Top 27 best paying jobs in electrical products

Top 27 best paying jobs in electrical products

Top 27 best paying jobs in electrical products

Top 27 best paying jobs in electrical products

What Is an Electrical Engineer?

An electrical engineer is someone who designs, configures, installs, and maintains electrical components in transportation systems, control systems, and electric power generation systems. Electrical engineering is a very broad field with many different possible career paths.

Electrical engineers are experts in the design and construction of electrical circuits. They work with other engineers to ensure that designs are followed correctly and that projects run smoothly.

Best Paying Jobs in Electrical Products and Engineering

1. Electrical Distribution Designer

Electrical distribution designers plan and design electrical systems within a facility. They check spaces or buildings to see which circuits will work and create drawings of circuit layouts to ensure the most efficient power flow. They also determine the correct voltage for each device, ensuring safety and efficiency in their designs. National average salary for this position is $75,123.

2. Electrical Project Engineer

Project engineers use their electrical engineering knowledge to develop and execute projects commissioned by electrical distribution and transmission companies. They design project phases, assign staff to those different phases, perform tests to confirm performance of a project, and determine the project’s schedule and costs.

3. Electrical Controls Engineer

Electrical controls engineers design, install, and maintain electrical systems in facilities. They earn an average wage of $83,160 per year.

A control systems engineer designs and implements plans to keep electrical systems running smoothly. They test the system’s performance, and if there are any problems, they find a solution.

4. Aerospace Electrical Engineer

Aerospace engineers use their engineering training to create designs for airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. They work with clients to meet their design needs for projects, research and develop designs using various CAD software, run extensive tests and make adjustments based on their findings, and earn an average salary of $118k/year. However, the highest earners can earn over $171k/year.

5. Principal Electrical Engineer

Salaries for a principal electrical engineer can range from $103,000 to $163,000 annually. They oversee design and construction of electrical components and manage sites or projects. In addition, they interface with other engineers to ensure that best engineering practices are followed.

6. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers work on designing, creating, and testing computer systems and components. They often do research to improve their designs. Their salaries vary based on experience and location, but the average salary is around $130,561 per year.

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7. Applications Engineer

An applications engineer helps turn software concepts into reality by using technical standpoints to help product advancement. They conduct application and software testing to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. The average salary for an applications engineer is $106,890.

8. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a type of engineering that focuses on developing algorithms that can learn from data to perform tasks, such as predicting future outcomes or making decisions. To become a machine learning engineer, you’ll need an advanced degree in computer science, math, statistics, or a master’s degree in machine learning and related fields.

9. Systems Engineer

Systems engineering is a field that falls between engineering and management. A systems engineer uses software engineering and advanced math concepts to design, implement, and manage computer systems. The goal of systems engineers is to increase workplace productivity. Systems engineers earn an average annual wage of $92,380.

10. Software Engineer

Software engineers have one of the highest-paying careers in electrical products, with a median salary of $160,000. They use advanced math skills and computer science principles to design and develop applications and computer systems software. Many software engineers are sought out in a variety of industries, such as business administration, telecommunications, or engineering.


11. Hardware Design Engineer

Hardware design engineers develop and create electronic components, such as circuit boards and processors, for use in computers and other electronic devices. They need to be familiar with firmware languages like C++, VHDL, and Verilog to program and debug hardware components. Base pay for a hardware design engineer is $102,982.

12. Production Engineer

Production engineers are responsible for overseeing and improving the production process of manufacturing plants and factories, drafting safety protocols and developing strategies to increase machine efficiency. They earn a median salary of $173,000.

13. Communication Engineer

A communications engineer’s job is to help design, create, test, and set up communications equipment and systems. They typically earn a salary of around $88,000 annually.

14. Digital Signal Processing Engineer

Digital signal processing, or DSP, engineers install, support, and convert digital signals for videos, audio, and pressure. They also design hardware, such as microprocessors and controllers. The median wage for a DSP Engineer is roughly $89,459, with an entry-level salary of $78,412.

15. Mixed Signal Design Engineer

Salary range: $130,000-$163,500 per year

A mixed signal design engineer contributes to the entire life cycle of a mixed signal integrated circuit. Your duties include designing analog cells, performing verification tasks, validation and simulation of device assembly, improving upon an existing block system, and providing client support and maintenance.

You are a specialist in interface technology, working on product specification, device characterization, floor planning, layout supervision, transistor level design and chip level verification. You collaborate on technical reports, whitepapers and user documents with other members of your team.

16. Circuit Design Engineer

Salary range: $85,000-$161,000 per year

As a circuit design engineer, one of your main responsibilities is designing the latest advances in circuits for analog devices such as computers, smartphones, and televisions. You may also supervise the manufacturing process in plants and factories, and perform safety and cost assessments.

17. Fpga Engineer

Salary range: $101,500-$135,500 per year

FPGAs are integrated circuits that are designed to be programmed after they are manufactured. An FPGA engineer uses HDL to develop and test the configuration that is programmed into these circuits. They may also be responsible for integrating several FPGAs together to form a more complex working system. Their work results in applications that are useful in a variety of industries and technical settings.

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18. Electrical Engineering Manager

Salary range: $106,500-$133,500 per year

As an electrical engineering manager, your job is to oversee the design and implementation of electrical systems for businesses. You may make hiring decisions, troubleshoot common problems, and give the final approval for projects. This is a managerial position that requires you to know enough about circuits and electronic systems in order to make sound decisions.

