Do you have a few minutes to chat about an exciting new business opportunity? Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a growing trend that can be very rewarding, but it’s also risky. There are some legal issues to consider before getting started, and it’s important to understand the company’s structure in order to make smart decisions. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with!

Some of the most successful multi-level marketing companies are Amway, Avon, and Herbalife. All three of these companies have lasted for decades and generated billions in revenue. If you’re interested in starting your own MLM company, be sure to check out our list!

What Is an MLM Company?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. This type of company involves a workforce of primarily non-salaried representatives who are encouraged to sell services/products and often also recruit more representatives.

Pyramid schemes are illegal, while MLM companies sell actual products and generate income outside of recruitment. There are red flags that should be looked for to determine if a business is legitimate, such as whether the product is actually being sold and whether there are any fees associated with joining.

Many people who have been involved in MLM businesses find that, because of the strategic targeting of these companies to vulnerable populations, they can be easily lost money. This is especially true for those who have sold products before and were not as financially stable as they may have thought when signing up with the company.

Based on the current data, it is unlikely that any of the top MLMs will disappear in 2019. Many Americans continue to love products like makeup from Mary Kay, containers from Tupperware, and protein powder from Herbalife. Here are some of the most successful MLMs by revenue:

The Top 31 Multi-Level Marketing Companies List

1. Amway: $8.8 billion


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One of the most successful direct sales companies in history, Nutrilite owns a variety of brands like Nutrilite, Artistry, eSpring, iCook, and more. However because of the company’s controversial past , reps often try to avoid mentioning these brands explicitly.

2. Avon: $5.7 billion


Avon is a popular makeup MLM with a large customer base. Avon’s main products are affordable eyeliners and anti-aging creams, which are popular among customers. Many Avon distributors make money by selling these products through the company’s direct-selling model.

3. Herbalife: $4.5 billion


Despite recent criticism, this company’s powders are still being sold all over the U.S. and in Latin America.

4. Vorwerk: $4.2 billion


The German company produces high-quality, expensive products such as Thermomix appliances and vacuum cleaners.

5. Mary Kay: $3.5 billion

The second top makeup direct sales company, Mary Kay, makes itself famous by offering free makeup tutorials and consultations. The company operates in more than 30 countries and has a strong team of more than 3.5 million distributors who generate annual sales of a whopping $3.25 billion.

6. Infinitus: $3.41 billion

Infinitus, a Chinese herbal health solutions company, has become a major player in the market, selling products to address common ailments. However, local critics have raised concerns about the validity of some of Infinitus’s health claims.

7. Perfect: $3.06 billion


Perfect is a popular health and wellness brand that offers products for a variety of needs, from laundry detergent to wine. It also has a large selection of products for general well-being, such as supplements and candles.

8. Quanjian: $2.89 billion

Like Inifinitus, Quanjian has also come under fire for their health claims. Recently, the company was found to be making unsubstantiated claims about its supplements and nutritional products.

9. Natura: $2.26 billion

Natura, a Brazilian company that sells spa-like soap and skin-care products, claims to be environmentally friendly while having an estimated 6.6 million consultants worldwide.

10. Tupperware

Tupperware is an iconic American plastic container manufacturing company that ranks high on lists of the highest-paid MLMs.

Tupperware is one of the most popular MLM companies and its products include household items as well as portable packaging. Retailers who participate in Tupperware can earn an additional income by selling food storage and safety products. Additionally, Tupperware retailers receive 25% off the retail price on all products.

When you hire a consultant, you will receive a bonus of up to 6-8% of his sales, with no maximum. You also get to win a Tupperware subscription for three months, including some of the selected products, as part of your commission.

Additional benefits include:

  • Commission: 6%
  • Retail Profit: 25% of Sales
  • Revenue: Retail Profit + Commission

If you sell Tupperware products, you will receive an incentive point for each Rs 15 of sales. The higher the incentive points, the higher your commission. For example, if you sell $1200 worth of products in a month, you would earn a total commission of Rs 150 ($16 per product). If an agent sells more than $1200 worth of products in a month, they receive a 5% premium commission on top of their regular commission

11. Nu Skin: $2.208 billion

The spa tools and lotions for the home offered by this MLM, like others, have had to pay out millions of dollars in settlements about making unsubstantiated claims about their products.

