Top 48 best paying remote jobs 2021

Top 48 best paying remote jobs 2021

Top 48 best paying remote jobs 2021

The Best Paying Remote Jobs of 2021

The way we work is evolving. With technological advances, more jobs that were traditionally done in an office setting are now able to be done remotely. This provides more opportunities for people to work from anywhere they want and potentially earn more money.

A good place to look for a remote job that meets your needs and offers a decent salary is our list of the 20 best-paying remote jobs of 2021.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average remote salary in 2020 is $89,178. This varies depending on the state, city, job title, and experience level.

48 Highest-Paying Remote Jobs That Require a Degree

Many remote careers offer competitive salaries, with some positions paying upwards of $100,000. Generally, these roles require at least a bachelor’s degree; however, the potential return on investment can make the educational requirements worthwhile.

1. Back-End Software Engineer

Salary: $126,880


Back-end engineers build and manage the server software and databases that power applications. They need to be detail-oriented and have strong problem-solving skills.


A bachelor’s degree in computer science with proficiency in common programming languages like Ruby and PHP.

2. Front-End Software Engineer

Salary: $111,377


As a front-end engineer, you will be responsible for creating the user interface of applications using programming languages like JavaScript. You will need to work closely with designers and back-end engineers, so good communication skills are essential for success in this role.


To be a successful web developer, one should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, proficiency in programming languages like HTML and JavaScript, and be familiar with graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator.

3. Telehealth Nurse Practitioner

Salary: $111,370


Remote nurse practitioners work alongside medical doctors to provide vital telemedicine services to patients. They are responsible for diagnosing conditions, prescribing medications, and recommending lifestyle changes to patients. They also help coordinate patient care.


A master’s degree in nursing from an accredited institution, certification by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and an active license in the state in which you wish to practice.

4. Product Manager

Salary: $94,704


As a product manager, you will be responsible for making the strategic decisions that will help ensure the success of your company’s new product. You will also need to coordinate product launches across multiple departments, so excellent organizational and managerial skills are a must.


A bachelor’s degree in product design or engineering is required for this position, as is product marketing experience and presentation skills.

5. UI/UX Designer

Salary: $91,990


Designers of user interfaces and user experiences create products that provide end-users with great experiences. They conduct research through surveys and usability tests to determine the best design for navigation that is most user-friendly on various apps, platforms, and websites.


A bachelor’s degree in psychology, communications, graphic design, or computer science is preferred.

6. Network Engineer

Salary: $90,926


Individuals with a technical aptitude and affinity for problem-solving often excel as network engineers. As network engineers, they are responsible for maintaining computer networks for clients and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.


Bachelor’s degree in information technology or related field. The ability to quickly become proficient in new technologies is preferred.

7. IT Manager

Salary: $87,289
They also work with vendors to select and purchase the right IT equipment and ensure it is installed and functioning properly.

Information technology managers implement, maintain, and train staff on technology infrastructure and computer systems. They also work with vendors to select, purchase, install, and maintain IT equipment.


A bachelor’s degree in computer or information science as well as a few years of IT experience are seen as strong assets for leadership roles.

8. Database Administrator

Salary: $86,833


If you are interested in a career that uses analytical skills, you may want to consider becoming a database administrator. Database administrators are responsible for solving database issues, retrieving data, and ensuring the security of company information.


A bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science is required for this position, as well as fluency in Structured Query Language.

9. Financial Reporting Systems Analyst

Salary: $82,901


The analyst role is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of financial systems. This includes generating financial statement reports, updating system menus, onboarding new users, and troubleshooting issues.


A bachelor’s degree in math or finance, as well as strong problem-solving skills, are required for this position.

10. Software Implementation Consultant

Salary: $81,093


As a software implementation consultant, I recommend software solutions based on company needs and train staff on how to use new programs.


A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is preferred, along with strong communication skills.

