Top 21 best paying jobs in investment bankers brokers service

Top 21 best paying jobs in investment bankers brokers service

Top 21 best paying jobs in investment bankers brokers service

21 of the Highest Paying Investment Banker Jobs in 2022

The best investment banker jobs can pay up to $228,500 per year.

 Investment bankers are professionals who provide capital market advice to governments and corporations. They advise their clients on the best ways to invest their money, research financial data, and buy and sell securities on behalf of their clients.

An investment banker is a professional who helps different entities in financial transactions. They may be the intermediary between a company that wants to issue new securities and the buying public, or they might specialize in large and complex financial transactions.

High Paying Investment Banker Jobs

1. Options Trader

Salary range: $50,000-$228,500 per year

An options trader is a professional who buys and sells stock options. They typically work for a large investment bank or private hedge fund, managing complex investments for their clients. Their duties are to create options contracts and develop forecasting models to determine the best price to buy an option in order to maximize profit and minimize risk.

As an options trader, you use reports and models to calculate the financial position of your clients in order to increase the value of their portfolio.

Options Trader

Options Trader

2. Natural Gas Trader

Salary range: $60,000-$150,000 per year

A natural gas trader buys and sells natural gas products, such as stocks and futures, on various stock and commodities exchanges. In this role you may work independently or with a financial institution to trade these products. Your responsibilities include meeting with clients to discuss their financial goals and determining the best way to invest in commercial natural gas stocks traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ in order to achieve those goals.

Natural gas traders work for energy firms and follow the movement of many commodities, such as oil and natural gas. They use this information to measure a client’s daily profits and losses.

Natural Gas Trader

Natural Gas Trader

3. Investment Officer

Salary range: $68,500-$136,000 per year

An investment officer is responsible for assessing business opportunities and securing investments that will help promote the financial interests of their organization. They work with other members of the finance team to identify promising investment projects and make sure those investments are in line with company goals. Investment officers also handle financial transactions, build relationships with clients, and keep track of overall portfolio performance.

To be successful in a career as an investment officer, you will need a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and several years of experience in the financial sector. Additionally, you will need proven business development skills. In the current job market, there are plenty of investment officer positions available at large financial institutions, finance consulting groups, and government agencies.

Investment Officer

Investment Officer

4. Investment Counselor

Salary range: $58,500-$115,000 per year

As an investment counselor, it is your responsibility to provide recommendations for investments to your clients. You will take into account the clients’ financial goals and risk tolerance when making these recommendations. You may suggest a variety of wealth management strategies, and help your clients create and then implement an investment plan.

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As a financial advisor, you are responsible for conducting research to find the best investment solutions for your clients. You may connect clients with brokerages or specialize in one type of investment product or the investments of a particular company.

Investment Counselor

Investment Counselor

5. Investment Executive

Salary range: $53,000-$110,000 per year

There is a large range in salary potential for investment executives, with salaries ranging from $53,000 to $110,000 annually. This suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay depending on skill level, location and years of experience.

According to recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the investment executive market in the United States is very active. Many companies are hiring investment executives, so if you’re interested in a career in this field, now is a great time to apply.

Investment Executive

Investment Executive

6. Equity Trader

Salary range: $60,000-$107,000 per year

An equity trader is responsible for researching and analyzing market conditions to make investment decisions. They may also trade options, futures, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other derivatives.

Equity traders work for a variety of financial institutions, including investment banks, private equity firms, and other financial institutions. Some traders focus on one specific industry or type of equity.

7. Proprietary Trader

Salary range: $44,000-$105,000 per year

A trader who uses their own capital to make a profit in the stock market through analyzing trend and trading accordingly. Traders keep a portion of the profits they make for themselves, then continue trading other assets to increase their margin.

Some traders use arbitrage, which is when the price of a stock or commodity varies in different markets. This means that the trader buys in the lower market and sells in the higher market to make a profit for their firm.

8. Commodity Trader

Salary range: $52,000-$103,500 per year

As a commodity trader, you will research current stock market trends, advise clients on investments, and keep up with industry news.

Since you are dealing with someone else’s money, it is important to closely monitor the prices of commodities in order to ensure that your client’s investment is profitable. Many commodity traders also provide financial advice for their clients, reviewing their portfolios in person.

9. International Trade Analyst

Salary range: $41,500-$100,000 per year

An international trade analyst is responsible for conducting research on a company’s or country’s competitive position in the global economy. This includes analyzing qualitative and quantitative information on potential investment projects, markets, industries, and trade barriers. They also provide recommendations for overcoming any obstacles that may be preventing successful business transactions.

The position responsibilities of this position include conducting market research, developing and implementing strategy to take advantage of trends, and providing data, statistics, forecasting, and analysis to assist trade specialists.

10. Trade Analyst

Salary range: $50,500-$87,000 per year

A trade analyst is a professional who studies the stock market from the sales exchange floor and makes real-time decisions based on market data, financial reports, and industry reports. In order to be successful as a trade analyst, it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge stored in your memory at once, be quick thinkers when making decisions, and have good resourcefulness.

