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The Best Paying IT Jobs
Information security engineer — $131,300.DevOps engineer — $137,400.Enterprise architect — $144,400.Technical program manager — $145,000.Software architect — $145,400.Applications architect — $149,000.Infrastructure architect — $153,000.Software development manager — $153,300.
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What tech jobs make 100k a year?

The 15 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2022Big data engineer. … DevOps Engineer. … Information systems security manager. … Mobile applications developer. … Applications architect. … Data architect. … Database manager. … Data security analyst.The 15 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2022 – Robert › Blog › Salaries-and-skillsAbout Featured Snippets

What is the highest paying job in technology?

1. Data Scientist. Data science is, without a doubt, the highest-paying job and a great career in technology.Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Technology in 2022 | › Resources › Career Fast-trackAbout Featured Snippets

Which is the best career in technology?

Best Technology Jobs – Careers – US News › Money › Careers › Best JobsHere are the best technology careers: Information Security Analyst; Software Developer; Data Scientist; IT Manager; Computer Systems Analyst; Web Developer …Computer Systems Analyst · Web Developer · Computer Network Architect

What are the top 5 technology careers in demand?

Let’s take a look at some of the top careers that are redefining the technology industry.Machine learning engineer. … UX designer. … Robotics engineer. … Data scientist. … Cloud engineer.Top 5 Tech Careers Of The Future – Top › student-info › careers-advice › top-5-tech-caree…About Featured Snippets

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