Top 40 best paying warehouse jobs

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Top 40 best paying warehouse jobs

Top 40 best paying warehouse jobs

40 Warehouse Jobs That Pay Well

Warehousing jobs encompass a variety of positions related to operating and working in a warehouse. These positions include receiving clerks, shipping managers, logistics specialists, processing supervisors and managers, and transportation workers. All of these positions ensure that the shipping and receiving of goods happens safely and efficiently. Many warehouse workers perform several different roles at once, such as performing inventory checks and moving boxes from one part of the warehouse to another.

To obtain a warehouse job, you will likely need to have a variety of specific skills and experience. Most warehousing jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as a clean driving record. Positions that may require special licensing include having a commercial driver’s license or certification for operating specialized equipment.

Awareness of computer systems and a good understanding of logistics software are essential for many warehouse jobs, such as those in shipping or logistics departments. Managers typically require several years of warehousing experience before they can be promoted to the position.

Common warehouse jobs

Here are some of the common jobs you can find in a warehouse:

1. Material handler

National average salary: $38,008 per year

A material handler is responsible for helping to maintain the warehouse stock. They do this by identifying, labeling, and organizing materials and supplies, as well as documenting the location of inventory so that items can be retrieved later. They also record shipments and ensure that the correct number of units are included in outgoing orders.

2. Production worker

National average salary: $39,089 per year

Production workers are responsible for operating and maintaining warehouse and factory equipment, as well as assisting with preparing materials for distribution. They check and assemble product parts, ensuring that all machinery is safe, functional and running smoothly in order to help the team maximize its efficiency.

3. Inspector/packer

National average salary: $41,096 per year

The primary duty of a warehouse inspector or packer is to mark and label products, measure and weigh materials, and examine all warehouse storage areas to ensure shipments are packed according to company specifications.

4. Shipping and receiving clerk

National average salary: $41,319 per year

The primary duties of a shipping and receiving clerk are to weigh packages, prepare shipping labels, inspect returned items for damage, keep records of outgoing and incoming shipments, compare packing slips against work orders to ensure accuracy, and operate hand trucks or lift trucks to move materials.

5. Assembly technician

National average salary: $41,487 per year

An assembly technician is responsible for assembling products, such as automobiles, aircraft, and computers. They may also be required to gather tools and materials and read blueprints or instructional guides to ensure proper assembly.

6. Entry-level laborer

National average salary: $41,952 per year

An entry-level laborer typically has duties such as loading and unloading packages, preparing work areas, and clearing debris.

7. Forklift operator

National average salary: $42,589 per year

Forklift operators are responsible for operating industrial hydraulic forklift trucks to move materials around a workplace. They may be asked to deliver materials to storage areas or load docks, or help load trucks onto railroad cars. In addition, forklift drivers keep work areas clean and organized by carefully arranging materials on pallets.

8. Truck loader

National average salary: $45,452 per year

The truck loader is responsible for loading and unloading materials into trucks, trains, shipping containers and ship cargo areas. They assist with unloading shipments and placing materials in the proper storage area. They may also be tasked with confirming and recording shipment delivery.

9. Warehouse stocker

National average salary: $51,679 per year

A stock clerk is responsible for receiving and unpacking merchandise shipments, labeling them with tags or codes, and stocking shelves. They are responsible for scanning items and verifying the quality of merchandise before stocking. Stock clerks may work in standalone warehouses or the back of retail or grocery stores.

10. Receiving manager

National average salary: $54,204 per year

A receiving manager is responsible for overseeing all distribution services within a warehouse, including training and supervising receiving staff, planning and executing processes, checking inventory, coordinating operations, and managing allocated budgets. They also complete quality checks and verification of received shipments.

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11. Shipping supervisor

National average salary: $57,421 per year

Shipping supervisors are responsible for ensuring all shipments are sent and delivered on time, within budget, and in good condition. They monitor outgoing and incoming shipments to ensure that all items are in good condition before shipping them out. Additionally, they manage the shipping staff and act as a liaison between warehouse workers and the organization’s upper management.

12. Production manager

National average salary: $68,145 per year

A production manager is responsible for training and supervising lower-level production staff, preparing schedules, and assessing resource requirements. They also manage budgets, make estimates, and negotiate rates with clients. Production managers are responsible for ensuring their team complies with quality measures and safety regulations.

13. Quality assurance manager

National average salary: $69,009 per year

Quality assurance managers are responsible for ensuring that products and shipments leaving the warehouse are of high quality. They enforce defined compliance measures, conduct safety and hazard analyses, monitor day-to-day procedures, and inspect inventories.

14. Shift manager

National average salary: $71,901 per year

The primary duties of a warehouse shift manager are to ensure the smooth running of their assigned shift, ensuring that all necessary supplies and equipment are available and that safety compliance is maintained. At the end of each shift, they will record completed shipments in a logbook.

