Top 8 best self cleaning litter box for multiple cats 2022

A Laboratory Evaluation of the Top Automatic Cat Litter Trays

We tested 14 different automatic litter boxes in our New York Lab, and at home with enthusiastic feline volunteers. Each box was evaluated for everything from performance to odor control, using both real cat behavior in at-home environments, and wet modeling compound “poops” for controlled simulations. Automatic litter boxes make an irresistible promise—no more scooping litter!—but can they deliver? We found that while each box performed well in some areas, overall none of them were perfect. Some performed better than others based on various factors (such as odor control or tracking), but none met all of our criteria completely. Overall though, we think that automatic litter boxes are a great option if you’re looking for an easier way to keep your cat clean and tidy; just be aware that they aren’t always 100% effective

The Whisker Litter-Robot 4 was the clear winner among our testers, outperforming the Litter-Robot Connect 3 in every way. It has a multitude of useful features, an easy interface, and a quiet operation that will not scare off your cats. It is also remarkably easy to clean.

There are several other automatic litter boxes that are worth your consideration, which may offer a smaller footprint or a less eye-popping price.

Litter boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but our team of experts found the following to be some of the best litter boxes for cats.

Our team of experts found that some of the best litter boxes for cats are those with high sides and a deep enough tray to prevent clumping. These boxes also have a tight-fitting cover that prevents any litter from escaping and keeps your cat clean and dry.

Best Overall: Whisker Litter-Robot 4




What We LikeUser-friendly

Highly cleanable


Open door


Nightlight and other thoughtful features

What We Don’t LikeSpace-consuming


The Whisker Litter-Robot 4 is a significant improvement on the Litter-Robot 3 Connect, with features and design improvements that have been well-received by testers. In lab testing, they found it to be easier to use and more efficient than the previous model.

The high price of the Litter-Robot 4 is hard to justify, but its premium user experience makes up for it. It arrives fully assembled in the box, and all you need to do is plug it in and download the Whisker app (which is synced using a QR code on the back of the device).

The Litter-Robot 4 has a design that is significantly different from the previous version of the litter box robot. The circular entrance is stacked on top of a more square base, which makes it easier for cats to enter and exit the device.

Our tester said that the three cats quickly became curious about the toy, and showed initial fear and confusion about it seeming to come to life on its own.

The Litter-Robot 4 works by using a heavy-duty fabric hammock to maintain a supply of litter. After your cat uses the bathroom, the interior sphere performs a slow barrel roll, dumping the litter through a sieve that pulls out solid waste and returns the clean litter back to its original position. The clumps of kitty litter are then dumped into a reservoir tray underneath.

The sensors in the entrance track both motion and weight, so the Litter-Robot knows not to start a cleaning cycle if there is a cat inside. This way, it can measure how much waste is sifted and even create custom data for multiple cats since it can distinguish them by weight. The only precaution needed is for kittens under 3 pounds, but you can disable the automatic sifter and instead use a button to manually clean until your cat grows up enough to register.

The control panel on the Litter-Robot 4 features large, colorful buttons, though the wide variety of settings and cleaning options can make for a bit of a learning curve. In addition to a power button, there are buttons for “Cycle,” “Reset,” “Empty” and WiFi “Connect,” with each button performing multiple functions. For example, the Cycle button initiates a cleaning cycle or you can hold down the button for three seconds to activate a “Sleep Mode.”

The big, friendly light bar beneath the buttons provides a wide range of information, including when a function has been paused or when a cat has spent too long inside the machine. It’s very intuitive, but at first it can be overwhelming—one tester mistakenly emptied all of the litter instead of initiating a standard clean.

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“Once I got the hang of it, I found the colored lights to be very helpful.”

The cleaning mechanism of the Litter-Robot 4 is easy to use. The bags that are used in the reservoir are tall enough that it is easy to empty them – just lift up the edges of the bag and tie it off. There’s also a QR code on the bottom of the reservoir which provides a retail link for purchasing new bags, filters, and litter (but it doesn’t require proprietary litter).

The Litter-Robot 4 is a high-tech robot that doesn’t feel finicky or breakable. It has a barrel that can be removed and the hose can be easily washed in the sink. There is also a tray beneath it that can be easily removed and washed in the sink.

The Litter-Robot 4 impressed us with its comprehensively thoughtful design, from the built-in night light to the automatic litter box. It’s weird to say that an automatic litter box was a joy to use, but it was exactly that in our experience.

One downside of the Litter-Robot 4 is that it can produce more unpleasant smells than a traditional litter box. This is because the robot sifts out your cat’s waste from the litter reservoir, which removes much of the smell.

“The clumps get dumped into the bottom drawer, so there is no litter covering up the waste,” our tester observed. “As a result, there is a more prominent smell.”

