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Top 55 best jobs for adults with slow processing speed 2022

Top 55 best jobs for adults with slow processing speed 2022

Best Jobs for Adults with Slow Processing Speed in 2022 | Apply Here!

If you have a slow processing speed, or are a slow learner, you may still be productive and smart. There are a number of jobs that are well suited for people with these qualities. This article provides 55 lists of the best jobs for people with slow processing speed.

I’ve also listed ten celebrities with dyslexia and their professions to show that people with this learning difference can be successful in a variety of fields. A guide is also included with tips on how slow learners and people with slow processing speed can search for their perfect job.

There is no denying that adults with low processing speed and poor working memory can get suitable jobs regardless of their “limitation”. You may find it difficult to process information, but that does not mean you cannot be productive.

People with dyslexia or dyspraxia often have unique talents. Some people with these conditions have attained great success.

There are many jobs and careers for slow learners adults that can lead to good earnings.

Our Top 55 of the Best Jobs & Careers for Slow Learners

1. Acting

Persons with slow processing speed often find that acting comes naturally to them. This is mostly due to it being an in-born trait. There are not just one or two successful thespians in the movie industry, there are many of them who perform excellently.

This is a career option you can explore if you have the necessary skills. Another benefit of this profession is that it helps you to manage your condition adequately.

When you find something you’re good at and excel at it, it can bring a sense of fulfillment. This is good for both your mental wellbeing and physical health. So if you have a natural talent or skill, don’t wait for someone to discover you. Get started by posting clips of your work online. You never know who might be looking for someone with your exact talent and skill set.

2. Financial auditing

Some people who are considered slow learners can be extremely good with numbers. If you’re looking for a job as a slow learner, choosing to work as a financial auditor is just the perfect idea for you. Financial auditors help to guarantee the integrity of financial reports by vetting such reports. It’s an interesting career path that is also highly financially rewarding.

You can ease the stress inherent in the job by working from home most of the time, which makes Financial auditing one of the best career opportunities for slow processors.

3. Counseling

Many people are looking for people they can look up to for valuable counsel. They are willing to pay anyone who is readily available to help them see through life’s challenges.

Adults with slow processing speed and working memory can have successful careers if they choose a field in which they are knowledgeable. If you have the ability to manage sensitive information and meet new people, you may be successful in this career path.

As a counselor, you have the ability to improve the lives of those around you and guide those who are lost back to the right path. Although this job can be done remotely, it is important to take the time to interface with people on a regular basis.

4. Film making

If you are interested in writing scripts, creating scenes, or possess inspiring movie ideas, then you should consider a career in film making.

Making films comes with a number of benefits, including fame, wealth, and more free time to spend with family when not filming. It can be a highly rewarding career path, allowing you to affect the lives of many people by creating mind-blowing and orientating video content.

Your story can inspire others who may feel like they are facing insurmountable odds. Your perspective can show them that there is hope and that they are not alone. You have the ability to reach a large audience and make a difference in their lives.

5. Public Speaking

Teaching, presenting, selling, and other public speaking engagements can be difficult for some adults who have slow processing speed. However, there are some adults with slow processing speed who don’t find these activities to be a struggle.

If you are confident and enthusiastic when speaking in front of others, you have the qualities necessary to be a successful public speaker.

6. Nursing Assistants

Although nursing may initially seem like a daunting task for individuals with slow processing speed and working memory, there are many who excel in this career path. If you are passionate about helping others, working as a nursing assistant may be a great option for you. Nursing assistants often master the ability to stick to routine activities.

You will be expected to assist doctors with the necessary materials needed for treating patients. This may include working shifts and performing extra care duties as needed. You may also be required to attend to recuperating outpatients or provide home treatment for immobile patients.

The job may appear to be tedious; however, with the right mindset, even those who learn slowly can fit in perfectly.

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7. Photography

In order to become a professional photographer, one must master the art of photography. This is only possible through passion, commitment, and consistency. If an individual knows how to produce great photos, that is an indication of their proficiency in photography and makes it the perfect job for them.

There are numerous aspects of photography you can explore; and of course, you can always follow your heart when choosing what to capture. Win the love and admiration of the world by creating memorable images of life with your shutter sound.

8. Computer programming

While computer programming may be a difficult endeavor for some people, others find it easy to undertake. Those with slow processing speed often find it easy to work with codes and complex data. Becoming a computer programmer can help improve your processing condition.

If you opt for computer programming, it will become easier to understand and retain certain information. In the long run, it’s bound to be a therapeutic engagement.

