Top 30 best paying jobs in commercial banking

Top 30 best paying jobs in commercial banking

Top 30 best paying jobs in commercial banking

30 of the Highest-Paid Banking Jobs To Consider

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If you have experience in finance or accounting and are interested in a high-paying career in banking, you may want to consider applying for a role in the industry. Learning more about the different careers available in accounting or finance can help you find the right position that matches your skills and interests. In this article, we discuss 17 high-paying banking jobs and their national average annual salaries.

30 high paying banking jobs

Below is a list of banking jobs that pay more than the average salary for a banker. For Indeed salaries, please click on the links below.

1. Fixed income analyst

National average salary: $61,045 per year

Primary duties:

An analyst who specializes in fixed-income securities selects investments that make up a portfolio’s fixed-income component. The analyst examines the value of the underlying securities, credit, debt and equity funds to make recommendations to clients on what investments should be added to their portfolios. The analyst also monitors the ongoing performance of these investment selections.

2. Investment banker

National average salary: $61,786 per year

Primary duties:

An investment banker helps banks, corporations, and governments raise money for new ventures or development projects. They find investors to purchase the securities that will pay for the project, such as government bonds or stocks for public companies. Investment bankers also help their customers understand their legal obligations when obtaining these funds.

3. Senior direct sales representative

National average salary: $63,893 per year

Primary duties:

A senior direct sales representative is responsible for generating new business opportunities and communicating with current clients to promote a bank’s services. Other duties may include regularly completing sales reports, managing sales quotas, and developing sales pipelines.

4. Financial analyst

National average salary: $67,499 per year

Primary duties:  What It Takes

Financial analysts keep up to date with economic trends in order to provide advice on investing and diversifying portfolios for the purpose of generating profits. They analyze financial risks and opportunities to determine a potential investment’s worth before preparing reports. Additionally, financial analysts assess a client’s current and past finances in order to determine their overall financial state.

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5. Foreign exchange trader

National average salary: $67,635 per year

Primary duties:

Foreign exchange traders are responsible for assessing the global economy and currency exchange rates in order to make recommendations to their customers. They use their research skills and international relationships to stay ahead of trends, so they can always provide sound advice.

6. Banking and commercial loan workout manager

National average salary: $68,618 per year

Primary duties:

A banker or commercial loan workout manager is responsible for monitoring the process of reassembling troubled commercial and banking debts. They develop long-term financial strategies, including budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, they work to ensure the lender and borrower have a similar asset-to-collateral ratio.

7. Asset manager

National average salary: $73,923 per year

Primary duties:

An asset manager meets with a client to discuss their long-term financial goals and how much risk they are willing to take in order to achieve them. Based on this information, the asset manager will create an investment portfolio that is tailored to meet the client’s needs while minimizing risk. The asset manager also monitors portfolios on a daily basis, making any necessary changes as needed. In addition, the asset manager communicates changes to clients regularly so that they are aware of any modifications made and understand the risks involved in their investments.

8. Wealth manager

National average salary: $75,878 per year

Primary duties:

A wealth manager offers comprehensive financial planning to affluent clients. They work with investment strategies, ensure clients have adequate insurance coverage, and coordinate external collaboration, such as any lawyers or accountants who may provide expertise.

9. Internal auditor

National average salary: $76,706 per year

Primary duties:

An auditor looks at a bank’s finances to see if it is running efficiently. If there are any problems, the auditor may suggest ways to improve the bank’s operations or make sure that it is following all applicable laws and regulations.

10. Portfolio manager

National average salary: $77,642 per year

Primary duties:

A portfolio manager oversees an investment account and selects securities to buy or sell in order to help achieve the client’s investment goals. The portfolio manager researches market trends, potential profits, and stock prices in order to make informed selections for their clients’ portfolios. They may provide reports on a portfolio’s financial activity as well as communicate with their clients about market forecasts and investment opportunities.

11. Budget analyst

National average salary: $77,813 per year

Primary duties:

A budget analyst reviews accounting and budget reports to ensure they are accurate and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. They may also provide assistance to senior management in evaluating proposed strategies, looking for alternate solutions if expected outcomes aren’t satisfactory, or advising public or private entities on financial planning.