Litter-Robot’s waste drawer is fitted with a carbon filter to retain your litter’s scent-absorbing qualities, making it one of the more effective automatic litter boxes on the market.

The Litter-Robot 4 is large and imposing, like its predecessor. Anyone living with cats in a small apartment should measure first to see if they have enough room to accommodate it.

The Litter-Robot 4 is not an automatic litter box, so if you’re looking for one right away, the Whisker may be a better option. New orders of the Litter-Robot 4 won’t start shipping until August.

The Litter-Robot 4 is a high-quality product, but the Litter-Robot 3 Connect is still a good option. It’s wider than the previous model (more than 2 inches), less attractive, and louder, but it’s available immediately at a reduced price.

For our tests, we used a model provided by the manufacturer. The app included with the automatic food dispensing Whisker Feeder-Robot performed similarly to what we tried. However, the final retail release version of the Litter-Robot 4 app looks to be even more useful and loaded with fun data.

The Whisker Litter-Robot 4 is available in both white and black, with either a handle on the front or an optional step for easier climbing. There is also a 90-day trial period, where you can test out the Litter-Robot 4 in your own home without having to worry about warranty coverage.

Still Great: Litter-Robot 3 Connect Cat Litter Box

Litter-Robot 3

Best Odor Control: PETKIT Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box


What We LikeMinimalist style

Data-rich app

Excellent smell control

What We Don’t Like

    • Small opening

The PETKIT Pura X is a litter-sifting robot that has many of the same features as our Best Overall pick—the Litter-Robot 4. It uses an internal cylinder to fully rotate the litter reservoir so that it passes through a filtration screen and removes clumps of cat waste. You can set it to perform this operation manually, on a timer, or automatically after a cat is done using the device.

The Pura X performed similarly well in testing, with an attractive design and quiet operation.

One downside of the Pura X litter robot is that its entry hole is smaller than on the Litter-Robot 4. This may make it less appealing to cats who have large heads or bodies.

Our tester felt that the product was aimed more towards small and medium cats.

The PetKit Pura X had several advantages over the other models we tested. One of our favorite minor design differences was the chute that allows you to load new litter from the top of the machine—now you don’t have to bend over as much to keep your litter box in good condition.

The Pura X impressed us with its ability to eliminate bad smells better than any other litter box we tested. This device features an automated deodorant spray, similar to the Litter-Robot, that dumps waste into a sealed tray on the bottom of the device. The results are consistently impressive, with the Pura X containing bad smells better than any other litter box we tested.

“The product was odorless and we tested it in our living room,” my tester said. “This is great news, as many products leave a smell.”

The Pura X takes a different design approach than the Litter-Robot 4 litter box, with a more minimalist interface. This is most noticeable when it comes to the interface on the device itself; whereas the Litter-Robot 4 opts for big, bright indicators that allow you to access most features directly, the Pura X has a smaller OLED display embedded in front of its litter box. Our tester found it usable but could have used some more visual cues.

Our tester noted that the menu icons could be more easily remembered without text accompanying them.

We found that the Whisker app was more user-friendly than its PETKIT alternative, though the Pura X app does offer a lot of useful data—tracking your cat’s weight, toilet times, and other info.


Best Budget: Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box


What We LikeCleaning quietly

Odor filter

Good if barebones

Much cheaper than autoboxes

What We Don’t LikeNo scoop storage

Better-fitting bags for waste reservoir

Small waste pieces slip through rake.

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box senses when your cat has used the litter box, then cleans it before your next scheduled clean. The rake scrapes across the box, then scoops whatever clumps it catches into a reservoir.

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box, while not flashy, does its job well.

The Pet Zone is a quiet machine that rakes across the box in a slow cycle, catching most waste. It comes with six plastic bags, and includes a carbon zeolite filter to catch any remaining waste.

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While our at-home tester found the overall build quality to be mediocre, she was pleased with the device’s overall performance.

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box had some good features, such as the ability to store extra bags and the included scoop. However, our tester found that it had poor odor control, which made it difficult to stay clean.


Best Crystal Litter: PetSafe ScoopFree Smart Covered Self-Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

What We LikeDeodorizes well

Remote control and use tracking app

Not much bigger than a litter box

What We Don’t LikeCrystal litter isn’t for all cats

Tray replacement or reservoir emptying is difficult.