11. Development Operations (DevOps) Manager

Average salary: $118,546

As a DevOps manager, you will be responsible for heading up a team that is focused on building and managing database-driven applications. You will need to have prior experience as a manager or supervisor in order to be successful in this role. Some of your daily job duties will include risk and resource management, scheduling, and status reporting. Additionally, a DevOps manager often times is responsible for maintaining systems and setting up vendor contracts. In some cases, you may also need to assist with disaster recovery, ongoing maintenance, and stack issues.

Companies that hire DevOps managers usually look for people that have:

  • Prior team management experience
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Experience using tools like Terraform and CloudFormation
  • Knowledge of version control systems such as Git

12. Project Manager

Average salary: $95,000

As a project manager, you will be using your organizational and communication skills to move projects from inception to completion. This includes creating project plans, allocating resources, interacting with project team members and stakeholders, and monitoring progress. You will also be responsible for making sure projects get completed on time and on budget, as well as within scope. This involves managing project risks and creating risk assessment reports.

As team leader, you will be expected to hold daily stand-up meetings. In these meetings, you will check in with team members and ensure that workload is balanced. You will also be responsible for ensuring that company resources are being used optimally.

Most project manager job postings ask candidates to have the following:

  • Experience leading teams
  • Ability to maintain relationships with cross-functional teams
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Process-oriented mentality
  • Attention to detail

13. Attorney

Average salary: $86,239

Attorneys work in a variety of fields, including criminal, family, and corporate law. Many aspects of the job can be done remotely. As an attorney, you’ll be advising clients, explaining legal issues, and preparing documents.

Your job will involve researching case-related evidence and details, including police and accident reports. You’ll develop case strategies and prepare pleadings and documents such as deeds, wills, and contracts.

Firms that hire attorneys usually look for people that have:

  • At least a Bachelor of Law degree
  • A license to practice law
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills
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14. Product Designer

Average salary: $84,422

Remote jobs don’t just involve routine tasks like data entry—there are plenty of opportunities for innovation from home, too. As a product designer, you’re responsible for crafting and refining the user experience for a product. You’ll create prototypes, mockups, wireframes, and user journey maps.

Your job duties will involve performing research and working with user experience researchers to better understand end-users and their needs, as well as creating new product features and updates and running tests.

Most product designer job postings ask for the following:

  • A portfolio demonstrating experience in creating customer journeys, design concepts, and UI designs
  • Experience leading design teams
  • Ability to work within cross-functional teams
  • Experience using tools such as Adobe XD and Figma

15. Business Development Manager

Average salary: $74,306

You’ll also be responsible for maintaining relationships with current clients and developing new ones.

Business growth does not occur without leadership and direction. As a business development manager, you will be tasked with creating strategies to increase customers, create customer loyalty and satisfaction, and overall generate more revenue. This will include finding new business opportunities and maintaining relationships with current clients.

As a business development manager, you should have an in-depth understanding of the company’s target market and the products or services the company sells. You will also lead and train a team of business development representatives. Your daily duties will include overseeing sales pipeline growth and looking for ways to improve the company’s sales process.

Companies that hire business development managers look for candidates that have:

  • A proven track record in business development
  • Experience leading business development teams
  • Strong communication and networking skills

16. Software Developer

Average salary: $72,283

The demand for software developers is increasing and the field is expected to grow by 22% by 2029. As a software developer, you would be responsible for writing, testing and troubleshooting software applications. The nature of the job lends itself well to remote environments.

The tasks a developer is responsible for depends on the type of developer they are. Front-end developers work on developing the visible, front-end part of an application. Back-end developers, on the other hand, are responsible for creating the logical infrastructure behind the software.

Specialized developers are known as full-stack developers, which are developers that have both front-end and back-end development skills. Full-stack developers are also responsible for managing the entire web development process, including database integration, programming, and software testing.

Companies hiring developers usually look for people that have:

  • Familiarity with common development stacks
  • Ability to work cross-functionally across multiple departments
  • Strong communication and analytical skills

17. Marketing Manager

Average salary: $66,308

The marketing manager is responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of marketing campaigns. This includes coming up with new marketing initiatives, approving the creation of marketing materials, and performing market research and competitive analysis. The manager will also track and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns and prepare reports.

