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What does Momaday learn in The Way to Rainy Mountain?

Momaday explains that he is telling the history of the Kiowa migration in order to explain how the Kiowas understand themselves as a people. He also clarifies that this can only be comprehended through a careful examination of language, since language is all that exists of Kiowa historyThe Way to Rainy Mountain Prologue Summary & Analysis – › lit › the-way-to-rainy-mountain › prologueAbout Featured Snippets

What is the main idea of The Way to Rainy Mountain?

Throughout the book, Momaday emphasizes the importance of storytelling as a tool of Kiowa survival, and he meditates on the power of language to not only represent the world around him, but also to act in the world—for Momaday words can inspire emotions, they can create magic, and they are always powerful…The Way to Rainy Mountain Themes – › lit › the-way-to-rainy-mountain › themesAbout Featured Snippets

What reason does Momaday give for returning to Rainy Mountain?

Momaday wants to visit Aho’s grave and remember and pay respect to Aho’s life, so he travels 1500 miles to her grave.Q1 – English – “The Way to Rainy Mountain” Flashcards | › q1-english-the-way-to-rainy-mountain-flash-cardsAbout Featured Snippets

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