Trade Analyst

Trade Analyst

11. Bond Analyst

Salary range: $37,000-$86,000 per year

Bond analysts research municipal, corporate, and treasury bonds as well as other fixed assets to provide insight into their financial stability for clients. They review financial statements and other indicators to make judgments about the suitability of these investments for various purposes.

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You may review bonds and provide analysis for individual investors. You may focus on different types of investment bonds, or you may specialize in analyzing one kind of bond, such as corporate bonds.

12. Investment Associate

Salary range: $46,000-$85,500 per year

An investment associate is responsible for reviewing financial data and potential investments to determine the most profitable course of action for a company. They work with analysts to create a strategic plan that maximizes profits.

You can help a client buy and sell stocks, perform risk analysis, review a portfolio of stocks, compile and interpret financial data, and assist with corporate mergers. Due to the client’s needs, your responsibilities also vary depending on the account.

13. Trading Specialist

Salary range: $48,500-$82,000 per year

A trading specialist is a professional who manages a company’s stock portfolio and handles transactions involving the company’s assets. They keep close tabs on stock market fluctuations and trends, making recommendations on perceived opportunities. Their responsibilities include reviewing financial statements and drafting reports on the financial health of their employer, competitors, and partner organizations.

As a financial analyst in the stock market, it can be stressful work requiring quick judgments based on rapidly changing market conditions. This often requires traveling for work purposes.

14. Trading Analyst

Salary range: $54,000-$74,000 per year

Trading analysts work as intermediaries between buyers and sellers in the financial services sector to facilitate sales. They also advise traders on trends and market conditions, and research potential investments. Their goal is to help their clients make informed decisions about their investments.

In order to pursue a career in trading, you will need an undergraduate or graduate degree in economics, finance, or a related field. Many states require trading analysts to become certified and licensed. In addition to having the academic qualifications necessary for the position, many traders also need good communication skills and the ability to think quickly on their feet.

15. International Trade Specialist

Salary range: $44,500-$70,000 per year

As an international trade specialist, your primary job duties are to analyze foreign trade and monitor the global market. You advise your organization on all matters of international trade, including imports and exports, as well as financial dealings with foreign banks. In order to ensure compliance with all federal and international laws and regulations, one of your most important responsibilities is to be a resource for advice on these matters.

Keeping up with international news, events, and developments is important if you want to stay current with changes to international laws and business requirements. You mostly work alone in an office setting, but may occasionally have to travel internationally or collaborate with other team members.

16. Energy Trader

Salary range: $44,000-$68,000 per year

As an energy trader, you act as a middleman between buyers and sellers of energy commodities on an exchange. By trading futures contracts, you are agreeing to purchase a commodity at a future date. For energy traders, the commodity that is typically purchased is some amount of liquid gas, oil, or natural gas.

As a commodity trader, your job is to track prices, predict trends and changes, and make informed decisions about which purchases or sales will make the most money. Commissions are a big part of this field, so staying up-to-date on research is essential.

Energy Trader

Energy Trader

17. Investment Representative

Salary range: $42,000-$63,000 per year

Salaries for Investment Representatives vary widely in the United States, with a median salary of $43,000. This range suggests that pay will be consistent across skill levels and locations, though with some advancement possible.

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According to recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the investment representative job market in the United States is very active. Many companies are hiring for this position, so if you’re interested in finding a new career opportunity, it’s worth checking out ZipRecruiter’s listings.

18. Trading Assistant

Salary range: $42,000-$60,000 per year

Trading assistants are typically subordinate to certified traders, and their responsibilities include assisting the trader with various tasks such as risk management and product sales. Assistants may also be responsible for running errands on behalf of the trader.

Traders typically work with a trading assistant for a period of up to two years in order to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a full-time trader. After they have been deemed ready, they must take the Series 7 and Series 63 exams in order to obtain their license.

19. Stock Trader

Salary range: $28,500-$49,000 per year

A stock trader is a professional who researches stocks, then either buys and sells on behalf of their clients. They use their skills to navigate the complexities of investing in the stock market and help clients make sound decisions.

20. Trades Helper

Salary range: $25,500-$37,500 per year

The majority of Trades Helper salaries in the United States fall within a moderate range, with pay averaging out at $25,500 to $37,500 annually. This suggests that pay in this role will be consistent regardless of skill level or location, though some advancement is possible. Based on recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the Trades Helper job market is very active in the United States and many companies are hiring.”

21. Managing Director: ~$1,000,000+ / year

Managing directors of investment banks are responsible for the entire deal process, from bringing in the business to delivering an effective advisory service.

A Partner Managing Director at Goldman Sachs can earn a base salary of $950,000 alone, but with performance bonus and other incentives, they can bring home several million dollars in a single year. This makes it one of the highest paying jobs in finance.

In order to be compensated fairly for your skills, your pay will largely depend on how successful you are in working with clients and bringing in business. If you manage to bring in millions of dollars annually from clients, you can expect to earn a high salary.


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