Top 31 best paying jobs in investment managers

 best paying jobs in investment managers

best paying jobs in investment managers

Best paying jobs in investment managers –

If you are interested in finding a high-paying career in finance, look no further than this article. We will discuss some of the best paying jobs available to investment managers.

Let’s talk first about what is an investment manager?

 Investment managers work in the financial sector, managing equity funds, fixed income securities and shares. They also may work with insurance companies and investment management banking divisions.

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What are the functions of an investment manager?

  • An investment manager is a professional who buys, sells, and manages equity and fixed income funds, securities and shares, cash and foreign exchange deposits, or real estate on behalf of clients.
  • The investment management industry helps individuals and businesses invest their money in a variety of ways.
  • Some food retailers buy food wholesale and others purchase it from farmers. Wholesalers usually have much larger inventories than retailers, and can offer more variety in their product lines.
  • Investment managers often specialize in certain types of investments or strategies. This may help them to better meet the needs of their clients, who may have different investment goals.
  • The fund investment professional’s job is to develop and implement effective investment policies and strategies.
  • Some investment management firms may provide their more experienced staff with training on how to manage complex investment portfolios.
  • Investment managers must have a deep understanding of the various markets in which they invest their clients’ money.

Required studies

Some studies that allow this profession to be practiced are listed below. Training in this field is essential, and professionals must continue to develop their skills through additional courses.

– Degree in Financial and Actuarial Economics

– Degree in Economics and Finance

– Degree in Financial Economic Management

– Official Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance

– Official Master in Finance

Best paying jobs in investment managers

1. Portfolio Manager

Average base salary: $100,408 per year

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A portfolio manager oversees a group of investments, which may include stocks, bonds, and other securities. The portfolio manager will also be responsible for monitoring the performance of these investments to ensure that they are meeting expectations.

2. Business Development Manager

Average base salary: $68,474 per year

A business development manager is responsible for creating new business opportunities by identifying potential clients, developing relationships, and closing deals.

3. Investment Banking Associate

Average base salary: $90,132 per year

An investment banking associate is responsible for providing support to senior bankers, including working on pitches, financial models, and due diligence.

4. Investment Analyst

Average base salary: $72,786 per year

An investment analyst evaluates potential investments by analyzing financial statements, evaluating risk, and making recommendations to clients.

5. Investment Product Manager

Average base salary: $128,058 per year

The investment product manager is responsible for developing and managing investment products that will help investors achieve their financial goals. This includes researching new opportunities, developing products, and ensuring that the products are effective.

6. Equity Research Analyst

Average base salary: $72,118 per year

An equity research analyst is responsible for providing commentary and analysis on publicly traded companies. This includes issuing reports, making recommendations to clients, and attending company meetings.

7. Fund Tax Manager

Average base salary: $122,606 per year

A fund tax manager is responsible for overseeing the tax compliance of an investment fund, including preparing and filing taxes, working with the IRS, and ensuring that the fund complies with all applicable regulations.

8. Securities Analyst

Average base salary: $67,120 per year

A securities analyst is responsible for analyzing and reporting on the performance of various securities. They may also provide recommendations to investors based on their findings.

9. Investment Advisor

Average base salary: $89,117 per year

An investment advisor’s main responsibility is to provide advice on investments to their clients. This includes developing investment plans, recommending securities, and managing portfolios.

10. Senior Investment Manager

Average base salary: $125,187 per year

A senior investment manager is responsible for overseeing a team of financial professionals who are responsible for managing money. This includes setting investment strategies, allocating resources, and making decisions.

11. Portfolio Assistant

The individual will prepare documents and reports as required by the portfolio manager, as well as keeping an eye on the portfolio itself. The average annual salary for this position is $109,000.

12. Corporate Finance Manager

The corporate finance manager is responsible for ensuring the financial health and viability of a company by maximizing its profits. They use their expertise to understand all aspects of the company’s finances, and work to ensure long-term goals are met.

13. Financial Trader

Traders are professionals who work in a variety of financial markets, including the stock market and futures contracts. There are many different types of traders, and each has their own approach to trading. Trading is a lucrative career path, regardless of the particular position that trader is taking.

14. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for reviewing data, the market, current trends, and predictions in order to identify opportunities and make recommendations for investments. Their job is difficult but requires a deep understanding of financial markets and investment principles. The average annual salary for a financial analyst is $78,000.

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15. Stockbroker

Most firms will consider hiring a stockbroker who is just starting out, provided that you have a bachelor’s degree. After that, they’ll be willing to give you additional training and development in order to qualify for this position.

16. Economic Analyst

An economist’s job is to understand the economy and its undercurrents, so they can predict what will happen next. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in economics, which gives them some understanding of what is going on in the market and throughout the world.

17. Risk Analyst

There is a wide range of risk analyst jobs, from entry-level to those in the upper echelon. However, it’s possible to find a job that falls into this category. The risk analyst looks at a company’s investment portfolio and tries to determine how much risk they can manage with their investments while keeping the company safe.

18. Underwriter

In the world of investment management, the underwriting group is responsible for raising capital from other investors. They are usually involved in initial public offerings or IPOs and are responsible for selling stocks and bonds to investors. The average annual salary is $59,000.

19. Trading Assistant

If you want to become a financial trader, you may have to spend some time as a training assistant. This position requires a lot of tasks, including preparing and processing documents, performing data entry, and maybe even some analysis. The average annual salary for this position is $94,000.

20. Junior Analyst

A financial analyst is on their way up the corporate ladder. Their first stop will be working in a junior capacity, where they will be tasked with performing day-to-day tasks such as preparing financial reports, reviewing and summarizing market trends, doing a deep dive into a customer’s financial path, and looking at statistics, costs, and margin structures.

21. Research Assistant

A research assistant is someone who aids the analyst in their work, by pulling together key data and helping to make decisions. They typically have an annual salary of around $40,000.

22. Private Equity Associate

Private equity associates are responsible for helping investment firms make deals. They will find potential investors, help the investments look appealing to those investors, and assist on the closing end of the deal.

23. Credit Analyst

An entry-level credit analyst reviews the credit history and financial backgrounds of individuals or companies to see if they are a good fit for the loans they are requesting. This position in finance can help you learn about investment management, one of the other positions that can be helpful in your career path. The average annual salary for this position is $62,000.

24. Financial Analyst

The following are the skills required to succeed as an investment manager:

  • Communication: persuasion and negotiation.
  • Basic understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Knowledge of sustainability issues.
  • Customer service
  • T-shaped skills: a combination of keen knowledge in a single field and wider knowledge in other fields and the ability to connect them.
  • Technical skills.
  • Leadership skills.

Problem-solving skills.

25. Financial software developer

As a financial software developer, you’ll be responsible for developing software that is used by investment managers. This includes researching new technologies, designing software, and testing products. Salaries vary depending on experience and skillset, but the average base salary is $94,048 per year.

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26. Investment Product Manager

The Investment Product Manager is responsible for researching and developing investment products. These products can include anything from new opportunities to managing existing investments. This position typically pays an average salary of $128,058 annually.

27. Fund Tax Manager

A fund tax manager is responsible for ensuring that an investment fund complies with all applicable tax regulations. In addition to preparing and filing taxes on behalf of the fund, this position typically oversees the compliance efforts of other departments within the organization. The average base salary for a Fund Tax Manager is $122,606 annually.

28. Investment & Derivatives Manager

An investment and derivatives manager is responsible for managing a portfolio of investments and derivatives. This includes making investment decisions, monitoring markets, and executing trades. The average base salary for an investment and derivatives manager is $95,012 per year.

29. Fixed Income Investment Risk Manager

The fixed income risk manager is responsible for identifying and managing the risks associated with fixed-income investments. This includes evaluating new opportunities, monitoring portfolios, and mitigating risks. The typical base salary for a fixed income risk manager is $77,099 per year.

30. Senior Investment Manager

A senior investment manager is responsible for managing a team of financial professionals. They must have strong leadership skills and be able to think strategically in order to work as a senior investment manager. The average salary for this position is $125,187 per year.

31. Investment Risk Manager

The investment risk manager is responsible for identifying and managing risks associated with investments. This includes evaluating new opportunities, monitoring portfolios, and mitigating risks. To work as an investment risk manager, it is important to have a good knowledge of the industry and be able to remain attentive to detail. The average base salary for an investment risk manager is $96,864 per year.


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