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What jobs are most in demand in Hawaii?

Description2008 Jobs2018 JobsRadiologic Technologists and Technicians725884Registered Nurses10,15512,106Dental Hygienists9701,137Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education1,6131,877Top 20 Occupations – Fastest Growing Occupations (State of Hawai’i) › promo › top20_occupationsByGrowthAbout Featured Snippets

What are the top 3 jobs in Hawaii?

Retail Sales Workers topped the list with 42,445 jobs in 2016, or 5.9 percent of total civilian jobs, followed by Food and Beverage Serving Workers (40,775 or 5.7 percent) and Construction Trades Workers (34,137 or 4.8 percent). Compared with the nation, four out of the top five occupations are the same.Top 20 Occupations in › dbedt › economic › reports › Top20_Occupations_…About Featured Snippets

How can I make good money in Hawaii?

Listed below are the 10 most in-demand jobs in Hawaii:Occupational Therapy Assistant.Physical Therapist Assistant.Veterinary Technologist.Cardiovascular Technologist.Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.Respiratory Therapist.Funeral Service Manager, Director, and Mortician.Radiologic Technologist.Ways to Make Some Extra Money in Hawaii With Side › make-extra-money-in-hawaiiAbout Featured Snippets

Are there any good paying jobs in Hawaii?

Top 10 Jobs in Hawaii

We spent hours sifting through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Stats to discover that physicians, surgeons, ophthalmologists, nurse anesthetists, dentists, and chief executives are the highest-paid staff in HawaiiThe Best Jobs in Hawaii – Aloha International › the-best-jobs-in-hawaiiAbout Featured Snippets

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