In addition to the above, you will identify structural concerns and report them to your supervisors.

25. Added Business Services

If you have studied business and are interested in a career there, you can get one of the best-paying jobs in basic industries. Individuals who have a thorough understanding of business, manufacturing, marketing, and finance are vital in the basic industries.

26. Project manager

The Project Manager is responsible for leading the project team and ensuring that the project meets its objectives in terms of scope, quality, timeliness and compliance with assurance functions. This includes managing the project budget and schedule, as well as planning and controlling the project, forecasting, analyzing and preparing the project schedule and budget.

27. Fabricator of steel

Metal fabricators are responsible for cutting, shaping, positioning, and aligning various metals. They typically work for building and manufacturing companies, and the metals they work with are used to construct structures. Because of the nature of this job, metal fabricators are one of the best-paying jobs in basic industries.

28. Supply Planner Specialist

They are responsible for managing supply needs for both domestic and affiliate demand. As there is more variability and a larger customer base, this complexity increases.


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