Top 23 best paying jobs in integrated oil companies

Top 23 best paying jobs in integrated oil companies

Top 23 best paying jobs in integrated oil companies

Top 23 Highest Paying Jobs In Integrated Oil Companies In 2022

Top 23 Highest Paying Jobs In Integrated Oil Companies In 2022.

Oil and gas jobs are some of the most lucrative in the world, and with so many good opportunities available, it is an excellent career choice for those who are determined.

The top paying jobs in integrated oil companies can be very rewarding and provide a good career path for those interested in working within this sector. Many integrated oil and gas companies qualify as being a good fit for those looking to work within the energy industry.

What Are Integrated Oil & Gas Companies?

Integrated oil and gas companies are unique in that they own and operate every step of the oil supply chain from exploration to retail distribution. This allows them to better understand the needs of their customers and optimize production accordingly.

Oil and gas companies that are integrated typically engage in a variety of oil field activities, such as surveying and mapping potential oil fields, exploring for new resources, producing crude oil and natural gas, refining these products into gasoline or other fuels, and distributing them to consumers.

Is Integrated Oil Companies a Good Career Path?

Integrated oil companies are a good career choice, especially if you want to make a good wage, work with your hands, and have an impact on the planet. However, it can be difficult to break into this industry so many young people choose not to pursue it as their career path.

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In Integrated Oil Companies In 2022

How do integrated oil companies make money?

Integrated oil and gas companies make most of their profits from drilling and production of oil and gas.

What Is an Integrated Oil and Gas Company?

An integrated oil and gas company is a business entity that engages in the exploration, production, refinement, and distribution of both oil and gas. This contrasts with companies that specialize in just one segment of the energy industry.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs in Integrated Oil Companies?

The oil industry is a lucrative field with many high-paying jobs. These are some of the highest paying jobs in Integrated Oil Companies and most lucrative jobs in the oil field.

1. Geoscientists

In the oil and gas industry, geologists and geophysicists on the field use data to identify potential oil reservoirs.

2. Distribution Manager: Average salary – $70,741 per year

The distribution managers are responsible for overseeing the teams that work in distribution factories. They conduct tests and make repairs on products as they leave their facility to ensure quality control.

3. Design Engineers: Average salary – $79,343 per year

Design engineers are professionals who work with clients, vendors and construction teams to create detailed blueprints for complex construction projects. They use this information to calculate the best way to complete the project.

4. Well Drilling Engineer

Drilling engineers are a team of experienced professionals who work in the field, rather than using laboratory tests. They are typically employed by integrated oil companies to extract and produce oil and gas.

5. Human Resources Advisor

HR Advisor in an integrated oil company has responsibilities that include managing employees, getting feedback from them, and forwarding any concerns they may have to management. A background in the oil industry is helpful but not required.

4. Sales Representative

The sales representative position in integrated oil companies is a highly paid and important role. Sales teams are essential to the success of these businesses, as they need to market their products to the public.

5. Lease Operators

The lease operators are responsible for ensuring that all of the gas and oil that is taken from drilling sites get transported to gas stations and processing plants safely. They also inspect vehicles and constantly monitor the equipment used in every part of the extraction and transportation process.

5. Account Manager

The role of account manager is critically important in integrated oil companies. They are responsible for ensuring that all current clients are being well taken care of, securing the best deals and prices on oil products, and taking advantage of opportunities in the economy to benefit the company.

6. Pipeline Construction Manager

You will be in charge of leading a team of construction superintendents and managing the subcontractor’s construction managers in completing the subcontracted works, while ensuring that all safety and quality standards are met.

7. HSE Manager and Safety Director

The Health, Safety and Environmental department at an oil company is responsible for ensuring employees are safe and the production is environmentally friendly.

8. Petroleum engineer: Average salary – $88,378 per year

Petroleum engineers design extraction methods for raw materials such as natural gas and oil from beneath the ground. They work with production managers and construction teams to determine the tools and equipment needed for a successful project, meet frequently to develop extraction strategies that minimize losses, and stay up-to-date on industry changes.

9. Project Manager: Average salary – $92,500 per year

Project managers in the oil and gas companies lead teams composed of engineers, chemists, technical specialists, and other departments to produce products or services that meet customer needs. They must ensure that products or services are effective and meet customer expectations.

10. Oil Truck Drivers: Average salary – $86,065 per year

Oil truck drivers are responsible for the transportation of oil by road. They must ensure accurate paperwork, load tanks at an assigned fuel terminal, deliver fuel oil to customers’ sites, and undertake vehicle maintenance on a daily basis.

