Top 29 best paying jobs in consumer durables

Top 29 best paying jobs in consumer durables

Top 29 best paying jobs in consumer durables

Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Durables – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re interested in a career that is both exciting and challenging, you may be interested in the best-paying jobs in the consumer durables industry. These positions often involve working with new and innovative products, which can give you an edge over your competition.

If you want to make a lot of money in the field of finance, there are many lucrative careers available to you. We will discuss some of the most popular ones here, and we will also give tips on how to get started in these fields. So whether you are just starting out or if you have been thinking about a change, this article is for you!

Before we can begin, it is important to discuss some of the basics.

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What Are Consumer Durables?

Consumer durables are a type of consumer goods that tend to have a long life and be used over time. These items can include furniture, appliances, and electronics. They are usually expensive and may require a loan or credit agreement from the consumer in order to purchase them.

Consumer durables are an important part of the economy because they provide businesses with revenue from sales and consumers with products that improve their quality of life.

The increasing demand for retail goods, housing, and real estate among the younger generation has contributed to an expansion of disposable income overall. This growth is likely due in part to population growth within affluent segments of the population.

Industry experts believe that the increasing demand for job opportunities in the consumer durables market will continue to boost employment levels in this sector.

Consumer durables are items that are typically used by consumers and last for a long time since they do not wear out or become obsolete.

Consumer durables are a reliable predictor of the state of the economy, and economists have taken notice of this trend. After all, durable goods spending is indicative of how well an economy is doing overall.

The top 29 positions in the consumer durables industry that have been selected due to their great potential for financial reward are marketing, sales, engineering, and product management.

1. Field Sales Representatives

A field sales representative’s most important job duty is to bring in new business. They should be knowledgeable about a variety of different selling approaches and research customers to develop profitable partnerships.

To be a successful marketing position, you must have a degree in marketing or an area related to the field, and it is helpful to have experience working in a role that reflects the responsibilities of this position.

To be considered for this position, you must have a degree in marketing or a related field and experience working in a marketing-based role.

Nonetheless, communication skills are essential for any field sales representative. This is because the average yearly compensation for a field sales representative is $79,571 dollars.

2. Product Designer

Product designers are responsible for the design and development of consumer durables. They need to have strong ideas in order to be successful, as well as the ability to make modifications to existing designs.

It may be necessary to investigate the thought processes of your rival in order to improve the quality and performance of your firm.

In addition to having a strong design skillset, you’ll need to be knowledgeable in computer-aided design (CAD). This can lead to a career earning an annual salary of up to $81,456.

3. Business Analyst

A business analyst is a professional who helps to identify areas in which the company can improve its performance. They typically work for either for-profit or not-for-profit organizations, and as their skills grow, they may be promoted to more specialized responsibilities.

As you grow in experience and knowledge, you will be able to tackle tasks that are both more difficult and more extensive.

To be considered for this role, you’ll need a degree in business administration. Fields such as accounting, computer science, finance, and statistics are all examples of related academic disciplines.

4. Risk Executive

A risk executive is responsible for managing business risks on behalf of the senior management of an organization. One function of this position is to ensure that potential threats to the company’s security and its profitability are minimized. In order to carry out this task effectively, risk executives must oversee systems that are subjected to regular review.

In order to be successful in this role, you need excellent problem-solving abilities and a knowledge of consumer goods. A business-related degree, such as business administration or finance, is a minimum requirement for this position.

It is unquestionably going to be necessary for you to improve your reporting skills in order to ensure that executives in charge of risk are properly compensated.

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5. Vice President Operations

A Vice President of Operations is responsible for managing and directing the work of employees within an organization. This position will play a critical role in ensuring that the company reaches its overall objectives.

You will be responsible for leading and finishing projects that will contribute to the expansion of the business. It is important that a vice president of operations be appointed to oversee data management and projects as part of your role. You are also responsible for managing projects, leading teams, and engaging with the community.

