Top 24 best paying jobs in professional services

Top 24 best paying jobs in professional services

Top 24 best paying jobs in professional services

Is Professional Services A Good Career Path?

 There is a lot of flexibility in the professional services industry, which makes it a great career path for people who want to follow their interests. You can work in industries that you’re interested in, and there are many job opportunities available.

Services are a type of business output that can be outsourced to other companies to make them more efficient or do their job altogether.

The list of jobs below provides an overview of some common career paths in professional services. If you’re interested in exploring this field, it’s important to research each option carefully to find the best fit for your interests and skills.

The 24 Best-Paying Jobs in Professional Services

There are many careers in the professional services field. Imagine the top paying professions and you’ll be able to find people doing that job on a contract basis.

Here are a few of the highest-paying jobs in Professional Services.

1.  Attorney or Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: $118,390

Lawyers or attorneys are often paid a lot of money for their services. They have a lot of education and experience, which gives them valuable skills that are in high demand. Many companies can’t hire their own attorney, so they turn to lawyers when they need help.

2. Computer and Information Technology Professionals

Average Annual Salary: $76,000

Computer specialists and IT professionals are in high demand because of the constantly changing world of IT, and they’re compensated accordingly.

3. Software Developer

Average Annual Salary: $94,000

Software development is another field that’s experiencing explosive growth. People who enter this field are experts at customizing an online experience to meet the needs of their customers. If you have these skills, you can work for a company or set up your own business and focus on developing new projects or finding customers who will benefit from your work.

4. Financial Managers/Accountant

Average Annual Salary: $52,000

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Many people think of financial managers and accountants as two different positions, but in reality they are both highly paid professionals who help companies manage their money. Those with a head for business and finance can do very well in this field if they have the necessary degrees and certifications.

5. Marketer/Advertising

Average Annual Salary: $38,000

Many companies have a marketing or advertising department, but outsourcing some of their needs is becoming more popular. This business is booming on a professional services model, where the company or individual is hired for consulting or brief engagements rather than being on the payroll.

6. Call Center Representative

Average Annual Salary: $29,000

Some call center representatives are hired for special events or campaigns, while others companies prefer to outsource this job.

7. Administrative Assistant

Average Annual Salary: $36,000

Temporary employees are often necessary for companies with administrative assistants, but this is still a lucrative business for outsourcing companies because there are times when a temporary employee is needed to fill in or business is booming. This can be an opportunity to trial the industry or a particular company before committing to a longer-term position.

8. Event Planner

Average Annual Salary: $49,000

Many businesses prefer to outsource tasks such as hosting events, planning parties, and managing trade shows to professionals. This is a job that does not require a lot of outside education, but it does require hard work and the willingness to learn through experience.

9. Product Demonstration Expert

Average Annual Salary: N/A

You can find professional service experts in many places, including grocery stores, trade shows, conventions and even fairs. These experts are often hired to demonstrate products or to sell them. In some cases they may only be modeling jobs, but in other cases you will have to learn about the product first before demonstrating it or selling it.

10. Social Media

Average Annual Salary: N/A

This is an entry-level job that’s relatively new and changing. You can go to college and get a degree in social media or communications, which will give you the skills necessary to do this job on a consulting or professional services basis.

11. Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary: $48,000

A degree in graphic arts will give you a good start in a professional service field, whether you work in an internal company department or outsource it to another company. There are many options for your future career with this degree.

12. Teacher

Average Annual Salary: $47,000

Substitute teachers have a lot of potential to turn their position into a professional services one, as long as they are aware of the options and know what they are getting themselves into.

There are many ways to teach on a professional services basis, including contracting with companies to provide in-house training for their employees. This list of opportunities is endless, so businesses can find the right fit for them.

13. Freelance Writer

Average Annual Salary: N/A

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Freelance writing is essentially a professional service, so most freelance writers are in the business of providing that kind of service. To get started, you’ll need to start looking for work and clients.

14. Cleaning Services

Average Annual Salary: N/A

This is a great job for someone who is interested in professional services and doesn’t have any education requirements. Many companies hire a cleaning service to keep their offices looking clean, so this is an entry-level position that can lead to more opportunities.

15. Gardener/Landscaping

Average Annual Salary: $30,000

If you have a green thumb and enjoy being outdoors, then why not consider becoming a gardener or landscaper? This is an entry-level profession for people who don’t have any experience, and are willing to learn on the job. Gardeners and landscapers often work as professionals services businesses.

The city is a popular destination for professionals of all types, with a high demand for those who do the hard labor and those who sit in offices.

16. Physicians and Surgeons

Average Salary: $208,000

Physicians and surgeons are highly paid healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat illnesses and other medical conditions. They work in clinics, hospitals, government agencies, or private companies.

The medical profession is demanding and takes many years of education and training to be successful. You need to have earned a bachelor’s degree along with a medical degree in order to start your career. After that, you may spend additional years in educational training depending on the area of specialization you choose.

17. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Average Salary: $151,150

Computer and information systems managers are responsible for the organization, facilitation, and management of all computer-related activities for a company. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) or related field and five years of experience in the field. To become an IT systems manager, you may want to attend a bootcamp or certification program.

18. Airline and Commercial Pilots

Average Salary: $130,440

Pilots are licensed professionals who operate airplanes or helicopters for airlines, corporations, or governments. They must have a high school diploma or equivalent and pass a licensing exam after completing flight training. Most airline companies require pilots to have a bachelor’s degree as well.

19. Lawyers

Average Salary: $126,930

A lawyer is a professional who practices law, represents clients, and offers legal advice. To become a lawyer, you must first complete law school and pass your bar examinations.

20. Actuaries

Average Salary: $111,030

Actuaries are business professionals that specialize in the mathematical analysis of risk and uncertainty. They use their skills to assess the financial implications of risk and to help businesses make informed decisions about their money. To become an actuarial, you will need a degree in math, statistics, actuarial science, or another related field.

21. Software Developers or Engineers

Average Salary: $110,140

Software developers offer technical services by designing, creating, and maintaining software applications. They also perform tests to ensure the applications are functioning properly. The duration of training to become a software developer can vary depending on your learning path, but the best coding bootcamps can help you quickly expand your tech skills.

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22. Architects

Average Salary: $82,320

“Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!”

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

Architects have a vital role in the design, construction, and management of buildings. To become an architect, you must first earn a degree in architecture from an accredited school. However, some states do not require this education prerequisite; provided you meet specific training requirements and pass certification exams.

23. Postsecondary Teachers

Average Salary: $80,560

Postsecondary teachers instruct students in various academic and technical subjects. They usually work in colleges, universities, or professional schools.

To become a postsecondary teacher, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate subject and then complete a teacher preparation training program.

24. Accountants and Auditors

Average Salary: $73,560

Accountants and auditors are professionals who help businesses and individuals keep track of their finances, taxes, and records. To become an accountant or auditor, you will need to complete an accredited bachelor’s degree program and then pass a certification exam. If you do not have a degree, there are many high-paying specializations in accounting  and auditing fields that you can choose from.


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