Top 8 best paying jobs in semiconductors

Semiconductor Pay


National Average

$27,000$83,800 /year$181,000

$40 /hour
Semiconductor Industry Salary Comparison by Location
United States
Nha Trang, VN
Top 8 best paying jobs in semiconductors

Top 8 best paying jobs in semiconductors

Is Semiconductors A Good Career Path?

While many professional fields are seeing decreases in job opportunities, the semiconductor industry is still on the rise. This is due to new and innovative technology that is being developed, as well as an increasing demand for electronics products.

There are many entry-level opportunities available in the semiconductor industry, but there is also a lot of room for advancement.

Semiconductors are a great career path for people who enjoy STEM subjects. Most of the jobs in the semiconductor industry require experience with engineering and technical topics, which is perfect for someone who loves learning about those subjects. Additionally, many management positions in the semiconductor industry require some experience with STEM disciplines.

For more information on the top five semiconductor jobs, here are some tips for both entry-level and experienced candidates.

Some tips for those looking to enter the semiconductor industry include learning about fabrication processes and design principles. Those with experience can look into positions related to product development or marketing. Whatever your background, it’s important to keep up with current technology developments so that you can be as employable as possible in this field.

Certain semiconducting jobs can pay a lot of money, but they often require the most experience. Those with a great deal of experience in these fields can easily make over six figures by the time they reach their stride in their careers.


1. Technical Trainer

Average Annual Salary: $63,000

A semiconductor technical trainer is a person who helps employees learn the ropes in the semiconductor industry. They typically have at least three years of experience in this field and must be knowledgeable about all aspects of business related to semiconductors. Additionally, they must be proficient in teaching newbies how to do their jobs effectively.

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As problems arise within their company, technical trainers typically come up with solutions on their own. They play an important role in the semiconductor industry and are often among the highest-paid employees.

Technical Trainer

Technical Trainer

2. Process Integration Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $102,000

Process integration engineers are responsible for overseeing the performance of semiconducting processes and improving them when needed. They often sit back and observe, make notes on how things could be better, come up with solutions, and put those ideas into action. If their original move doesn’t work, they may have to go back to the drawing board. This is a challenging job for people with an analytical mind who enjoy a challenge.

Expertise in control systems, subsystems, and the requirements of all the systems they work with is a must for anyone looking to be hired as a process integration engineer.

Process Integration Engineer

Process Integration Engineer

3. Project Coordinator

Average Annual Salary: $54,000

The semiconductor project coordinator is the leader of an entire operation. They plan how a project will go and make sure it’s executed as expected. They also act as the point of contact between other types of semiconducting jobs and department heads.

Being a semiconductor coordinator is a great fit for someone who enjoys being around others all day. They have to deal with everyone involved in the operation and must be able to handle stress. This position comes with great power and a large paycheck, but it also comes with lots of responsibility.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

4. Field Service Engineer

Field Service Engineers are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding customer processes and equipment. They often provide in-depth advice on equipment management and operation.

 Average salary: $74K/yr

Field Service Engineer

Field Service Engineer

5. Facility Maintenance Technician

Facility maintenance technicians play an important role in the overall operation of a building. They work to ensure that the structure meets or exceeds legal requirements for health, safety, and environmental quality.

Average salary: $72K/yr

Facility Maintenance Technician

Facility Maintenance Technician

6. Preventative Maintenance (PM) Technician

Preventative Maintenance Technicians conduct routine performance checks and upgrades to equipment to keep it in peak operating condition, contributing to the streamlined production schedule of the fab.

Salaries for this position range from $71,000 to $92,000 annually.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Technician

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Technician

7. Technical Specialist

Technical specialists are the experts who work to keep semiconductor factories running smoothly. They use their knowledge of electronics and manufacturing processes to help resolve problems and address complaints.

In return, they typically earn a salary around $83,000 per year.

Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist

8. Entry-Level Technician

Entry-Level Technicians are responsible for cleaning up and maintaining the cleanliness of a production area. They document part cleaning steps and make sure that tools are stored safely, among other things.

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Salaries typically range from $70,000 to $100,000 per year.