To be considered for the job of vice president of operations, candidates must hold a post-graduate or master’s degree in business or management. The salaries for this position vary depending on the industry, but on average you can expect to earn around $123,692 per year.

6. Senior Managers

An experienced manager will oversee all operations related to the sales cycle, from generating initial proposals to closing deals.

You will be responsible for ensuring that everyone on your crew is agreeable, productive, and has a positive attitude.

An esteemed educational institution such as Harvard or Yale typically requires a master’s degree to hold a position of senior management within an organization.

To be a successful senior manager in the consumer durables sector, you should have experience in sales and delivery, as well as many years working in that field. The typical annual compensation for this position is $131,778.

7. Senior Executive

If you are promoted to the position of a senior executive, you will be responsible for providing high-level company executives with strategic administrative assistance.

In order to be considered for this position, you will need to have completed both your undergraduate and graduate studies in consumer durables. Furthermore, experience working with consumer durables is necessary for this position.

The highest-paying job in the consumer durables market is that of a senior manager, which pays an average of $121,065 per year. This position is one of the highest-paid jobs in the industry and comes with a great salary package.

8. Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for developing product roadmaps for their organizations, which can help to achieve the goals and vision of the company.

To be considered for the role of product manager, you must have previous expertise in product development and validation. You need to have a degree from an accredited institution or university, and the annual income for a product manager can range from $80,000 to $110,000.

9. Market Researcher

A market researcher conducts research in order to help a company understand how the public feels about its products and services. This information is then used to determine whether or not people are interested in purchasing new consumer durable goods.

Most of your time as a market researcher will be spent talking to potential customers.

If you already have experience working in the consumer durables industry, you will have a leg up on the competition when applying for this post. The average annual income from working in this field is $61,306.

10. Collections Associate

As a representative of a company, you are responsible for collecting payments that have not been paid. In addition to keeping track of accounts assigned to you, you need to communicate with customers who owe money and propose possible repayment plans.

This job does not require a college degree, but you would need strong communication and negotiation skills. This position pays an annual salary of about $39,507 in the consumer durables industry.

11. Retail Manager

A retail manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of a store, including interacting with both customers and employees. This would involve most of your time. In particular, it is your job to ensure that the service that is provided to customers by your staff is of the highest possible quality.

To be successful as a retail manager, you need to have previous experience working in retail and must also have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration.

According to recent research, the average yearly salary for a retail manager is $45,862. This position is one of the highest-paying jobs in the consumer durables industry.

12. Media Planner

If you have a flair for creativity and attention to detail, a career in the media may be right for you. Candidates who work in the media planning field are responsible for developing campaigns by selecting the most effective mediums of communication, such as print, television, and Internet advertising. Creative minds with an aptitude for analysis are highly sought after by employers in this field.

In order to be successful working with customers, negotiators need a good understanding of how to negotiate agreements and excellent communication skills. Employers usually do not require candidates for positions in this profession to have a bachelor’s degree; nevertheless, they prefer those who have a qualification or master’s degree.

13. Robotics Engineer

Robotic engineers work on many different types of applications for consumer durables, including devices like home appliances and technological items. This is because robotics systems are often used in these products to make them easier to use and more efficient.

The robotic engineer is responsible for designing and creating robots that can perform a variety of tasks. If you are skilled in math and physics, as well as having a keen interest in machines, this could be an excellent career choice for you. The average annual salary for a robotic engineer is about $89,000.

14. Electronics Engineer

Electronics engineers design and create new electronic systems, which are used in a variety of consumer durables such as washing machines and televisions. They can also pursue careers in industrial or medical electronics.

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If you enjoy mathematics and science, then electronics engineering may be a good fit for you. Electronics engineering is similar to a number of the other things that I stated above, in that it requires creativity and the ability to solve difficult problems.

Electronics engineers typically earn around $101,000 per year in pay and benefits.

