Top 0 best paying jobs in computer manufacturing

Best-Paying Jobs in Computer Manufacturing: In Detail
Computer Hardware Engineer. Average Salary: $128,170. … Quality Assurance Analyst. Average Salary: $110,140. … System Software Engineer. Average Salary: $110,140. … Electrical Engineer. … Industrial Engineer. … Network Engineer. … Mechanical Engineer. … Mechatronics Technician.
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What are 5 careers in manufacturing?

There are a variety of manufacturing jobs available depending on the size of the company and the goods being produced.Baker. … Assembler. … Warehouse worker. … Woodworker. … Quality control inspector. … Tailor. … Manufacturing technician. … Welder.Manufacturing Jobs: Definition and Examples | › Career Guide › Finding a jobAbout Featured Snippets

What is the highest paying job in the computer industry?

The Best Paying IT JobsInformation security engineer — $131,300.DevOps engineer — $137,400.Enterprise architect — $144,400.Technical program manager — $145,000.Software architect — $145,400.Applications architect — $149,000.Infrastructure architect — $153,000.Software development manager — $153,300.Essential Guide to the Highest Paying IT › highest-paying-it-careersAbout Featured Snippets

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How much does a computer manufacturer make?

The lowest 10 percent of computer hardware engineers make less than $70,100 and the highest 10 percent earn an incredible $192,110. However, there are many good-paying jobs in computer manufacturing that aren’t included in the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimateBest Paying Jobs In Computer Manufacturing – Career › Blog › Career AdviceAbout Featured Snippets

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