9. Heavy equipment operation

This is a job that can be effectively executed by an adult with poor working memory and slow processing speed, provided they have a concrete grasp of the processes. However, it is important to note that this job requires physical strength and most times, no professional certification.

This job may be a good fit for those who learn at a slower pace, and who may not have academic qualifications but are good with their hands. Although this job may not pay as well as other types of jobs, it can lead to management opportunities.

10. Art restoration

If you’re good at repairing damaged works of art and antique objects, this job can get you to the best places. Refurbishing artworks can have good financial implications, and most clients, especially the wealthy ones, do not mind paying you handsomely to restore their family heirloom.

11. Personal Coach

You’ll also be able to work with clients one-on-one, which allows for a more personal touch than some other coaching methods.

Psychology majors and other social science degree holders often pursue careers in this field due to the focus on mastering the mind.

Average Yearly Salary: $42,000 (Glassdoor) 

12. Personal Organizer

The job market is seeing an increase in the number of personal organizers. These professionals help their clients by creating organized systems for closets, bedrooms, offices, and homes. As a personal organizer, you get to be creative and work at your own pace to invent personalized organizational systems.

Retail jobs that demand strong organizational skills often pay more than $20 per hour.

Average Yearly Salary: $47,000 (Glassdoor) 

13. Massage Therapists

The average massage therapist spends twenty hours a week physically massaging their clients, with the rest of the week spent handling paperwork, advertising, cleaning, and setting up their stations.

Massage therapy is a great job for people with anxiety because of the predictability of the work. As a massage therapist, you’re celebrated for your ability to go in-depth and correct pains and aches. The amount of time you have to yourself during the week is a great perk.

Average Yearly Salary: $47,000 (Forbes) 

14. Interior Designer

Interior designers are responsible for creating indoor spaces that are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. They need to be able to excite clients with beautiful designs, regardless of how long it takes.

One benefit of an interior design role is the opportunity to explore different design methods and styles. With each new project, you can learn ways to streamline your process without sacrificing quality or creativity. However, competition for these roles can be fierce. To increase your chances of being hired, avoid making common mistakes during the application process.

Average Yearly Salary: $51,000 (Payscale) 

15. Craftsperson

These skilled and creative workers use tools and automated machinery to fix and build things we use everyday, such as doors, tables, and cabinets. There is a lot of opportunity for growth in this field, you can make whatever career you want out of this line of work. Whether that means specializing in one line of work or being a jack of all trades and doing anything available at the moment.

Working at a startup can give you an edge in a trades career, since there is usually less competition for open roles.

Average Yearly Salary: $52,000 (Glassdoor) 

16. Upholsterer

The work is methodical, and leaves room for creativity and self-direction, as long as the end result meets the client’s expectations.

This is a satisfying line of work that allows you to take your time and pays well simultaneously. Upholsterers are in high demand and if you follow our latest tips for finding a job, you will be employed in no time.

Average Yearly Salary: $53,000 ( 

17. Mental Health Therapist

While working as a mental health therapist can be stressful, it is also a job in which you can take your time with clients and move at their pace. This can be wonderful because you are working to help someone else at their speed and there is no need to worry about lagging behind or processing things slower.

Average Yearly Salary: $53,000 (Glassdoor) 

18. Plant Nursery Attendant

Bare-root plants can last two to three days without soil before they start experiencing problems.

This job allows you to take your time with the plants and ensure they are healthy and growing well before turning around and selling them for a profit.

Average Yearly Salary: $56,000 ( 

19. Dietitian

As a dietitian, you have the opportunity to help others develop healthy eating habits. This process usually involves assessing current dietary intake and making recommendations for improvements. It can be a slow and detailed process, but it can also be very rewarding.

Average Yearly Salary: $61,000 (USNews) 

20. Ghost Writer

Ghostwriters are in high demand due to the large number of Americans who read every year. Many authors do not want to write their own material, which provides opportunities for ghostwriters. Ghostwriters can write romance novels, nonfiction books, and a variety of other material. This work is often flexible in terms of scheduling.

Average Yearly Salary: $64,000 (ZipRecruiter) 

21. Microbiologist

Microbiologists typically work within teams of other scientists and technicians in order to study microscopic organisms. The pace of this work is often slow in order to ensure that results are accurate and reproducible.

This can be exciting as new species and organisms are found or studied. You can also learn things about life that haven’t been realized before. As a part of your research, you can spend time writing papers and books about your work and what you’ve discovered.

