what is a norski

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what is a norski

: a Norwegian or Norwegian-American —used as a nickname.

Where are the Norsemen from?

'Viking' is a catch-all term for the people who came from Scandinavia, what is now Norway, Denmark and Sweden, between the eighth and 11th centuries, more properly known as the Norse, or Norsemen. Greek shields were more usually seen on the Hoplites, although Vikings did also use them.

Where did the Northmen come from?

From around A.D. 800 to the 11th century, a vast number of Scandinavians left their homelands to seek their fortunes elsewhere. These seafaring warriors–known collectively as Vikings or Norsemen (“Northmen”)–began by raiding coastal sites, especially undefended monasteries, in the British Isles.

Were all Norsemen Vikings?

The Vikings were all Scandinavian but not all Scandinavians were Vikings. … Most Scandinavians were not Vikings, and those who traded with other cultures were known as Northmen, Norsemen, or other terms designating their origin.

Are Norse and Vikings the same?

“Norse” and “Viking” refer to the same Germanic people who settled in Scandinavia during the Viking Age who spoke Old Norse. “Norse” refers to Norsemen who were full-time traders, and Vikings refers to people who were actually farmers but were part-time warriors led by people of noble birth.

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What is the meaning of Norsemen?

(nɔːʳsmən ) Word forms: plural Norsemen. countable noun. The Norsemen were people who lived in Scandinavian countries in medieval times.

What is a linon?

: a fine lawn of linen or cotton.

What does the word Concreate mean?

(ˌkɒnkriːˈeɪt) verb (transitive) archaic. to create at the same time.

Is Concretive a word?


What does Concreative mean?

The process of aggregating or coalescing into a mass. A solid, hard mass formed by a process of aggregation or coalescence.

Is Tendence a word?

Obsolete form of tendency.

What does it mean to have tendencies?

A tendency is an inclination to do something. For example, dogs have a tendency to bark at strangers and the mail man. We all have tendencies: things we're inclined to do, or like to do, or just can't help doing. Morning people have a tendency to get up early.

What is tendency simple words?

1a : a proneness to a particular kind of thought or action. b : direction or approach toward a place, object, effect, or limit. 2a : the purposeful trend of something written or said : aim.

How do you describe tendency?

1. Tendency, direction, trend, drift refer to inclination or line of action or movement. A tendency is an inclination toward a certain line of action (whether or not the action follows), and is often the result of inherent qualities, nature, or habit: a tendency to procrastinate.

What does Tendence mean?

: tendency the sedan developed a tendence to overheat— N. F. Busch.

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