Top 23 sims 4 best paying job

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Top 23 sims 4 best paying job

Top 23 sims 4 best paying job

There are three types of careers in The Sims 4: those that affect gameplay, like the Doctor Career, which takes players to various job locations; those that don’t affect gameplay and take the Sim away from their home for a few hours, like the Culinary Career; and finally, Careers that have both gameplay and non-gameplay effects on player’s lives – such as the Life As A Single Mother career.To progress in a Career, Sims must eventually select one of two available paths. The pay and working conditions for each Career vary considerably; some offer better paying gigs while others involve more regular work.

In The Sims 4, new Expansion Packs are released from time to time that add new content, such as items for the CAS system, furniture, or new Careers. While Careers are not a must in order to enjoy the game fully and can be omitted if players prefer not to have them, they do provide a real-life element and can sometimes make gameplay more interesting. Therefore it is often recommended for players who want an easy experience playing the game that they search for the highest paying Career option.

1. Scientist – $11,115

The Get To Work expansion pack for The Sims 4 introduces the career of a scientist, which lets players experience life as a lab technician. In order to be successful in this career, players must complete several daily tasks like upgrading inventions, synthesizing serum formulas, and practicing analysis.

Once a Sim reaches rank 10 in the Scientist career, they will work five days a week for nine hours every day and be paid $247/hour. This means that Sims who choose to pursue this career will receive over $2,223 per day and nearly $11,115 per week.

2. Space Ranger (Astronaut) – $11,816

As an astronaut, you’ll be exploring space and interacting with aliens in The Sims 4 occults. You’ll need to level up your logic and fitness skills to get promoted.

The two career paths available to Sims are Space Ranger and Interstellar Smuggler. As a Space Ranger, Sims start working seven hours every four days for $422/hour, which translates to $2,954/day and $11,816/week. However, as an Interstellar Smuggler, Sims earn more money each week by working only three hours each day for a total of $547/day or $15,664/week.

3. Management (Business) – $12,000

The main purpose of the Power Couple Scenario in The Sims 4 is to help players develop their careers. Aside from this specific scenario, normal gameplay can also benefit greatly from taking on this Career. Additionally, promotional tasks can be easily completed with the help of Logic and Charisma Skills.

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As a business career level 7 player, you have the option of choosing between Business Tycoon and Angel Investor. If you choose Business Tycoon, you will be rewarded with an eight-hour shift, four days per week. This means that Sims will earn $3,000/day or $12,000/week.

4. Boss (Criminal) – $12,460

The game’s Criminal Career was released alongside the Base Game. Players must reach rank six in order to select one of the two branches: Boss or Oracle. The Sim ends up becoming a leader of a gang and pursues internet crimes like hacking.

A career in the Boss branch of the Police Department will pay Simmers $445/hour at level 10. This means that players can earn up to $3,115/day and $12,460/week. Additionally, this career requires mischief interactions; so if you want to get the dastardly trait for it, be sure to choose an aspiration from the criminal category.

5. Diamond Agent (Secret Agent) – $12,780

The Secret Agent Career is another base game career. It has two branches, Diamond Agent and Villain, both of which start with Browsing Intelligence as their daily task.

As players progress through the first branch of The Sims 4’s career ladder, they will eventually reach the rank of Diamond Agent. This position requires a lot of work and commitment, so those who are successful in reaching it will be required to work a 15-hour shift three days a week. Those who have high Charisma and Logic skills can make huge profits by working in this branch.

6. Villain (Secret Agent) – $12,875

The Secret Agent career is one of the few careers that offers good pay in both branches. The Diamond Agent was mentioned before, so it’s time to talk about the Villain branch. As its name suggests, this is for players who are into causing mischief.

To be promoted to a Logic and Mischief rank 11 Sim will require mastering both skills, which can be accomplished by engaging in mischief with other Sims. This will result in a pay raise of $515 per hour, $2,575 per day, or $12,875 per week. They will work five hours each day and have a shorter shift than the Diamond Agent level.

7. Investor (Business) – $12,992

Some people consider the Business Career to be boring, as Sims are mostly filling out reports or making business calls. However, it can sometimes come in handy when players research stocks and then invest in them to make some extra Simoleons. At level seven of this career, Sims will face two branches: Investor and Management.

At level 10 in the Investor branch, Sims will become angels and work four days a week for eight hours. They’ll earn $406/hour, which translates to $3,248/day or $12,992/week.

8. Trend Setter (Style Influencer) – $13,530

Trend Setter has a higher salary than the other Careers, and it’s perfect for Simmers who like to invent new fashion styles.

When Simmers sets the Trend Setter branch to max, they’ll start getting $451/hour. That means that they are earning $2,706/day or $13,530/week, which is quite impressive for a work-from-home Career. Although it’s from home, there is a schedule; a six-hour shift for five days a week.

9. Civic Planner (Civil Designer) – $14,000

The Civil Designer Career is part of the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack, which expands on the idea of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. If you’re interested in making changes to your neighborhood to be more eco-friendly or love fabrication and recycling, this career is for you. There are two branches available: Civic Planner and Green Technician.