Average Yearly Salary: $67,000 (Indeed) 

22. Librarian

If you love books, a job in a bookstore could be perfect for you. bookstores need employees who are able to categorize books and make sure they are displayed correctly. Furthermore, customers often ask for recommendations, so being a reader is an important part of the job. Although training is usually provided, it is beneficial to take your time learning about the different genres of literature.

Average Yearly Salary: $68,000 ( 

23. Accountant

This detailed line of work is an excellent way to ensure you will not be rushed while you are on the job. There is a lot of pressure to get the work done correctly, but because it is so detail-oriented, there is no pressure to rush you. Most of your job will be to enter transactions and discover account balances so that you can prepare budgets or review changes.

Average Yearly Salary: $72,000 (USNews) 

24. Zoologist

Zoologists and wildlife biologists spend their careers studying animals and other wildlife to learn their behaviors, characteristics, and how they interact with their surroundings. They also study the impact humans have on wildlife. This is a very interesting job that allows you to set your own pace.

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Average Yearly Salary: $75,000 ( 

25. Farming or Ranching

Many people dream of owning their own land and farming or ranching on it. The benefits of setting your own hours and pace, as well as the feeling of watching your hard work pay off, can be very rewarding. However, it is important to note that this job can be very time-intensive and requires a lot of effort. If you are driven and willing to put in the work, this may be the right job for you.

Average Yearly Salary: $76,000 (Work.Chron) 

26. Historian

If you are passionate about studying, taking notes, and reading, this might be the right job for you.

Historians use a variety of methods to gather information about historical events. They then analyze this information to determine whether it is accurate and whether it is significant to our understanding of the past.

Historians are able to examine vast amounts of information and communicate their findings through writing papers and books.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a slow processing speed, as it demonstrates how time is relative.

Average Yearly Salary: $86,000 (Indeed) 

27. Software Developer

Also known as a coder, software developers work on perfecting the design and implementation of software. This work requires careful attention to detail and thorough testing. Moving at a slower pace is necessary to complete the job correctly.

If someone who is detail-oriented and takes their time with their work attempts this career, they may find themselves making fewer mistakes.

The more thoroughly you work, the better you will be as a software developer.

Average Yearly Salary: $106,000 (USNews) 

28. Solar Energy System Engineer

As a solar energy system engineer, you will be responsible for the design and coordination of solar thermal systems and components for residential and commercial buildings. Your attention to detail will be critical in ensuring that the system functions well, is safe to use, and is easy to maintain.

29. Auditor

An Auditor examines financial records for accuracy and that taxes are paid when due. They are also needed in ensuring that the financial running in a firm runs efficiently and effectively. This accuracy is important for the efficient running of a firm.

30. Therapists

As a therapist, you can help people who have trouble processing information quickly. You will provide a compassionate listening ear and help find solutions to their problems.

31. Filmmaker

Some adults with slow processing speed have an ability to differentiate faces and objects from one another while also visualizing how these elements can be brought together into a single image. They are also good at processing a series of images, which makes filmmaking a worthwhile road for these individuals.

32. Restaurant Inspector

The individuals who inspect restaurants and other public cooperation to ensure health and sanitation rules are followed and respected play an important role in society. This job is great for adults and can also be a career goal for kids with slow processing speed.

Restaurant inspectors are interested in the health of those in the apartment and ensure compliance by investigating every apartment.

33. Correspondents or Broadcast News Anchor

Many people with slow processing speed have unique talents, such as public speaking, that come naturally to them. These abilities can be useful in careers that involve standing in front of an audience or a camera.

If you have a knack for public speaking and are a quick learner, a career in journalism may be for you. Journalism is an exciting field where you can always be at the forefront of reporting what happens in your community and worldwide.

34. Nursing Assistant

Many adults with slow processing speed excel in this niche. It provides an opportunity to exercise your empathy.

Additionally, providing basic care to medical patients within nursing facilities can be gratifying.

35. Culinary Arts

The median wage for restaurant cooks is $10.25 per hour.

This job may be a good fit for those with slow processing speed as it is a routine job. Restaurant cooks, bakers, chefs, and head cooks have a median wage of $10.25 per hour.

Does your child express interest in cooking? Do they come up with their own recipes? Do they speak positively about being a chef?

Encourage their interests; they may eventually become a successful chef.

36. Broadcasting Technology

Broadcasting technicians are individuals who take pleasure in working behind the scenes at radio stations or television studios. This career involves broadcast technicians, sound engineering, or camera operators and is a great option for adults with learning disabilities.

37. Truck Driving

With a little extra training, you can even learn to drive a bus.

There are many types of trucks that people with slow learning disabilities can’t drive, but there are some that they can excel at driving. If you’re passionate about being behind the wheel and want to make a career out of it, look into the types of trucks you can learn to drive. With additional training, you might even be able to get behind the wheel of a bus.