12. Equity trader

National average salary: $82,925 per year

Primary duties:  An equity trader is responsible for buying and selling stocks, options, commodities, futures and derivatives on behalf of a bank or its clients. They use their knowledge of trading algorithms to forecast market movements, keeping up-to-date with any economic, political or social trends that may impact these factors. In order to better monitor asset or business performance equity traders may also study global analysis

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13. Equity analyst

National average salary: $84,886 per year

Primary duties:

An equity analyst researches and evaluates the financial data of public companies, then uses this information to make recommendations with regards to whether or not a company’s stock should be bought, sold, or held. They also use general market trends and bank statements when predicting how a firm may perform.

14. Finance director

National average salary: $96,035 per year

Primary duties:

A finance director is responsible for leading and monitoring all financial activities at an organization, including revenue reporting, budgeting, accounting staff training, disbursing funds to departments, risk management, policy implementation and financial process improvement. They aim to develop effective financial strategies while ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering positive relationships with investors.

15. Hedge fund analyst

National average salary: $96,158 per year

Primary duties:

An analyst at a hedge fund conducts research and provides investment recommendations to portfolio managers. They may study individual stocks, markets sectors, and macroeconomic trends in order to help them make detailed investment plans and acquire capital. In addition, they may articulate marketing and risk management strategies when providing investment guidance.

16. Bank chief executive officer

National average salary: $114,919 per year

Primary duties:

The chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible for all aspects of the bank’s operations and oversees its services, clients, employees, stockholders, and business trajectory. They may develop financial objectives for the bank through periodically re-evaluating consumer demands and new ways to implement technology.

17. Chief financial officer

National average salary: $130,455 per year

Primary duties:

The chief financial officer (CFO) is a senior executive and financial controller of an organization. They are responsible for overseeing the financial planning, accounting and cash management within the organization. Additionally, they ensure that all financial reports generated are accurate and comply with standard reporting requirements. CFOs also oversee lower-level financial managers in order to provide them with guidance on the organization’sfinancial initiatives.

18. Customer Service Representative

In order to provide excellent customer service, a customer service representative must be familiar with their commercial bank’s products and services. They might also help process payments, handle refunds, or manage exchanges. The average annual salary for such a position is $30,000.

19. Notary Public

Some very large banks have someone who serves as the notary public. This person is certified by the government to be a witness to the execution of legal documents, and smaller banks may also have this responsibility rolled into many different positions within their walls. The average annual salary for this position is $61,000.

20. Assistant Manager

Since you are assisting the manager, this is considered an entry-level position, and it can be a great stepping stone to furthering your career in finance and management. The average annual salary for an assistant manager is $44,000.

21. Security Guard

Banks typically have a lot of valuable assets on hand, including cash and security deposit boxes. Security guards are an important part of banks, often working behind the scenes to monitor surveillance footage or protect valuable assets from theft. The average annual salary for security guards is $30,000.


22. Receptionist

Commercial banks typically require a high school diploma for receptionists, but this is not always necessary. Receptionists are responsible for greeting guests and determining who they should see based on their visit. The average annual salary for a receptionist in a commercial bank is $29,000.

23. Administrative Assistant

Some administrative assistants have advanced degrees, but not always. These individuals help management or executives with day-to-day tasks, such as preparing reports, managing appointments, and maintaining office supplies. They typically earn an average annual salary of $36,000.

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24. Bank Teller

A bank teller earns an average annual salary of $31,000. This is one of the few positions you might be able to get in a commercial bank with just a high school diploma. You’ll be trusted with confidential information and handling money on a regular basis. You’re also expected to be friendly and well-informed since you’ll be dealing with customers regularly.

25. Personal Banker

Personal bankers typically have a bachelor’s degree and are just starting out in their careers. They can help customers looking to set up basic checking and savings accounts, money markets, retirement accounts, and other financial vehicles. The average annual salary for personal bankers is $31,000.

26. Underwriting Assistant

Underwriters process loan applications and make sure the applicant is qualified and has a good credit history. Their average annual salary is $36,000.

27. Loan Assistant

A loan assistant’s job is to support the loan officer and help with many of the same tasks that the officer does. Most of your work will involve paperwork, research, and staying up-to-date on laws in the loan business. The average annual salary for a Loan Assistant is $37,000.

28. Quality Assurance Specialist

This position ensures that the bank meets specific quality standards by assessing the factors that contribute to success.

29. Branch Manager

The branch manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of a particular branch of the bank. This includes hiring and training new staff, setting and tracking sales goals, and working closely with higher management to improve performance.

30. Credit Analyst

Before granting a loan to someone, the lender will take into account any information that shows the person is creditworthy. This includes looking at their financial statements, annual reports, and credit scores.

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