Top 21 best paying jobs in packaged foods

Top 21 best paying jobs in packaged foods

Top 21 best paying jobs in packaged foods

Top 21 Highest Paying Jobs In Packaged Foods Industry 2022

The packaged foods industry offers a variety of positions that connect farms to consumers. This means you can work with livestock, agriculture, or consumers, as well as quality control or quality assurance to ensure your company is meeting regulations.

A career in the packaged food industry can provide many rewards. It is one of the fastest-growing industries and offers many well-paying jobs. Professionals in this field are involved in everything from development and testing of foods to marketing and production.

Food packaging workers are responsible for the production and packaging of food items for retail stores. Their duties include maintaining production lines, which involves monitoring the machinery and making sure it remains in good working order, as well as adhering to safety regulations. To excel in this career, food packaging workers must have good observation skills and the patience to perform repetitive tasks. Many jobs in this field require a bachelor’s degree. In addition, packaged food jobs also require knowledge of various standards and health requirements.

What are the best paying jobs in packaged foods?

  • Refrigeration Mechanic.
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Technician.
  • Food Inspector.
  • Food Processor Jobs.
  • Oven Operator.
  • Batch Maker Jobs.
  • Batch Mixer.
  • Refrigeration Engineer.
  • Food Safety Director.
  • Food Scientist Jobs.

Is Packaged Foods A Good Career Path?

Yes, packaged foods is a good career path. The packaged foods industry offers a wide range of jobs that connect farms and others in agriculture with consumers. This means you can work with livestock, agriculture, or consumers, as well as quality control or quality assurance to ensure your company is meeting regulations.

Packaged food professionals are responsible for the development, testing, and production of packaged foods. Jobs in this career can include everything from marketing to farming to the distribution of these products.

Top 21 Highest Paying Jobs In Packaged Foods Industry 2022

What are the top jobs in packaged foods?

The positions listed above are some examples of careers that may be pursued with a degree in food science.

What do people working in packaged foods do?

The main task of packaged foods is to supply products of good quality to customers while adhering to any regulations. The demand for these products is always very high due to the constant necessity for food in our society.

Highest Paying Jobs In Packaged Foods Industry

There are a number of entry-level positions that require little to no formal training. A high school diploma is often preferred, but not always required. Entry-level workers typically start out as assistants to more experienced workers and learn the trade through on-the-job training.

1. Production Supervisor

Production supervisors oversee the manufacturing processes in the industry. They are responsible for ensuring that the manufacturing process runs smoothly and that employees are productive. The average annual salary for a Production Supervisor is around $60,292.

3. Refrigeration Technician 

Refrigeration technicians are responsible for the company’s maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems, which may include air conditioning units, freezers, ice machines and water chillers. They work closely with refrigeration engineers to diagnose problems and recommend solutions to ensure proper operation and safety standards. In addition, they carry out routine inspections and repairs on these systems to maintain efficiency and prevent damage. The average annual salary for a refrigeration technician is around $68,688.

5. Food Inspector

Food inspectors use their knowledge of nutrition and ingredients to determine if the packaged food is consumable. They may test products for dangerous levels of bacteria, chemicals, or contaminants. When inspecting food, inspectors look for mold, dirt, insects, or other foreign objects.

7. Batch Mixer

Batch mixers working in the packaged food industry are responsible for mixing chemicals or ingredients to match certain specifications on products. Some of these actions require the batch mixer to weigh the ingredients, while others require measuring components for the specific blend or mix. The average annual salary for this position is $35,000.

8. Batcher

Batchers are responsible for weighing materials and combining them in a mixer to create specific products for packaged foods. This is one of the most important jobs in the plant because they must ensure all ingredients are correctly measured and added to the batch in the right order.

Incorrect measurements can ruin an entire batch of product, so it is crucial that batchers are detail-oriented and able to follow directions precisely.

9. Food Processor

Food processors, also known as food scientists, work to ensure the quality of the food we consume. They organize and store food substances and handle any associated documentation needed. Food processors help to produce the final product while supervising the machine equipment and cooking process to make sure it’s done properly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a food processor is $29,000.

10. Oven Operator

Oven operators are responsible for supervising the baking process in commercial bakeries or factories. This includes setting up the oven, monitoring it, and adjusting oven temperature and time controls. Oven operators may also examine products during and after baking to ensure their quality. The average annual salary for this position is $34,000.

11. Food Taster

A food taster is an individual who works to taste food that was prepared by someone else in order to test it for safety and various characteristics. They may start by taking small bites and focusing on how its key components taste. Food tasters typically do not swallow the food and use water to cleanse their palates in between bites.

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12. Batch Maker

Batch makers in the packaged food industry mix or blend ingredients using specialized equipment to create a product or flavor that meets the company’s specifications.