Most marketing manager job postings ask for the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Marketing
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and implement successful marketing strategies
  • Experience leading teams
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • Attention to detail

18. Accountant

Average salary: $51,798

If you have a passion for numbers and are detail-oriented, a career in accounting may be right for you. As an accountant, your primary responsibility would be to organize and maintain financial records. This would involve ensuring accuracy of a company’s financial documents.

Additional duties would include preparing and processing payroll, analyzing and reviewing budgets and expenditures, preparing tax returns and financial reports, and offering guidance on reducing company expenses.

Companies that hire accountants look for people that have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, or Finance
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Knowledge of Excel and NetSuite

19. Recruiter

Average salary: $51,707

Recruiters are responsible for finding qualified employees. They will evaluate resumes and other application documents, complete screenings and assessments, and inform employers of the most suitable candidates for their open roles. Some recruiters work in-house for a single employer, while others work on a contract basis. Either way, many recruiting responsibilities can be handled remotely.

Most recruiter job postings ask for the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or Business Administration
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of applicant tracking systems

20. Writers

If you have strong communication skills and are well-versed in grammar, you may be suited for a career as a writer or editor. A successful writer must be able to captivate their audience through skilled storytelling.


The average salary for a freelance writer is $22.05 per hour. This amount varies depending on the number of articles written and the writer’s level of experience.

Tip: Writing can be technical, creative, or marketing based on your skillset.

21. Accountant

Accountants are required to review the financial accounts of a company and provide advice based on that. They ensure the financial stability of the company by analyzing its budget and expenses.

Salary: This profession is one of the top online jobs in 2018, with an average salary of $55,915 per year.

Tip: Mathematics, analytical thinking, and tax law skills are lucrative for people in that country.

22. Benefits Administrator

A Benefits Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the company’s employees are properly enrolled in and receiving the benefits to which they are entitled. This may be done remotely, with pay benefits.

Salary: A benefits administrator falls under the category of jobs that boast an annual salary of $80,000. The estimated salary range for this position is $50,000-$80,000.

Tip: Some online job portals that can be used to find appropriate roles include Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn.

23. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use computer applications or traditional mediums to visually represent ideas, such as logos and fonts, for advertisements and other purposes. They make improvements based on feedback from clients.

Salary: A Graphic Designer earns an average of $41,328 annually.

Tip: Applicants with a creative mindset who enjoy working with style and aesthetics are more likely to excel in this role.

24.  Speech Language Pathologist

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I can connect remotely with my clients from anywhere. Different software can be used to evaluate and track a client’s progress remotely.

Salary: A Speech Language Pathologist typically earns a salary over 80K.

Tip:  You can choose to work with whomever you want to, and there are no geographical restrictions.

A remote therapist role eliminates geographical restrictions, allowing you to work with clients from all over the world. You have the freedom to choose your clients, providing you with an opportunity to customize your caseload.

25. Senior Business Analyst

As a Senior Business Analyst, I am responsible for analyzing a company’s data to understand the challenges and opportunities of the company. Good communication skills are essential to the role.


As a Senior Business Analyst, you could potentially earn an annual salary of $102,936. This role may allow you to work remotely, providing you with the opportunity to earn a income while working from home.


Personnel who are skilled in problem-solving and have good management abilities are more likely to achieve success. The 2018 list of best remote jobs from Senior Business Analyst ranks highly.

26. UX Architect

A UX architect helps to contribute ideas to make a website or mobile application more user-friendly. The role is a hybrid between that of a developer and a designer.


UX architect is one of the high-paid remote jobs in the IT industry, with an annual income of $117,290.


Creating a portfolio that showcases your UX solutions for past projects is a great way to show potential employers your skills and what you are capable of.

27. Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper will have access to the company’s financial records and online bookkeeping software from a remote location. They will play an important role in maintaining the financial records of the company. An online course or a bookkeeping course at a community college will help you to get this job.

Salary:The median salary is reported to be $34,000 annually, with few people making more than $70,000 per year.

Tip: You do not need to be a certified public accountant to practice bookkeeping.

28. Senior Information Security Consultant

The primary duties of a Social Information Security Consultant include overseeing network security, conducting risk assessments, and helping businesses meet compliance obligations.