We tested an older version of the PetSafe ScoopFree litter box in 2020 and found that it still holds true today. The main decision you’ll need to make is whether your cats are ready for crystal kitty litter, which uses non-clumping silica beads that absorb liquids instead of hardening. Crystal litter has several advantages, including strong odor-absorbing capabilities and a lack of dust or grit. However, not every cat likes crystal litter, so there may be an adjustment period involved. Plus, crystal litters tend to be more expensive than other types of litters

If you know your cat is ready for a litter box that doesn’t require scooping, the PetSafe Scoop-Free Smart Covered Self-Cleaning Litter Box is one of the best options. The automated box rakes through the litter 20 minutes after your cat is done using it, moving solid waste to a separate compartment. Meanwhile, the silica crystals absorb urine and other smells. Once a month (for a single cat household), you simply slide out the entire tray, put a lid on it, and throw it away.

The PetSafe ScoopFree is a cheaper alternative to our Best Overall automatic littler box, but the cost of using the same expensive litter month after month will add up fast. While it’s possible to dump out the waste reservoir without completely replacing the litter tray, our tester found this to be an inconvenient task, requiring lifting away the entire upper assembly of

The PetSafe ScoopFree was found to be effective at both self-cleaning and odor control. It is also remarkably quiet, making it a good choice for smaller homes. Unlike the Litter-Robot 4, the PetSafe won’t take up a lot of space in your home.

Our tester said that the product is great value and looks aesthetically pleasing. Despite its large size, it does not take up a lot of space.

Best Smart Home Ready: Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too


What We LikeAlexa, Google voice controls

Waste tank


Color choices

What We Don’t Like

    • Our favorites are easier to clean.

The Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too is one of the least expensive premium “cylinder” litter boxes we recommend, but it performed nearly as well as the Litter-Robot 4 and Pura X.

The Leo’s Loo Too is a familiar design, rotating a barrel so that litter passes through a grate, leaving behind solid clumps. It was comparably quiet when running a cleaning cycle.

The Smarty Pear automatic litter box is less fun to use than the slick Whisker app, but its wide smart home compatibility makes it a strong option for anyone looking to activate their litter box using voice controls.

The Smarty Pear is an excellent choice for anyone who is concerned about microbes, as it utilizes UV sterilization, which kills most bacteria and viruses.

The Smarty Pear’s odor control was excellent, even with a large waste drawer. This allows you to go a week or more without emptying the drawer.

Our tester was very satisfied with the litter box’s waste filtering capabilities and the added spin cycle option.

The Leo’s Loo Too is available in four fun colors and has a 90-day free trial.


What to Look for in an Automatic Litter Box and What to Consider When Buying One


Many automatic litter boxes work well with a variety of litters, though there are some exceptions. For example, most automatic litter boxes struggle with wood-based pellets, or other litters that get soft. In general, automatic litterboxes work by filtering hard clumps from a uniform litter, which makes clay-based litters an excellent option. Unless testing a litter box that employs nonstandard Litters Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Unscented is an affordable and easy to use clay based  litter that clumps very easily

If you are opposed to the clay dust used in most litter boxes, or if your cat is not used to it, we recommend a litter box that uses silica crystals. This type of litter can be an excellent choice if you dislike the smell of clay, and it absorbs odors well. However, you may want to acclimate your cat to crystal litter before introducing them to an automatic box, since not all cats adjust well.


Automatic litter boxes tend to have a large footprint, depending on the model. Some, such as the Litter-Robot 4, take up a lot of space. It’s important to account for your space in advance when selecting an automatic litter box, but even if your space looks cramped or crowded it may still fit one. Cylinder-shaped litter boxes are necessarily tall and can look imposing in a small space; electric rake-style litterboxes often have a lower profile.


Automatic litter boxes are a larger up-front investment than standard litter boxes, but they often have recurring expenses. These include the purchase of proprietary bags or other add-ons that will increase their expense over time. Additionally, regular maintenance costs can come from odor-absorbing filters or deodorant sprays.

How We Assessed the Performance of Automatic Litter Boxes

We tested 14 automatic litter boxes in our New York Lab, evaluating each on a variety of metrics while also taking note of our testers’ subjective impressions. Our top pick was the model provided by the manufacturer.

Our testers timed how long it took to get an automatic litter box up and running, and also evaluated each box’s ease of use. Next, we tested the boxes by running them through a manual cleaning cycle.

We used blue modeling compound to simulate solid waste, and then rated each box on its performance. We also tested how well a box could contain or eliminate smells with water scented with vinegar. Finally, we emptied each box of litter and gave it a thorough cleaning.

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The study participants were asked to rate the product’s value both before and after learning the retail price. The majority of participants rated the product as having a high value before learning the retail price, but this rating decreased after learning the retail price.

The litter boxes were sent out to the homes of cat-owning testers for long-term follow-up testing. In addition to the evaluative metrics outlined above, at-home testers also provided a separate rating for odor elimination, since they were able to get a long-term sense of how well the litter boxes did at covering up or containing the smells left behind by their cats.

The scores and reviews provided throughout this roundup are a synthesis of our lab tests and follow-ups conducted at home.

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