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15 well-paying customer service jobs
Bank teller. National average salary: $36,120 per year. … Call center representative. National average salary: $35,723 per year. … Medical receptionist. National average salary: $38,580 per year. … Flight attendant. … Receptionist. … Account coordinator. … Client relations specialist. … Concierge.
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What odd job makes the most money?

Here is a list of 15 odd jobs to help you find a nontraditional career that pays well:Voice-over artist. … Veterinary acupuncturist. … Hippotherapist. … Toy designer. … Podiatrist. … Computer hacker. … Clinical ethicist. National average salary: $113,230 per year (according to BLS) … Periodontist. National average salary: $229,475 per year.15 Odd Jobs That Pay Well | › Career Guide › Finding a jobAbout Featured Snippets

Can you make good money in customer service?

Conclusion. The average salary for a customer service agent might be $22,360, but going from “customer service agent” to “customer support” can get you $34,580, or even $57,686. Tips for earning more in this field include: Learn how to fix thingsCustomer Service Salaries: How Much Should You Be Making? › customer-service-salaries-how-much-should-you-be-m…About Featured Snippets

What is the highest paid service job?

What service industry jobs pay the most? Physicians are some of the best-paid professionals in this industry. These professionals earn a median annual salary of $208,000. Other high-earning professionals in the industry include sales and marketing managers, air traffic controllers, and accountantsTop Service Industry Jobs that Pay Well and Where to Find › Blog › Career AdviceAbout Featured Snippets

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What jobs give you loads of money?

Did you mean: What jobs give you lots of money

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