15. Warehouse process engineer

National average salary: $86,730 per year

A process engineer is responsible for developing and optimizing industrial processes and procedures, as well as guiding warehouse certifications. They may also be responsible for testing and upgrading technology systems.

16.Customs Compliance Manager

Your responsibilities as a customs compliance manager typically include conducting audits to ensure that business activities and cross-border shipping comply with all relevant requirements. You also work with the appropriate government officials to ensure that the company understands their obligations and obtains the necessary certifications for each transaction or shipment.

17. Distribution Operations Manager

As a distribution operations manager, your responsibilities include overseeing warehouse workers in their day-to-day activities and duties related to receiving, storing, and shipping products. You also plan strategies to organize and maximize efficiency in a distribution center.

You are responsible for ensuring that products and services are delivered on time, meeting customer needs, and protecting workers. You use your organizational skills to improve systems and increase speed and accuracy of product delivery.

18. Packaging Manager

As a packaging manager, your job is to oversee the packaging operations during your shift. You typically work in a manufacturing facility or warehouse. Your duties include ensuring that the proper packaging materials and products are available, that the equipment gets regular maintenance, and that you maintain an efficient schedule established by your supervisors.

As a shift supervisor, you are responsible for helping to hire and train new workers on your shift, contributing to budgets and performance reports, maintaining stock levels at the facility, and collaborating with QA workers to ensure that packaging is error-free.

19. Distribution Center Manager

The distribution center manager oversees all of the daily operations at a distribution center, warehouse, or another shipping facility. They are responsible for ensuring that inventory manifests match up with the shipments they receive or send out, monitoring facility safety, and ensuring that workers store everything in a manner that prevents workplace injuries.

20. Customs Compliance Specialist

As a customs compliance specialist, you are an expert in international trade regulations and help companies with trade activities comply with the rules. You participate in training companies on how to manage regulations and apply them to their specific business applications, conduct audits, write reports with your findings, and keep all documentation organized.

You regularly communicate with customs and government personnel to comply with regulations. Other duties involved in compliance include using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), properly valuing items, documenting classifications, communicating with the customs broker about classifications, understanding free trade agreement qualification (NAFTA), applying for special programs, and following regulatory requirements for export.

21. Licensed Customs Broker

As a licensed customs broker, you work with importers and exporters to meet federal trade requirements. You help prepare documentation and submit payments to Customs and Border Protection, collect fees from your clients, and have strong organizational skills and communication skills. Knowing the duty rates, taxes, and fees for imported goods as well as entry procedures, valuation standards, admissibility requirements for specific products is important for success in this career.

22. Customs Broker

Customs brokers are responsible for facilitating the entry of goods into and out of the United States, as well as monitoring documentation that is required to do so. They may also be responsible for arranging shipments once they arrive in the U.S., and some specialize in a particular type of product or verifying shipping crews and passengers.

23. Export Manager

An export manager is responsible for overseeing the export process for a company, ensuring compliance with all relevant customs regulations, consulting with clients about insurance and taxes, maintaining customer relations, and assessing new marketing opportunities.

You are responsible for evaluating reports, maintaining documents, preparing effective business plans, and handling sales transactions. You also oversee staff members and track shipments. As an export manager, you monitor the financial components of the process and search for opportunities to reduce taxes and shipping rates.

24. Inventory Control Manager

An inventory control manager is responsible for overseeing the distribution of goods and services within a company, as well as training employees on how to best use the company’s inventory. Additionally, this individual may be responsible for maintaining inventory levels and creating new training when necessary.

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You are responsible for the hiring and management of staff, as well as auditing inventory to ensure process efficiency. You also collaborate with vendors to purchase necessary supplies and maintain accurate records of what is on hand.

25. Warehouse Manager

A warehouse manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, including shipping and receiving, returns and transfers, and freight. The manager coordinates with transport companies, suppliers, and customers to get the right products to the right people. All employees in a warehouse report to the manager. Managers assign work schedules and conduct employee evaluations.

26. Allocation Analyst

An allocation analyst is responsible for ensuring that the quantity and variety of merchandise available to customers remains consistent, as well as gathering information on customer demand and trends in order to provide an estimate on future supplies and demands.

As an analysis and allocation analyst, you review your research and recommend ways to grow profits. You may also provide reports on the state of your industry, as well as trends that you anticipate.

27. Freight Agent

A freight agent is responsible for organizing the shipping and receiving of cargo for a company. They must identify efficient shipping methods, work with carriers, and keep track of all shipments to ensure compliance with all company policies.

28. Shipping Manager

As a shipping manager, your job is to oversee all shipments made by a company’s delivery trucks and related logistical operations. You track orders and manage load information for inbound and outbound materials. Your responsibilities may include managing warehouse organization, ensuring timely delivery of the product to customers, and using technology to track the handling of materials at every stage.

You are a data analyst who provides reports to management on efficiency and stock. You use your skills in organizing and analyzing data to track logistical efficiency and identify ways to improve material flow into and out of warehouses.