Semiconductor jobs often require technical expertise in a number of areas, including electronic manufacturing, test equipment and software development. These positions may also involve providing support to products or projects.

Semiconductor engineers have the highest earning potential, with an average salary starting at $96,000 per year. They design, fabricate, test, assemble and package semiconductor devices. Most work with silicon; a main feature in semiconductors. The job is very complex and relies heavily on technical skills.




Entry-Level Technician

Entry-Level Technician

Semiconductor Industry Profits?

The average annual pay for a semiconductor industry worker in the United States is $83,800.

If you need a simple salary calculator, which calculates out to be approximately $40.29 an hour, this is the equivalent of $1,611/week or $6,983/month.

ZipRecruiter reports that annual salaries for Semiconductor Industry employees range from $51,000 to $110,000 with the top earners making over $140,000 annually. The average pay range for a Semiconductor Industry employee is quite wide (by as much as $59,000), suggesting there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level and experience.

Based on recent job posting activity, the semiconductor industry in both Nha Trang, Vietnam and throughout the state of is not very active. This means that salaries for this field are lower than average nationwide. In fact, Semiconductor Industry jobs in your area make on average $37 (0%) less than the national average annual salary of $83,800.

To estimate the most accurate annual salary range for semiconductor industry jobs, ZipRecruiter scans its database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America.

Top 10 Semiconductor Paying Cities

We’ve identified 10 cities where the average salary for a semiconductor industry job is above the national average. The top three cities are Atkinson, NE; Frankston, TX; and Barnstable Town, MA, all of which have salaries above the $83,800 national average.

According to a recent study, ten cities in the United States have average salaries that are higher than the national average. This may be an opportunity for economic advancement by moving to one of these cities if you are a semiconductor industry worker.

The average salary for these top ten cities varies very little at 14% between Atkinson, NE and Potomac Heights, MD. This reinforces the limited potential for much wage advancement in this field. Additionally, the cost of living may be a better factor to use when considering location and salary for a Semiconductor Industry role.

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City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Atkinson, NE $107,370 $8,947 $2,064 $51.62
Frankston, TX $103,043 $8,586 $1,981 $49.54
Barnstable Town, MA $100,103 $8,341 $1,925 $48.13
Inverness, CA $99,216 $8,268 $1,908 $47.70
Dimondale, MI $96,575 $8,047 $1,857 $46.43
Manhattan, NY $95,815 $7,984 $1,842 $46.07
Hooper Bay, AK $95,091 $7,924 $1,828 $45.72
Skyline-Ganipa, NM $93,331 $7,777 $1,794 $44.87
Cambridge, MA $93,125 $7,760 $1,790 $44.77
Potomac Heights, MD $92,961 $7,746 $1,787 $44.69

Top 5 Highest-Paying Semiconductor Jobs in the U.S.

We found five jobs in the semiconductor industry that pay more annually than most semiconductor industry salaries. These positions include vice president, vice president, and director levels of responsibility.

There are many jobs in the semiconductor industry that pay more than the average salary of $83,800. If you’re qualified, getting hired for one of these related positions may help you make more money than your average position in the semiconductor industry.

Job Title Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
VP Semiconductor $144,067 $12,005 $2,770 $69.26
Vice President Semiconductor $144,067 $12,005 $2,770 $69.26
Director Semiconductor $130,302 $10,858 $2,505 $62.65
Semiconductor Design Engineer $116,044 $9,670 $2,231 $55.79
Semiconductor Reliability Engineer $115,212 $9,601 $2,215 $55.39

Top 5 most in-demand semiconductor jobs
Field Service Engineer. … Entry-Level Technician. … Preventative Maintenance (PM) Technician. … Technical Specialist.

Does semiconductor industry pay well?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $181,000 and as low as $27,000, the majority of Semiconductor Industry salaries currently range between $51,000 (25th percentile) to $110,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $140,000 annually across the United States.Semiconductor Industry Annual Salary ($83874 Avg – Jul 2022) › Salaries › Semiconductor-Industry-SalaryAbout Featured Snippets

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Which semiconductor company pays the most?

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Is semiconductors a good career path?

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