Top 20 best paying seasonal jobs

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Top 20 best paying seasonal jobs

Top 20 best paying seasonal jobs

20 Best Seasonal Jobs That Pay Well

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There are many seasonal jobs out there, and they offer people the opportunity to work flexibly during a time that makes the most sense for their lifestyle. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best seasonal jobs and what to expect if you’re looking for one.

Why get a seasonal job?

A seasonal job may be a good option for someone looking to make additional money over the summer or winter break. This type of employment exists to provide short-term work during busy times, like during the summer and winter seasons. Seasonal jobs often offer benefits like flexible work arrangements and short-term increases in income.

20 great seasonal jobs

Some of the best seasonal jobs available are those in the catering and hospitality industries. Indeed provides salary information for these positions, so be sure to click on the links provided if you’re interested in finding out more about pay rates.

1. Personal gift shopper

National average salary: $13.85 per hour

Primary duties:

Personal shoppers help consumers pick appropriate gifts and clothing, according to the requirements of their clients.

2. Social media assistant

National average salary: $14.00 per hour

Primary duties:

Social media assistants are responsible for updating social media statuses and responding to comments about the client that mention them directly. The window for this type of job varies depending on when the company needs more assistance to handle their social channels.

3. Summer camp counselor

National average salary: $14.04 per hour

Primary duties:

Summer camps are always in need of responsible individuals to assist with a variety of positions. Camp counselors must be trustworthy and mature, as they will likely be in charge of small groups of children or teenagers. Depending on the type of camp, counselors may also be involved in athletics, arts and crafts and educational activities.

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4. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $14.14 per hour

Primary duties:

Retail stores often seek to increase the number of floor attendants during busy times in order to provide strong customer service. The pay rate for these workers will vary depending on the position they hold, but most positions center around providing excellent customer service as their primary function.

5. Gift wrapper

National average salary: $14.74 per hour

Primary Duties:

Retail stores often have employees specifically designated to wrap gifts for customers. These employees are typically trained in the art of gift wrapping and use appropriate materials such as paper, ribbons, and tags. Some stores may require these employees to create sets of gifts that can be purchased by the customer.

6. Customer service representative

National average salary: $14.87 per hour

Primary duties:

Retail companies often hire customer service representatives during the high season for sales. These representatives work in call centers or anywhere customer service is prioritized. They may interact with customers face-to-face, on the phone, or via chat.

7. Photographer

National average salary: $16.75 per hour

Primary duties:

Photographers often work in the season around holidays and weddings to capture mini sessions.

8. Chef

National average salary: $17.23 per hour

Primary duties:

During the summer and holidays, resorts and hotels usually hire chefs to help manage increased demand. A chef’s experience in restaurant-level cooking and professional food preparation, as well as a culinary education, are necessary for this position.

9. Tax preparer

National average salary: $19.25 per hour

Primary duties:

Many tax preparation companies hire contract or temporary employees during the tax season to help with tax preparation. If you are good at accounting and math, then this might be one of the best seasonal jobs for you because tax preparers are responsible for ensuring that individual and company taxes are filed correctly.

10. Fitness trainer

National average salary: $23.82 per hour

Primary duties:

Personal trainers and fitness trainers often provide customized training to their clients based on their needs. During the summer, demand for these professionals usually increases since more people are going on vacation or working out at the gym.

11. Tour guide

National average salary: $24.33 per hour

Primary duties:

Tour guides during the summer and winter vacation seasons are in high demand because of the increased number of visitors. If you enjoy interacting with people and have knowledge about local attractions, then this may be a good job for you.

12. Tutor

National average salary: $24.90 per hour

Primary duties:

Some companies hire tutors during the pre-exam rush so students can be better prepared to take the SATs or GRE. There is also a greater demand for tutors during summertime, as long as you are qualified to teach a subject. You can earn anywhere between $10 to $50 an hour, depending on your qualifications and experience.

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13. Front desk receptionist

National average pay: $14.30 per hour

Primary duties:

A front desk receptionist is responsible for providing guests with a warm welcome and helping to ensure that they have everything they need while staying at the hotel. They may also be required to take reservations, answer any questions or handle issues that arise with customers.

The intern is responsible for performing a variety of administrative duties, complying with company procedures, and communicating with other staff departments to ensure that guests are satisfied.

14. Call center representative

National average pay: $14.50 per hour

Primary duties:

A call center representative assists customers with their inquiries and issues by using their knowledge of the company’s products and services. They may be asked to build relationships with clients, answer questions quickly, make recommendations for products or services, take part in professional development to expand their knowledge on the company and its products, and follow all company wide policies.

15. Storage manager

National average pay: $14.76 per hour

Primary duties:

A storage manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of a warehouse, assisting in the distribution of merchandise and developing and implementing safety guidelines.

The individual responsible for communicating with other department managers, reviewing items such as invoices, consumption reports and work orders and negotiating preferential rates with carriers and insurance representatives is required to have a high level of understanding of company policy.

16. Product demonstrator

National average pay: $14.85 per hour

Primary duties:

During the holiday season, many businesses use product demonstrators to show customers how to use an item and see if they will purchase it as a gift. These demonstrators are responsible for memorizing the product’s brand history and representing the brand positively in various settings, such as department stores or grocery markets. They also participate in marketing events where they converse with people, demonstrate the product for others to see, speak about the product in front of consumers and answer customer’s questions.

17. Ski instructor

National average pay: $15.16 per hour

Primary duties:

A ski instructor’s job is to teach people how to ski or snowboard. They will often work with individual students or larger groups of people, teaching them the basics and helping them load their equipment on the ski lift. In addition, they must be aware of each person’s skiing abilities and tailor their instruction accordingly.

The ski instructor’s general responsibilities include attending staff training, promoting teamwork by collaborating with other instructors, and ensuring guests get to the correct skiing location for their lessons.

18. Warehouse associate

National average pay: $15.42 per hour

Primary duties:

A warehouse associate’s main duties are receiving, processing and sending out materials from the warehouse. They use their knowledge of inventory and records to keep the space organized and make sure orders are processed correctly.

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19. Delivery driver

National average pay: $17.17 per hour

Primary duties:  A delivery driver loads, transports and delivers packages to their destinations. Some of their primary duties include following the assigned route and schedule, following traffic laws, preparing traffic reports and operating machinery.

20. Audio visual technician

National average pay: $24.84 per hour

Primary duties:

Audiovisual technicians are responsible for setting up and operating the lighting, video, and audio equipment at live events. Some of their primary duties include laying electrical cables, installing microphones, monitors, lights, projectors and other equipment; conducting quality checks on their equipment once they’ve set it up; and troubleshooting problems with the equipment.

The event coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all of the equipment used at an event is in compliance with safety regulations, meeting with the client to discuss their requests, and overseeing the sound and visual equipment during live events. After the event, they are responsible for disassembling it.

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Is it worth getting a seasonal job?

It’s Resume-Building

If you’re straight out of college or struggling to fill your resume, adding a seasonal job is a great way to show additional job experience. Alternatively, if you’re looking to switch industries, but have no experience in your new field, adding a seasonal job can help bridge the gapShould You Take a Seasonal Job? – The › advice › should-you-take-a-seasonal-jobAbout Featured Snippets

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