15. Fashion Forecaster

Certain clothing businesses produce and sell specific gowns right around the time when these dresses become popular.

Within the fashion industry, it is common for certain clothing businesses to produce and sell specific gowns in order to capitalize on popular trends.

A fashion forecaster is a type of person who can look at various factors and predict what will be popular in the next season.

Many businesses rely on fashion forecasters to help them stay one step ahead of their competition. If you have a good eye for what could be popular in the future, this may be a field that is right for you.

16. Account Manager

An account manager’s job is to manage and develop customer relationships while also working with other team members. This position is very important on a business team as it helps build and maintain strong relationships with customers.

They need to be able to influence sales at an account level, be results-oriented and persuasive, anticipate opportunities, network well with others, and coordinate team activities.

Most entry-level Account Manager positions require a bachelor’s degree, though degrees from more prestigious universities may lead to higher pay.

Certifications and previous experience in related fields are common requirements for employers looking for Account Managers.

17. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for deciding what a company does with its marketing efforts and products. This can include creating campaigns that get more customers to buy the company’s products and create more brand awareness.

A marketing manager’s responsibilities typically include setting budgets, creating advertising campaigns, and managing any outside agencies involved in a company’s marketing efforts.

Marketing managers typically handle market research and competitive analysis, which enables them to stay ahead of industry trends. The pay for these positions can vary widely, but on average, marketing managers make an annual salary between $85,000 and $125,000.

18. Human Resource Manager

Managers in human resources (H.R.) work to improve the company’s morale, retention rates, and communication by resolving conflicts, and helping employees grow themselves as employees.

Managing an H.R. department can be a very different experience for managers who are managing full-time staff or contract workers.

The human resources manager requirement is typically met with a degree in human resources or business administration. More than half of HR departments have to hire someone every month, so it’s important to find the right candidates.

Certifications can be helpful in gaining recognition and credibility among your peers and potential employers.

Certifications can reflect a level of expertise and skill that can help you stand out from other job applicants. For example, if you’re looking to move up in your company or switch jobs entirely, having an industry certification may be helpful.

19. Manufacturing Manager

A manufacturing manager oversees the production of goods at a factory. The manager ensures that machines are running smoothly and that workers are kept safe. The manager also makes sure that enough goods are produced and that the quality of products is high.

Average Salary – $95,000 + bonuses.

Managing a team of people involves overseeing smaller sub-teams. Department managers and assistant managers are responsible for overseeing these sub-teams, which often include different areas of the business.

A manufacturing manager is responsible for helping to identify quality control issues before they cause production issues and helping ensure their teams reach or exceed sales goals.

To become a manager within an organization’s manufacturing department, you must have a strong background in leading and managing people, as well as experience using computerized inventory management software. You should also be willing to travel frequently for work purposes.

Manufacturing managers are responsible for finding ways to save money on materials and supplies, which can then be used to improve profits or reduce costs. If you’re good at managing costs, you may earn a good salary as a manufacturing manager.

In 2015, manufacturing managers made an average of $109,870 a year and had excellent job security. Their ranks grew by 18 percent between 2002 and 2012.

Manufacturing managers typically have good job security with salaries averaging around $109,870 per year in 2015. This is due to their experience and hard work rather than needing a graduate degree like many other high-paying jobs on our list. In 2002-2012 there was an 18% increase in the number of manufacturing managers nationwide making this career one of the most stable currently available options for those looking for a good paying job with some stability.

Many people in this profession earn an annual salary of $40,000 to $75,000. The median salary for a manufacturing manager is around $58,110. They typically work full-time (42 hours/week).

20. Communication Manager


The communication manager for a manufacturing firm will oversee all forms of communication, including internal and external messaging. Their job is to make sure information reaches every employee with time sensitivity, so that the organization can run smoothly.

You should research what types of communications work well within your industry, as well as help your employer shape brand positioning and reposition it based on cultural or business trends.