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According to PayScale, a job like this requires 7-9 years of experience and calls for professionals who are experts in computer security

A Senior Information Security Consultant is one of the high-paying virtual jobs, with annual compensation of $123,039. According to PayScale, a job like this requires 7-9 years of experience and is for professionals who are experts in computer security.

Tip: Although it is not required, it may be beneficial to have relevant licenses when applying for this position.

29. Cyber Security Analyst

The role of the information security analyst is to protect and manage the company’s cyber threats. This includes devising and innovating designs, technologies, and logic to prevent cyber attacks. The position demands knowledge of data, infrastructure, networks, programs, or assets that are confidential to a company.

Many organizations depend on the expertise of cybersecurity analysts to maintain security. The title is considered one of the high paying remote jobs due to the demand for analysts to provide advisory services on how to prevent security breaches.

Hence, it is essential to be acquainted with the latest developments in the cyber world. A strong acumen for analysis and investigation is needed, as well as the ability to interpret probable vulnerabilities in the systems and provide preventive solutions.


The average salary for this position ranges from $25,000 to more than $117,000 per year, depending on the level of experience and knowledge.

30. Cloud Architect

As an architect, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the public, private, and hybrid cloud environments when formulating the strategy and plan for the company.

As a cloud architect, you will be responsible for guiding the design of IT systems based on cloud deployments. Cloud architect is a role that is highly sought after by companies, and usually requires a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Computers, or Telecommunications. For roles that offer higher pay, a Master’s degree is often advantageous, along with relevant job experience.

Salary: Ranges from USD 71,000 to USD 160,000


As a cloud architect, it is beneficial to have knowledge of operating systems and networking concepts.

31. Psychologist or Mental Counselor

Mental counselling is one of the top paying remote jobs in the professional world. The job involves attending patients troubled with mental agony or any serious addictions. You need to assess the mental state of a person and provide guidance on improving their conditions.

Different therapies that are normally leveraged for the treatment include interpersonal, behavioural, cognitive, social and emotional procedures. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology is preferred for entry level jobs; however, for higher pay and a higher position, a Master’s in psychology is advantageous.

Mental counsellors conduct video conversations with their clients, listening and providing an appropriate solution to their mental disorders. In addition, psychologists offer expert guidance to companies on how to follow mental health protocols when treating employees.

Salary: Ranges from USD 48,000 to USD 210,000


To gain your customer’s confidence and trust, focus on providing quality service. This will eventually lead to promotion to a higher role and greater compensation.

32. Medical Director

A medical director is a highly respected and well-paid remote job. The responsibilities of a medical director include leading a medical department or even an entire healthcare agency or organization.

The medical director serves as the guide and leader for the department and clinical staff. A key duty of the role is controlling and managing the clinical protocols and ensuring compliance. Another important responsibility of the medical director is to ensure that all the clinical facilities and infrastructure are in place.

It is the duty of the medical staff to ensure they are adequately trained and up-to-date with the latest medical know-how. The qualifications required for this are a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).

Salary: Ranges from USD 130,000 to USD 270,000


To be a successful medical director, it is important to have strong planning and organizing skills. Additionally, knowledge of different tools and applications used for project planning and governance is beneficial. As medical directors often work remotely, managing a team and all third-party requirements effectively is key.

33. Business Development Manager

As a business development manager, your responsibilities include increasing sales or revenue for your company or organization. You may focus on customers in a particular industrial sector, domain, or technology. To be successful in this role, you need smart marketing skills and the ability to create considerable influence among customers.

The role of a Business Development Manager generally falls under the category of one of the highest paying remote jobs and best work from home jobs. You would typically need an MBA in Marketing and Sales to qualify for the job title. Identifying potential suspect customers, approaching prospect customers, and increasing business of existing customers are generally the key duties of the role.

Salary : Ranges from USD 40,000 to USD 120,000

Tip: To be successful as a Business Development Manager, it is important to work on developing your communication skills. Additionally, taking advantage of online courses and programs on customer management can be beneficial.

