Top 5 fastest way to level 50 to 60 shadowlands

How to quickly level up from 50 to 60

After reaching level 50, you’re ready to head to the Shadowlands—the latest expansion zone in World of Warcraft. Unlike the Wrath of the Lich King days, which are almost directly succeeding it, it won’t take you 10-12 hours to net a single level on your way to 60. Don’t go thinking you’re weeks away from joining the rest of World of Warcraft’s player base if you’re just now getting started.

Players who want to reach level 60 quickly can expect to spend 10-12 hours questing around the new zones in Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth (likely in that order). There are a few ways to speed things along, but the most effective way is usually by questing around these zones.

If you want to maximize your experience in Shadowlands, it’s important to avoid thinking about reaching level cap right away. Doing so will likely result in you running every quest you come across, which is not the best strategy when leveling up in this expansion. Instead, focus on completing the Campaign questline first to unlock any max-level content (like Covenants) that may be of interest to you.

There is no need to worry about available EXP buffs because they won’t help speed up the Campaign questline. However, there are a few ways to speed up how quickly you complete the Campaign questline.

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Fix gadgets

Light-Step Hoofplates are one of the only things that will help you get past level 50 in the Shadowlands. If you’re able to buy them from an auction house before going into the Shadowlands, your mount will be 20% faster for the duration of your trip. You won’t be able to fly in the Shadowlands, so anything that gets you from quest to quest faster is important.

Potions and other things

Most quests revolve around killing enemies, so anything that can help kill them sooner will pay off in the long run. Potions between 1 and 50 won’t work past those levels, but the Drums of Fury will. Similar to the mount speed buff, Drums of Fury won’t be useful for classes with skills like Bloodlust and Heroism, but it is beneficial for the rest of classes. Stock up on these potions at the auction house before you head off on your next quest

Gunshoes and Goblin Gliders can help you move quickly and safely across the map, while Monelite Keys can shorten quests that require you to kill enemies.

Bringing alts from level 50 to level 60

 In order to receive a big bonus quest and increase your EXP gains, turn on War Mode at Stormwind or Orgrimmar. This will enable world PvP, which can slow you down but if you’re not being slaughtered by a member of the opposite faction every 20 minutes or so, leveling will go faster than without it.

Once you’ve cleared the original Shadowlands campaign quests and unlocked your Covenant on one class, leveling in subsequent levels becomes less linear. This means that alt leveling is a less linear experience, making it easier to jump between classes.

 Choosing a Covenant for your main character is important, as it affects the skills available to you as well as how effective those skills are. Different Covenants offer different abilities that can be instrumental in leveling or repairing gaps in class weaknesses or augmenting strengths. It’s important to consider what you want to use your Covenant for before making your choice.

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 After selecting your Covenant, you can start leveling up. The campaign missions and side quests provide consistent EXP and are the best way to level up quickly.

DesMephisto has created a spreadsheet that outlines the best ways to level up in Shadowlands, but these routes are difficult for most players to follow on their own.

To maximize your experience in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, follow these tips to help you pick the easiest quests to complete. This will help you move forward quickly and achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that some of the easier quests may still require good gear and strategy, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t finish them right away. There are plenty of other opportunities to get started on more difficult tasks later on in the game.

The sheet includes a list of easy quests as well as tips for completing them successfully. Many of these missions can be completed with basic gear or without any combat at all, making them ideal for new players just getting their feet wet in The Witcher 3 world. However, not all challenges are this easy – some may require advanced skills or equipment that is unavailable until later in the game – but they’re worth taking on if you want to see everything this title has to offer!

What is the fastest way to level in Shadowlands?

There are quests inside many of the leveling dungeons that a single run for end xp + quest xp inside can be really nice. Yes, the absolute fastest way is queue dungeons while questing. the dungeon quests give a big boost to xp for 20-30min of timeWhat is the absolute fastest way to level from 1-50 as a solo DPS in … › wownoob › comments › what_is_the_absolute_fastest_…About Featured Snippets

How fast can you level to 50 in Shadowlands?

10-50. After you reached level 10, you can go straight to BFA quests or you can go to Chromie and pick another expansion.

Fast Leveling 1-50.Chromie Time ExpansionApproximate PaceBattle for Azeroth16 hoursMists of Pandaria16 hoursCataclysm20 hoursWrath of the Lich King24 hoursShadowlands 1-50 Leveling – Overgear › guides › wow › shadowlands-1-50-levelingAbout Featured Snippets

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How long does it take to level from 50 to 60 Shadowlands?

In actuality, 10 to 12 hours is the rate an average player can expect to climb all the way from 50 to 60WoW Shadowlands Leveling Guide: How to Hit Level 60 › Gaming › GuidesAbout Featured Snippets

How do you go from 50 to 60?

The Fastest 50-60 Leveling Route in Shadowlands – › watc · After months of research, speedrunning, guide-writing, and video-editing, the 50-60 Video …Duration: 18:21Posted: Nov 11, 2021

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