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As a city planner at rank 10, The Civic Planner will earn $350/hour, which means they’ll be making $3,500/day or $14,000/week. They’ll work four days a week with a 10-hour shift and be gone most of the day due to its length. Keep that in mind when considering their salary!

10. Botanist (Gardener) – $14,700

The Gardener career is part of the Seasons expansion pack. Players can choose to go to work or work from home an hour before their shift starts. At level four, the career branches out into Botanist and Floral Designer, depending on which skill the player uses most often in their gardening or flower arranging.

The Botanist branch of the science career offers good money, with a starting salary of $420/hour. Players must work a seven-hour shift, five days per week in order to receive this salary.

12. Interstellar Smuggler (Astronaut) – $14,868

The astronaut career in The Sims 4 is full of exciting moments. Players can visit space and interact with aliens, which can lead to funny or terrifying situations.

Players who want to explore space and have a good income should choose the Interstellar Smuggler career path. Level 10 in this career will earn players $3,717/day, which is more than any other career path.

13. Stylist (Style Influencer) – $15,000

According to, theStylist branch of the Style Influencer Career pays more than the Trend Setter branch. Both branches require a variety of skills in order to advance, but the Stylist branch has access to certain interactions earlier on in their career than the Trend Setter branch.

As a Style Influencer who has achieved rank six in the career, you’ll be able to access the Stylist branch. Once you unlock rank 10, your Sim will have to work five days a week for six hours in order to receive payouts. They’ll earn $500/hour, $3,000/day, or $15,000/week.

14. Officer (Military) – $16,880

When The Sims 4 Strangerville was released, new features were added including the Military Career. This career currently has the highest salary among all the other Careers, and Simmers can choose to pursue one of its two branches when they reach level six. Both branches have equal pay rates.

The first is the Officer branch. Officers work for eight hours, five days a week. As for the Covert Operator branch, it’s also eight hours, but for four days a week. In both branches, players get $422/hour or $3376/day. This means that every week an Officer makes a whopping $16,880!

15. Astronaut: Interstellar Smuggler

If your Sims choose to branch off into the Interstellar Smuggler career, they can earn $3,717 per day. This amount increases as they progress in the career, reaching a maximum of $5,921 per day at Level 10. Additionally, individuals in this career path receive a rocket ship and a $5025 cash bonus at Level 10.

16. Triple agent

When pursing a career in secret agent work, it’s important to focus on fitness, charisma and computing. The Diamond agent path, which pays 12,780 Simoleons per week, is more lucrative than the Villain path which pays 12,875 Simoleons per week. You can learn more about these careers on the Secret Agent page.

Astronaut wages for specific ranks, promotion requirements, and daily tasks are outlined below. In order to advance in rank, agents must complete certain daily tasks and working hours. Additionally, secret agents must keep up with rigorous training requirements in order to maintain their skills and knowledge base.

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17. Covert Operator

As a cover operator, you participate in secret tasks, plant bugs, listen in on the unsuspecting, and interrogate suspicious individuals. This profession can pay well and provide ample opportunity for growth.

18. Social Media

Social media stars have an interesting career path – internet personalities are by far the best route and most profitable, but they make a measly $6,480 a week. However, at times this can be one of the most profitable career paths due to your ability to gain followers and advertise products.

If you have a sizable following of people interested in your niche, it’s possible to make a modest income from promoting products. However, this is a long process that requires consistent effort and lost followers can be frustrating to regain.

19. Tech Guru

Being a professional eSports Gamer may not seem like the most lucrative career choice at first, but streaming your gameplay is a very profitable way to make a living. If you are consistent in doing livestreams and participating in tournaments, you can make a good amount of money.

20. Military

In Sims 4, serving your country is one of the most rewarding jobs. It pays well and requires working a full eight-hour day for five days a week.

The benefits of the career path are not as great as one might hope; while the medals on the wall look nice, it is not nearly as rewarding in comparison to other bonuses. Depending on which career path you choose, you may be working during the day or at night, so there is that.

21. Culinary

Chef path is more lucrative than bartender or mixologist, bringing in an average of $9,840 for 6 hours a day 4 hours a day. You will often work afternoons on the weekends.

22. Painter

The average painter earns $4,920 a week. They typically work five hours a day for two days. This allows them plenty of time to pursue their own artistic interests and make paintings on their own schedule. A well-kept painting can easily sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on its rarity and quality.

23. Writer

The author branch of writing can be lucrative. Your sim earns $5,580 a week, but only works six hours a day for two days a week. That free time is then spent writing books which can generate considerable residual income.

Bestsellers are a time-consuming and lucrative activity in The Sims 4. They take around four hours to write and can bring in anywhere from $200-$800 per day for 20 days, depending on their quality. If you have 10 bestsellers published, your sim will earn at least $4,000 a day! Even normal books, the lowest quality level, earning $10 each will still generate $100 a day whether your sim works that day or not. There’s also the interesting perk of being able to immortalize Sims by writing about them and having them come back to life when read!


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