38. Veterinary Assistant

Working with animals has been shown to bring out the best in people, and if your child loves being around pets, this might be the perfect career for them. Veterinary assistants play a vital role in ensuring that pets receive the best possible care, and they earn a solid salary of $29,690 per year.

39. Design Engineer

Adults with slow processing speeds can enjoy technical activities and have acquired solid technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, making them excel as design engineers.

Design engineers play an important role in developing new products and systems. They use their creativity and problem-solving skills to come up with new ideas and find ways to improve existing products and processes. This career is a good fit for people who are detail-oriented and patient, as they often need to take the time to carefully consider all aspects of a project before making decisions.

40. Writer

Adults with slow processing speeds may find success in writing, whether they are creative or academic writers. If they have an interest in writing, they may be able to make a decent living from it.

However, freelancing may not be a comfortable option for adults with slow processing speeds because they take their time to respond. This is because meeting deadlines is typical of many freelancing writing jobs.

41. Songwriter

A songwriter composes and writes musical compositions. They may also create the composition themselves or help talented vocalists who struggle with writing and composing music.

42. Software Developer

A software developer is an excellent job for people with strong analytical skills that can design and build computer programs. Some software developers create new applications for mobile or desktop use, while others make underlying operating systems.

This job is well suited for people with slow processing speeds as they tend to possess excellent analytic skills.

43. Computer Programmer

As a computer programmer, you will be responsible for coding. This role is well suited for adults with slow processing speeds, as it requires careful attention.

The process of creating and testing code that enables computer applications and programs to operate is an important task that many people undertake.

44. Auditor

While slow processing speeds may not be desirable in some professional fields, they can be an asset in the field of auditing. Many organizations and corporate bodies employ auditors to help examine financial records to ensure accuracy, timely payment of taxes, and smooth and efficient financial operations. This field is a good match for those with slower processing speeds because it requires precision over speed.

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45. Psychotherapists

Psychotherapy is a branch of mental health counseling that focuses on helping patients achieve specific psychological goals. To be successful in this career, one must possess excellent active listening skills, high levels of empathy, and be able to effectively problem-solve.

46. Photographer

Working as a photographer may be a good option for adults with slow processing speeds. Photographers need to have an impressive ability to capture moments and also be able to combine them into images to tell a story, which may be done at a slower pace.

47. Counselor

Being a counselor is one significant role individuals can excel at. If they can comfort and advise others by genuinely caring and understanding, they can work as counselors depending on their interests. Whether as rehabilitation counselors, school counselors, or addiction and mental health counselors, individuals can choose any place to work in.

48. orrespondent or Anchor of Broadcast News

Although slow processing speed may seem like a hindrance to becoming a correspondent or broadcast news anchor, people with this condition can excel in these roles if they have strong communication and public speaking skills. If they are comfortable in front of an audience or camera, these positions can be enjoyable for them.

49. Chef

Culinary arts is an area where adults with slow speed can build a career. It is a well-paying job that they would most definitely find pleasure in. This is because it requires a meticulous process, a natural tendency for them.

Different capacities in the culinary arts are available for people with slow speed, such as cooks or bakers. If they are enthusiastic about cooking or the culinary arts, they can work in these positions.

50. Graphics Designer

A career in graphic design may be a good option for adults with slow speed processing. Those with slow processing speed tend to be naturally artistic, and graphics design is just one visual art option. With a career in graphic design, they can make a decent living and build a rewarding career.

51. Fashion Designer

slow processing speeds can be an advantage for individuals working as fashion designers. This is one role among many that allows them to express their inner creativity, especially when they love working with fabrics.

52. Broadcasting Technician

The differences between broadcasting technicians are less pronounced, making it a comfortable role to work in. Broadcasting technicians may work as sound engineers or camera operators, working behind the scenes at radio stations or television studios.

53. Veterinary doctor

Adults with slow speeds who are fond of animals may excel as veterinary doctors. Since the job requires careful attention, it may be one of the best job prospects.

54. Personal Trainer

Adults with slow processing speeds can use their abilities to assist clients in setting better goals, taking more action, making better decisions, and utilizing their natural strengths. As personal trainers or coaches, they can help their clients improve their overall fitness and well-being.

Generally, they have the patience to help people improve their lives by doing difficult or worthwhile things. This makes it a rewarding career for them.

55. Horticulturist

A person with a slow processing speed can also become an expert in garden cultivation and management. Garden work does not require speed, but rather care.


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