The average salary for a communication manager is around $93,000 per year. This amount varies depending on experience and skills, but on average it’s about $36 an hour.

21. Customer Success Managers

A customer success manager ensures that customers are satisfied with their products and services, so the company can maintain a competitive edge. This is important for businesses that rely on consumers to remain loyal customers.

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As one of the many crucial positions at successful consumer goods companies, customer success managers help ensure that customers continue to use and purchase from companies. They typically earn an average salary of $138,000 per year and the median pay is typically slightly higher at $100,000 annually.

The customer success manager is typically located in the company headquarters, working with other sales and marketing teams. They are often in contact with top executives, who have backgrounds in business and strategy rather than technology.

We can ensure customer satisfaction in many ways as follows:

  1. Collect customer feedback:When customers visit our store, we actively listen to their opinions and understand what real needs they have. We strive to meet these needs by providing quality products and services.
  2. Provide multi-channel support:enterprises can communicate with customers through social, telephone, email, and other channels to stay in touch with each other.
  3. Maintain long-term communication with customers:Customized gifts are a great way to show your customers that you care about them and their holiday celebrations. These items can be customized in advance, which can make your customers happy and more likely to cooperate with you in the future.

22. Quality Control Inspector

Having a background in manufacturing is essential, but also knowing how to use tools such as microscopes and x-ray machines helps you stay ahead of any problems.

If you are looking for a secure job with above-average pay, a quality control inspection might be right for you. Some employers offer tuition reimbursement or certification opportunities as part of the job security package.

23. Data Scientist

A data scientist is someone who has mastery of technology and a craving for adventure, which means the answer to complex problems never really stops coming.

Data science is a relatively new field, but its popularity has exploded in recent years as companies realize just how much information they have (or don’t have). As such, data scientists typically possess skills in math, computer science, and analytics. Their average salary is $100,560 per year.

24. Industrial Designer

Industrial designers are responsible for envisioning how a company’s products will look and function. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, although some may have an associate or even a graduate degree. Internships are often essential for experienced candidates, as they allow them to gain experience in the industry before seeking employment. The average annual salary for industrial designers is $68,150 as of May 2022.

To become a licensed architect, candidates may need to complete exams administered by professional organizations such as the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). Additionally, prior work experience may be necessary before earning licensure.

25. Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant serves as a liaison between an executive and other departments within a company. They may perform secretarial duties, such as dictation and composing correspondence, and assist with travel arrangements and calendar management.


To be an effective administrative assistant, you need a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Many jobs also require a degree in computer science or related field, as well as experience in office administration or clerical work.

26. Production Line Operations Supervisor

Production supervisors are responsible for the overall production of a company. Their job is to ensure that the lines run smoothly and that all safety standards are met. They also play an important role in increasing profits by keeping lines moving as fast as possible.

Operations supervisors oversee production workers, ensuring that everything is completed correctly and efficiently before the company sells the products. They often have advanced degrees in business or engineering, and many work for large companies. Operations supervisors earn an average salary of 95,000/year.

27. Manufacturing supervisor

Manufacturing supervisors are responsible for the overall production of a factory. They develop shift schedules, manage staff, and monitor the results of daily activities.

Manufacturing supervisors earn about $15 per hour or $31,600 annually. These professionals are likely to know production techniques and general supervision skills.

Many community colleges offer training programs for supervisory positions, which can be sufficient for some employers.

28. Communication co-ordinator

A Communications Coordinator can work in any field and for a variety of organizations, such as educational institutions, small businesses, and corporations. This position assists the communications department in the implementation and monitoring of communication plans. The Communications Coordinator creates public relations and marketing materials, such as press releases, blog articles, and newsletters.

29. Strategy consultant

Many strategy consultants examine a company’s business processes and goals in order to provide recommendations for enhancing the company’s direction. These consultants may recommend tactics such as cost-cutting, revenue growth, making important choices, or assisting organizations in defining their market or identifying trends within certain markets.


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