34. Finance Director

The role of a finance director is essential and prestigious in any company or organization. Their accurate financial reporting, planning and budgeting determine a company’s existence and reputation among both external and internal stakeholders. No doubt it is one of the highest paying telecommuting jobs.

The role of a finance director is crucial since you need to deal with the expenses and revenue of a company. The duties involve establishing a robust strategy for governing essential financial functions. The key ones are account reconciliation, conducting audits, generating financial statements, reports and budgets. Qualifications mandatory for the role of a Finance Director are Chartered Accountant, MBA in Finance or Economics.

Salary: Ranges from USD 60,000 to USD 160,000

Tip:It is important to be careful while handling a company’s finances and accounts. A company’s reputation and stability depend largely on maintaining accurate account balances. It is also important to make sure that financial reports to stakeholders are brief and accurate.

35. Actuarial Analyst

This is a sensitive and vital role for a company. It involves assessing the risks and the costs associated during any accidents, death, or damage in the assets or properties of a company. Actuarial analysts need to apply various statistical models to understand the potential risk impacts on the company’s future finance.

The ideal candidate for this role will have a degree in Finance, Accounts, or Economics, as well as risk management certifications. They will be proficient in handling excel sheets and macros, and be able to predict future risks, assess financial loss, and provide mitigations. Actuarial analysts are mainly hired by insurance companies for their risk predictions.

Salary: Ranges from USD 60,000 to USD 100,000

Tip: The certifications related to risk management require dedicated attention and effort. The concepts need in-depth analysis and thorough understanding. It is very important to set aside specific hours of study to pass the exams.

36. Marketing Director

Marketing directors typically conduct market research and surveys through intelligence and questionnaires. They devise appropriate marketing strategies and execute campaigns. To achieve objectives, they study market trends and strategies. They need a sound understanding of sales preferences for a company’s products or services.

To qualify for a role in marketing, you will need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Marketing is ranked high among the highest paying telecommuting jobs and is essential for the future growth of a customer base. Companies can use marketing strategies to penetrate more into their respective zones, earning customers and greater revenue.

Salary : Ranges from USD 45,000 to USD 150,000

Tip: When applying for a job in marketing, it is important to be up-to-date with the latest marketing tips and techniques. In addition, possessing a sound knowledge of planning and organizing methodologies is essential.

37. Data Scientist

Data science is a relatively new concept that is becoming increasingly popular in the online and digital world. Many different fields, such as artificial intelligence, robotics process automation, and chatbots, rely on data science. The basic work involved in data science entails analyzing large amounts of data using various computing frameworks.

The analysis provides valuable insights into the performance of industries and is therefore one of the highest paying remote jobs in today’s modern world. The data sometimes comprises of usage of a product or service by different human sectors and can include the impact of any changes on a product or service on human lives, environment etc.

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Through the analysis, data scientists help companies predict the current scenario and plan for the future. Data scientists require a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT, or Electronics. Additional qualifications or a Master’s Degree in Computers, Maths, or Statistics is an advantage.

Salary : Ranges from USD 70,000 to USD 130,000

Important Tips: It is advisable to undergo additional training programs for building competency in data science. Substantial advancements have been achieved in this particular area, so it is beneficial to attend various expert forums to gain adequate knowledge of the latest developments.

38. Clinical Trial Manager

Clinical trials play a significant role in determining the success of a medical investigation or discovery. Managing the execution of end-to-end trials requires skilled professionals who can arrange the necessary infrastructure, prepare subjects for testing, and assist physicians.

The clinical trials must be executed within the set deadlines, while complying with clinical policies and safety standards. The staff needs to be aware of medical terminologies and their usage.

In addition to providing guidance to the company’s management on clinical best practices, the successful candidate for this role will possess a Bachelor’s degree in health. Familiarity with different acts and guidelines for healthcare is also beneficial.

Salary: Ranges from USD 65,000 to USD 130,000

Fact: The three main regulatory acts and guidelines governing healthcare industries are the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

39. Technical Support Manager

Many companies require IT support to ensure that their business processes are executed smoothly. Systems and applications hosting business processes must be functioning properly to avoid disruptions.