This position requires you to be familiar with all relevant safety guidelines, including those related to working on or near electrical systems. It also requires you to be able to memorize and enforce these guidelines.

19. Dcs Engineer

Salary range: $103,000-$126,500 per year

A DCS engineer is responsible for the operation of a distributed control system (DCS) to implement process management and control solutions. They work in the field, typically at power stations, manufacturing facilities, or similar plants where emergencies and safety are important considerations. Duties include programming DCS systems and troubleshooting problems. In addition to their technical expertise, DCS engineers must be able to maintain composure under emergency conditions and work cooperatively with other personnel in order to ensure safe plant operations.

This career requires a strong background in engineering, including at least a bachelor’s degree. Other qualifications include the ability to communicate, manage and use computers efficiently. In order to be successful in this career, you should have experience working in a DCS environment.

20. Senior Electrical Engineer

Salary range: $94,500-$125,000 per year

A senior electrical engineer can work in a variety of industries that involve electrical systems, from HVAC to power generation and transmission to telecommunications. In this career, you are responsible for the design of systems and controls for electronic devices and electrical systems.

As a senior electrical engineer, you use your skills to create systems that help to process information or transmit energy on every scale. You often work with junior or graduate engineers to assist on specific parts of projects.

21. Power Electronics Engineer

Salary range: $89,000-$123,500 per year

As a power electronics engineer, you develop and test circuits to be used in power electronics systems. You may also work on developing prototypes and finding solutions for known flaws in mechanical designs. Additionally, you collaborate with other engineers when testing designs.

As an electromagnetic engineer, you often work with analog circuitry, high-frequency magnetics, and estimating power losses and overall efficiency in electricity works its way through circuits. Maintaining accurate documentation of circuit designs is also part of your job responsibilities. Some details of this position depend on the company you work for and the type of electronics they produce.

22. PCB Designer

Salary range: $83,000-$120,000 per year

A PCB is a thin piece of plastic or metal that holds electronic components together on one surface. PCB designers use computer programs to design the layout for these boards, and often work with engineers to create 3D models of the board. Design guidelines are also developed, along with plans for manufacturers.

PCB designers create circuits that allow people to use various electronic devices.

23. Circuit Designer

Salary range: $67,000-$120,000 per year

As a circuit designer, your responsibilities include following project specifications to develop or improve circuits or circuit boards, troubleshooting the new circuit board, and implementing the new design. You may also run simulation software to test your circuit design to ensure it meets the needs of your client.

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24. PCB Design Engineer

Salary range: $85,500-$114,500 per year

A printed circuit board engineer is responsible for overseeing the design and manufacture of PCBs, which are used in phones, computers, and other electronic devices. Their responsibilities include designing the layout of a unit to incorporate the appropriate components, making recommendations to improve existing designs, and ensuring that boards meet industry standards.

PCBs are the foundation of modern electronics, serving as the central unit of anything that runs on a microchip or CPU. In order to design PCBs that meet the specific needs of each product, most employers prefer an associate degree in an electronics or computer science related field. However, there is no universal education requirement for this position; many companies have in-house design departments.

25. Control Systems Engineer

Salary range: $79,500-$113,000 per year

A control systems engineer is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of instruments and other equipment used tocontrol complex systems. These engineers are skilled in mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering concepts and are often well-versed in field operation of the equipment. Their job is to ensure safe use of the devices by those who rely on them.

26. System Safety Engineer

Salary range: $82,500-$102,000 per year

System safety engineers work to develop, refine, and update safety protocols and software that protect large systems. If a subsystem on a spaceship fails, for example, your job is to figure out how to make sure that it doesn’t affect other systems or threaten the critical life support systems. Systems engineering is essential in many fields, including civil engineering and aeronautics to software and hardware engineering and power plant systems.

27. Electrical Engineer Mep

Salary range: $78,500-$100,000 per year

An MEP electrical engineer plans, designs, and maintains systems that involve mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work. They are responsible for ensuring the systems function correctly and meet all safety requirements.

You are a systems engineer who designs and implements systems using computer-aided design (CAD) software. You may work with other engineers and architects in order to create a system that meets the requirements of lead engineers and architects.

Here are 12 of the highest-paying electrical jobs:
Wind turbine technician. … Electrical technician. … Maintenance electrician. … Electrical foreman. … Solar installer. … Industrial electrician. … Substation technician. National average salary: $67,807 per year. … Automation technician. National average salary: $80,092 per year.
More items…

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What field in electrical pays the most?

The Highest Engineering Salary in the world is in Electrical Engineering Jobs. An Electrical Engineer Salary can exceed $254k per year. Some of the highest paying careers in the world are in the field of electrical engineeringTop 3 Industries for Highest Electrical Engineer › culture › top-industries-highest-electrical-engi…About Featured Snippets

What is the best electrical career?

Here are some of the top job options that involve electrical engineering:Electrical technician.Electrician.Controls engineer.Test engineer.Electrical project manager.Electrical designer.Sustainability engineer.Electrical engineer.What Are the Best Jobs in the Electrical Engineering Field? – › Career Guide › Finding a jobAbout Featured Snippets

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