13. Packaging Technician

Packaging technicians are responsible for packaging food for distribution. They work closely with the production team to ensure that products are packed correctly and safely for shipping and distribution. They may also have some responsibility for quality control.

14. Flavorist

Average Annual Salary: N/A

Flavorists are technically trained individuals who study raw ingredients in order to engineer artificial or natural flavors. Currently, there are 4,500 raw ingredients approved by the FDA which flavorists must use to create flavors, replicate flavors, or incorporate them into final products.

Flavor is an industry in and of itself. The profession of flavorist came to be when refrigeration became accessible to the home, which spurred food processing technology.

This affected the flavor of food, sometimes resulting in flavor loss. The chemists who resolved this were thus named flavorists.

15. Refrigeration Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

As a refrigeration engineer, you will be responsible for developing designs, overseeing the fabrication of, and troubleshooting issues with refrigeration systems. This can be for both residential and industrial use, including maintaining things like restaurant refrigeration units, refrigerated healthcare equipment, and insulated trucks and trailers.

A bachelor’s degree in engineering is typically required for those interested in a career in engineering, with a focus in mechanical engineering being most relevant to refrigeration. Those who succeed in this discipline are often both creative and methodical, and enjoy working collaboratively to solve problems.

16. Food Safety Director

Average Annual Salary: $87,000

Food safety directors manage compliance with food safety regulations and policies. They perform inspections, auditing, and ensure employees follow health and safety regulations.

As the food safety director, it would be your responsibility to hire new inspectors and quality assurance workers. Most people in this field come in with a bachelor’s degree as well as significant experience in the packaged foods industry. Individuals who get this job have typically worked in quality assurance or as a food inspector.

17. Food Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $68,000

Food scientists research ways to improve the efficiency and safety of agricultural establishments and products. They may study the deterioration and processing of foods using microbiology, engineering, and chemistry. They may work in laboratories, offices, or directly in the field.

Food scientists analyze the nutrient levels of food to determine its content. They may look for new nutritional food sources and research ways to make processed foods taste good while maintaining safety and consumer health. They may also be responsible for looking for the best ways to distribute, process, and preserve food.

18. Food Operations Manager

Average Annual Salary: N/A

Food operations managers are responsible for the daily operations of foodservice operations. This may include implementing and maintaining standard procedures for the company, ensuring regulations are met, delivering high-quality food service, providing training for employees, and developing client relationships.

Food operations managers in manufacturing must have oversight of all operations within the plant. They may also be responsible for improving and executing all manufacturing operations, overseeing production, planning, quality control, as well as machine maintenance.

19. Broiler Manager

Average Annual Salary: N/A

As a broiler manager, you would be responsible for supervising the broilers on a farm while overseeing the staff to make sure the broiler equipment and production are executed properly. You may also be responsible for reviewing and maintaining records and reporting back to management on overall production.

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As a broiler manager, you could be responsible for training other broiler staff, as well as managing and maintaining a budget. This is a job that may require a bachelor’s degree; although, there are opportunities where employers may consider candidates who have previously worked on a farm or with specialized equipment.

20. Refrigeration Mechanic

Average Annual Salary: $42,000

As a refrigeration mechanic, you would be responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining refrigeration systems. This is a significant role in packaged foods, as most food items have a shelf life that can be extended through refrigeration. You would likely work with commercial, domestic, and industrial refrigeration systems.

These individuals may be required to ensure the refrigeration systems they work on are in compliance with FAA requirements, perform safety inspections, and document repairs, modifications, and inspections. They may also complete small maintenance procedures like adjusting gaskets or replacing valves.

21. Ammonia Refrigeration Technician

Average Annual Salary: $52,000

An ammonia refrigeration technician is responsible for maintaining, repairing, and examining refrigeration systems that use ammonia. They may also be responsible for coordinating emergency repairs if the system breaks down.

Ammonia is an effective heat-transfer agent, making it ideal for use in refrigeration systems. Ammonia refrigeration technicians must be physically fit and able to perform tasks such as scaling tall buildings and climbing ladders.

Is packaged foods a good career path?

Is Packaged Foods a good career path? According to the GMA, incomes within the CPG industry are$4,000 more than the national average. What’s more, the sector now supports roughly 1 in 10 of all American workers. And with over 20 million roles, there are plenty of jobs to go around.8 Fun Food and Beverage Career Paths for Lovers of › blogs › food-distributor-cpg › 8-fun-food-and-…About Featured Snippets

What is the highest paying job in the food industry?

6 high-paying food jobsDirector of catering. National average salary: $61,905 per year. … Executive chef. National average salary: $65,716 per year. … Culinary manager. National average salary: $68,630 per year. … Food safety specialist. National average salary: $71,975 per year. … Regional restaurant manager. … Private chef.14 High-Paying Jobs in the Food Industry | › Career Guide › Finding a jobAbout Featured Snippets

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What’s the highest paying fast food job?

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