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12. Primerica: $1.52 billion

Primerica is one of the oldest and most well-known financial services companies. It offers a variety of insurance products, as well as mutual funds.

13. JoyMain: $1.49 billion

The SEC has warned investors about this MLM’s trading history, which includes suspension of stock trading in recent years.

14. Jeunesse: $1.41 billion


This MLM company focuses on helping its customers “stay young.” Some of the services offered include spa-level treatments and supplements, as well as drinks. Prices for these items can be fairly expensive.

15. Oriflame: $1.4 billion

The Luxembourg-based direct selling company offers a variety of skin-care products and supplements.

16. Ambit Energy ++: $1.2 billion

Since deregulation of the U.S. energy markets, companies like Ambit have been promoting specific energy providers to consumers in order to ensure they get the best deal.

17. New Era: $1.16 billion


One of the fastest-growing MLMs internationally is a Chinese company that specializes in nutrition and home-based products.

18. Telecom Plus: $1.12 billion

This UK company specializes in selling utilities services, including electricity, gas, and Internet.

19. Belcorp: $1.09 billion


This MLM company, headquartered in Peru, is most well-known for its cosmetics and perfume products.

20. USANA: $1.01 billion

Usana Health Sciences Inc. is a top-rated MLM, but that doesn’t mean the company hasn’t been investigated by the FBI in the past.

21. Pola: $1.004 billion


The Japanese cosmetics company markets popular anti-aging products.

22. Young Living: $1 billion

The MLM company, known for its essential oils, has been the subject of criticism by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over claims that their products can treat things like dementia and autism.

23. Sun Hope: $940 million

The Malaysian company promotes health products like spirulina and home-grown supplement formulas through direct sales.

24. DXN: $927.0 million

Malaysian company DXN sells supplements containing mushrooms and enzymes. These supplements are intended to help improve the body’s digestive system.

25. WorldVentures: $926.6 million

This is one of the newer MLM travel companies, and it has come under fire recently for some of its practices. Products such as travel packages and holiday products are available, but it’s also been accused of being one of the worst direct sales companies.

26. Forever Living

Forever Living is one of the highest-paid MLM companies in the United States. The company guarantees attractive returns and great commissions, as well as organic products that are original. Sales have improved significantly due to the current demand for organic products. Get a 30% dealer discount on your products with Forever Living

27. Vasayo 

If you’re ever doubtful about the health effects of supplements, Vasayo is a great network marketing company to get in touch with. Vasayo believes that traditional supplements contain harmful ingredients that prevent the body from absorbing the micronutrients they are meant to.

28. USI Tech (Suspected as Scam)

USI Tech is one of the highest-paid MLM companies in the world, with access to a global audience. The company was founded by a group of Forex traders and engineers who developed the first automated trading system that could return up to 150% ROI on your Bitcoin crypto investments. However, USI Tech is unlicensed in Australia and suspected of being a high-yield investment program and Ponzi scheme.

29. Ambit Energy ++: $1.2 billion

Since deregulation of the energy markets in the United States has occurred, companies like Ambit have been pushing consumers to choose a specific energy provider. These companies use marketing schemes to convince customers that they are the best option for their needs.

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30. NeoLife

NeoLife is a high-paying MLM company that focuses on whole foods and helping people start their own businesses. Their low bar for membership means you can get started quickly, and their comprehensive tools will help you succeed.

31. Doterra

Essential oils are used for almost everything! You can use sprays and cleaners and also mix essential oils for limited treatments or even household cleaners. DoTERRA is committed to using 100 percent pure essential oils, which makes them a favorite among many users.

DoTERRA has consistently been rated a total of 8.1 out of 10 points by independent reviewers, and this is backed up with high customer satisfaction ratings and an average 4.5 stars rating on In addition, doTERRA ensures high customer loyalty as customers keep coming back for additional accessories and more purchases – the average start-up costs for providers are between 150 and 2,750 US dollars. The average start-up is relatively high, but the returns are pretty high and also eminent – doTERRA was ranked #2 in the category of most loses in 2017 (out of 153 companies). Finally, doTERRA is also consistently ranked highly in terms of social stability – it has never received a negative review on Glassdoor.