Disruptions in business functions can have a severe impact on a company’s daily activities. Technical support managers are responsible for ensuring that all reported issues are handled in accordance with agreed timelines. The issues locked by users can differ in severity and priority.

The managers need to guide the team to follow support protocols and provide resolutions. They must also be aware of the latest technological trends and developments. The role is considered one of the highest-paying remote jobs for aspiring professionals.

40. Web Developer

Salary: $75,073


Web developers work to design, build, and maintain websites that are both appealing and functional. Testing site speed, updating code, backing up files, and collaborating with designers on website layouts are all part of a web developer’s daily responsibilities.


Skills in programming languages like HTML and XML, graphic design, a portfolio of past work, and attention to detail are important for this position.

41. Real Estate Agent

Salary: $74,085


As a real estate agent, you will be responsible for selling, leasing, and renting residential and commercial spaces for property owners. Many agents have transitioned into remote roles amid the pandemic using technology to enable self-guided home tours and online virtual tours. As a result, you can earn an attractive commission-based salary primarily from home.


In order to be a successful real estate salesperson, one must obtain a license and have excellent customer service skills.

42. Mortgage Underwriter

Salary: $70,483


Mortgage underwriters evaluate home loan applications and make recommendations to the loan officer as to whether the loan should be approved or denied. To be successful in this position, you should have strong math skills, as well as good communication and organizational abilities.


In order to become a loan originator, you must attend a prelicensure program and pass the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test.

43. Success Coach

Salary: $68,929


If you are a positive person who loves to motivate your family and friends to achieve their goals, this job may be for you. Success coaches help their clients identify their goals and overcome any obstacles that are preventing them from achieving them.


Coaching certification from an accredited organization such as the International Coaching Federation is beneficial for those looking to pursue a career in coaching.

44. Tutor

Salary: $68,659


If you are interested in working with children and young adults, you may want to consider becoming a tutor. Tutors help students understand concepts they are struggling with, provide assistance with standardized testing, such as the SATs, and motivate them to succeed. Due to the continued remote learning in many school districts, tutors are currently in high demand. Most tutors use Zoom or other virtual collaboration tools to meet with students, which allows for complete location independence.

Requirements: A specific subject area expertise (advantageous but not mandatory), patience, and the ability to explain difficult concepts clearly are key.

45. Translator

Salary: $60,118


As a remote translator, you will be responsible for converting documents from one language to another while ensuring that the original meaning is retained. You may need to consult experts when translating technical documents to guarantee accuracy. In some cases, you may also be responsible for facilitating live virtual meetings or symposia between parties who speak different languages.


Bilingual or multilingual fluency, plus excellent verbal and written communication skills.

46. Copywriter, Blogger, Content Writer

Salary: $59,084


Copywriters are responsible for creating the text for marketing collateral such as sales pages, email newsletters, blog articles, and social media posts. Their words help brands build loyal audiences and sell more products. They are also hired by nonprofits and institutions, including museums, universities, and hospitals, to compose original material.


The ability to write well and understand grammar rules is beneficial. Certification and a portfolio of previous work can be helpful in getting hired.

Salary: $56,386


As a media buyer, you will be responsible for purchasing ad space for your clients on radio programs, television shows, and billboards, among other forms of digital and print media. You will need to build relationships with media outlets and negotiate crucial visibility in order to get your clients maximum exposure.


It is beneficial to be familiar with Comscore and other media analytic software, as well as having strong negotiation and communication skills.

47. Animator/Video Creator

Salary: $56,027


Animators are responsible for creating the visual effects and illustrations that appear in various forms of media such as television, movies, games, and YouTube videos.


An artist’s ability to effectively use animation software, like Unity, is key to success in the field.

48. Web Graphic Designer

Salary: $54,378


If you are looking for an entry-level job with high pay, online graphic design could be a good option for you. Many companies hire remote design interns, so you would gain experience designing logos, ads and web pages for clients. This would enable you to make a income and move up in the field.


A portfolio with examples of past work to demonstrate experience and proficiency in design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro is required.

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