11. Operations Manager

The director of operations is responsible for integrating and overseeing the smooth running of oil and gas company operations. This includes planning, coordinating, managing, scheduling, and safely executing production activities to ensure the successful production of products.

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12. Gas Plant Operator

Utilities companies often hire people to work in gas plants where the gas is processed and distributed. The workers use compressors to keep the pipeline pressure constant, and may also be involved in other activities such as controlling equipment that is only partially automated.

13. Well Tester 

Oil well assessment and evaluation is a specialist’s primary responsibility in the oil industry. This is done before any operation using the well is carried out, as well as during a well test. Data collection activities are used to study hydrocarbon qualities and features of the subsurface reservoir where they are confined.

14. Oil Hauler 

The oil had to be transported from the mining field to the refineries after it was extracted.

The oil hauler is responsible for transporting the crude oil extracted from the field to the refineries.

15. MudLoggers

Mudloggers are responsible for monitoring drilling activity and recording data related to the well’s status. They use this information to provide guidance to the drilling engineers, helping them understand how well production is progressing. Mudloggers usually have a degree in Geology and specialize in sedimentology.

16.Technical Director

The technical director is responsible for overseeing and supporting teams below them including project managers, engineers, drilling teams and consultants. They play a vital role in bringing everything together on the operational level.

 Just like starting out in your career at a startup, being a technical director can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Average salary: $65,085 (Indeed)

17. Geologist

Oil and gas companies rely on geologists to survey land in order to identify potential gas and oil deposits. Like detectives, these geologists use their expertise to explore land for clues that could lead them to valuable resources.

Geologists are responsible for interpreting geological data to help businesses locate deposits of valuable resources. Sometimes geologists find deposits on their own, and other times they work with companies who hope to strike it rich by exploiting these resources.

Average salary: $78,668 (Indeed)

18. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are responsible for conducting tests and evaluations of the chemicals used in oil and gas production to

The work of a laboratory scientist is important, and it’s perfect for people who like to conduct experiments and tests in the lab. This job can involve a lot of research, so it’s important that scientists are well-trained and have the necessary equipment.

Oil and gas exploration is a physically demanding career with many opportunities for advancement. Those who are attracted to this type of work, or who have the required qualifications, can expect to enjoy a rewarding career in this field.

Even if you have the right skills and degrees, finding a job can be difficult. These may be the reasons why you’re unable to find a job and how to fix them.

Average salary: $83,440

19. Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for managing a variety of different tasks, both within the organization and externally. This can often lead to high paychecks, but it is not the only factor that determines pay in this field.

A project manager is responsible for managing a certain aspect of an industry from start to finish. They work with other teammates to make sure the goals are accomplished in a timely and effective manner.

Average salary: $92,500 (

20. Well Tester

Well testers are responsible for testing the integrity of a well to ensure it is safe to produce oil and gas. They use a variety of tools and equipment to test the well, including pressure gauges, temperature gauges, and NMR tools. Well testers are also responsible for monitoring the well’s production levels in order to determine whether or not it is producing at its intended rate.

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The average salary for Well Tester jobs is $64,000 annually with some earning more than $100k per year!

21. Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including overseeing the project itself, setting goals and objectives, and communicating with team members. This job typically pays well on average, but it can be the highest-paid in the industry overall.

Project managers typically oversee a variety of different tasks when working on a project. This can include setting goals and objectives as well as communicating with team members. Often this position pays well on average due to its potential to lead to high-paying positions within the industry as a whole.

Project managers are responsible for overseeing a specific aspect of an industry from start to finish, and they are often considered one of the best-paying jobs in an integrated oil company. They are excellent collaborators who enjoy setting goals and then working together with other teammates to make sure those goals are met.

Average salary: $92,500.

22. Reservoir Engineer

Reservoir engineers use their knowledge of geology and fluid mechanics to locate petroleum in underground reservoirs. They also estimate the number of underground petroleum reserves. Many reservoir engineers have a degree in petroleum engineering.

National average salary: $137,156 per year

23. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers perform tests and evaluations to ensure that companies use the appropriate chemicals to convert crude oil and petroleum into usable material. They also work to make sure raw materials are safe when turned into gasoline and fuel.

Chemical engineers often collaborate with other engineers and scientists in the field. A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field is typically required for chemical engineers.


What Are The Best Paying Jobs in Integrated Oil Companies?
Petroleum engineer: Average salary – $88,378 per year. … Project Manager: Average salary – $92,500 per year. … Oil Truck Drivers: Average salary – $86,065 per year. … Operations Manager. … Gas Plant Operator. … Well Tester. … Oil Hauler. … MudLoggers.
More items…

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