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What do I pack for a hot weather vacation?

No matter where your next hot weather vacation takes you—the mountains, the beach, or abroad—there’s one thing you want to be sure of: staying cool when things heat up. Let us take one thing off your planning to-do list with some tips on what to pack to keep you stylish and comfortable.


1. Linen Shirt     

Linen is the ultimate material for breathability—plus, hasn’t everyone wanted to rock a linen shirt while on a vacation? Keep it simple here, whether you opt for long or short sleeved, go with solid colors and muted tones. If you are a cigar smoker, this is the shirt to do it in.

2. Graphic Tee

Wherever you travel, you will always want to bring at least a couple t-shirts. It’s a good idea to pack one solid tee to go with anything and one graphic tee that can be worn as a statement piece for your outfit. Bonus points for a contrast pocket.

3. Printed Woven  

These aren’t your dad’s Hawaiian shirts. Short sleeved button downs are making a big comeback with slimmer cuts and trendy patterns. A printed woven shirt can help dress up an outfit while keeping you cool. For lower temps, feel free to layer over a t-shirt (for high temps, pair with a piña colada)

4. Hybrid Short     

These will be your best friend on a vacation. Hybrid shorts are designed like regular shorts, but are made out of a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric that makes them ideal for all day comfort and physical activity. Performance wear is a great option for an active vacation.

5. Board Short   

You won’t want to go anywhere near a large body of water without a reliable pair of board shorts. For those vacations when you’ll be in and out of water all day, choose a pair of swim trunks that will look equally good doubling as a pair of shorts indoors.

6. Classic Polo     

You don’t have to be playing golf to rock a classic polo (although that doesn’t sound like a bad idea). Polo shirts are a classy option that can fit in anywhere. There are a lot of patterns to choose from here—get creative and find something that fits your personality!

7. Utility Short     

Tread lightly here, there’s a fine line between utility shorts and cargo shorts. Utility shorts are usually made with a tougher material and have extra pockets for travel convenience. These are a great option for those vacations that involve hiking or other physical activity.

8. Cotton Tank

Sun’s out guns out. Cotton tank tops are a perfect choice for tropical climates and beach outings. These will keep you cool and comfortable when faced with high temperatures and humidity. Just be careful to wear these in the appropriate setting—you don’t want to be the guy wearing a tank top at the swanky restaurant in town.

Planning a vacation is enough work as it is without having to worry about what to wear. When it comes to packing for your next hot weather vacation, use this list to make sure you pack clothes that keep you looking and feeling cool.

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