29. Receiving Manager

Receiving managers are responsible for overseeing the flow of incoming shipments and goods into a warehouse. They review logs every day to ensure that nothing is missed, then work with suppliers to accept loads of products. They also inspect received products to make sure they meet quality standards and order supplies as needed.

Managers who receive shipments are typically responsible for keeping accurate logs in the company’s computer system of all arrivals. The manager also inspects equipment to ensure it is functioning correctly and follows safety protocols as required by regulatory agencies.

30. Inventory Analyst

An inventory analyst ensures that the company’s inventory levels match projected sales demands. This involves using tools such as statistical analysis and market research to monitor customer demand for products and make appropriate product orders. In addition, an inventory analyst may be responsible for anticipating backorders, placing product orders, and monitoring online store inventories.

Inventory analysts typically have a bachelor’s degree in business or another relevant field and prior work experience in inventory management. They are often required to conduct yearly audits, develop more efficient operations strategies, and have strong analytical, communication, and time-management skills.

31. Customs Brokerage Agent

As a customs broker, your job is to prepare documents for the import and export of shipments. This includes ensuring every shipment has the correct declaration for the country it is going to and meets all shipping and handling regulations. You also calculate taxes and duties, which may often be necessary in processing payments on behalf of your clients.

If there is an issue, you may be called to represent your client during official meetings. You are also likely to apply for tariff reclassifications and refunds when it is appropriate. You often coordinate the transportation and storage of shipments until they reach their next destination.

32. Export Agent

An export agent’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate and facilitate the export and import of cargo. They monitor deliveries, fill customer requests, oversee shipping logistics, and ensure that the documentation for their product or merchandise is in good order. Additionally, they perform market research and trade analysis to increase efficiency. They may work at a large shipping business or for a manufacturer at a production facility. It is important that they provide excellent customer service when processing orders and working with clients and other departments.

33. Import Coordinator

Import coordinators are responsible for coordinating the logistics of importing goods into a country. They communicate relevant information to national and international customers, handle monetary exchange rates, and arrange shipments.

To be successful in a career as an import coordinator, you’ll need a degree in global business management, international finance, or a related field. Having good communication skills and knowing the ins and outs of the global economy will make you stand out from other candidates.

34. Inventory Control Analyst

An inventory control analyst is responsible for managing and troubleshooting issues related to a company’s inventory. Their job duties include collecting inventory and sales data, identifying and analyzing discrepancies, developing and improving inventory control systems, maintaining detailed records of transactions, verifying inventory counts from company warehouses and stockrooms.

To be successful as an inventory control analyst, you typically need a degree in math or accounting and experience with inventory control software. Other qualifications may include excellent communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

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35. Customs Entry Writer

As a customs entry writer, your primary responsibilities include reviewing import and export documents, ensuring that all customs invoices and shipment papers are present, preparing paperwork for clearance, using specialized software to track inventory, applying for drawbacks and refunds, signing documents, organizing customs rejections, answering client questions,, completing clerical duties,, and monitoring the processing of goods going through Customs.

In order to complete your shipping needs, you will need some basic computer skills. Additionally, you may want to plan out shipment routes, check for hazardous qualifications, review transit time, security measures, and cost information. You can also make arrangements with carriers and customers.

36. Transportation Broker

A transportation broker helps shippers and freight carriers negotiate rates, routes, and cargo. They are familiar with freight carriers and how they charge for truckloads and LTLs (less than truckloads), as well as how companies need to distribute or receive parts and products.

37. Inventory Management Specialist

A specialist who specializes in improving the productivity and efficiency of a warehouse or product shipping facility is called an inventory management specialist. These skilled professionals use computer software to keep track of inventory, monitor physical inventories, manage shipments, and investigate any issues.

Inventory management specialists typically hold an associate degree in finance, accounting, or business and have experience in warehousing or inventory control. They also need excellent communication and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and an understanding of database and inventory management software.

38. Distributor

A distributor is a sales-based position in the marketing and advertising industry that helps move products from their manufacturers to retailers. They build client relationships, handle purchase, storage, and transportation of products, and strive to make a profit off their sales. Distributors are essential links between wholesale manufacturers and individual agencies or customers.

Distributors work with a variety of different industries to bring the best products and services to their customers. They have access to up-to-date market information, help build a brand for their product, and set prices accordingly.

39. Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders move large shipments of cargo by air, ground, or ship. To determine the best way to move the cargo, a freight forwarder considers weight, logistics, and shipping transportation as well as cost, budget and timetables for delivery. Freight forwarders must abide by international customs laws and provide documentation for the shipments they help export.

40. Material Controller

As a material controller for a supply chain company, your responsibilities include overseeing the material needs of warehouse and inventory, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, maintaining quality and quantity of supplies in stock, preparing for product assembly, monitoring freight schedules, and obtaining materials to package the products.

As a material controller, your responsibilities include working with other departments to reach company goals and ensuring the safety of employees and the environment. You also help keep track of inventory by entering data after a physical count.

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