what is flickr photostream

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what is flickr photostream

Photostream provides a comprehensive view of a Flickr member's library. Others can only bask in the visual history of your Photostream if your Privacy Settings are Public. Access a Photostream. Click on anyone's name to check out their Photostream or see your own using these steps.

How do I hide my camera information on Flickr?

— Joyce Cortilesso: I clicked on to hide (Hide your EXIF data [?] Yes) but my camera info still shows up. What else can I do?

What is camera roll in Flickr?

All of your photos exist only in your Flickr account. Photostream = The public facing way of displaying photos in your account. Camera Roll = A private tool for managing photos in your account. Two different ways of viewing and working with the same images.

What is the difference between photostream and camera roll in Flickr?

The Photostream is public and the "home" of all your photos. The Camera Roll is an organization or directory tool for you personally.

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Can people see if you view their photos on Flickr?

Flickr protects the privacy of the viewers, so there is no information in that respect. Viewers can only reveal their identity by faving and/or commenting. Also you cannot know if anyone downloaded your photos, let alone who. (Unless you found out they posted them elsewhere, which is a questionable compliment.)

Can people see your camera roll on Flickr?

The Camera Roll is just a view that lets you look at anything you previously or will add to Flickr. Nothing has been moved, copied, or delete. No one else can see your Camera Roll view.

What is the purpose of Flickr?

Flickris a popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other's photos. You can share and host hundreds of your own pictures on Flickr without paying a dime.

Is Flickr still relevant 2020?

Flickr, the photo storage website that had, at its peak, close to 90 million users, is disintegrating, and it's taking 15 years of internet history with it. … Now, free Flickr accounts are, if anything, one extra filing cabinet.

Should I use Flickr?

Flickr is a great photo sharing tool and the web “home” of many camera wielders around the world. If your goal with your camera is nothing more than sharing fun snaps you find day to day this is definitely a nice place to share your pictures.

Is Flickr worth the money?

So if you want to use Flickr as an inexpensive online backup for your photo, then the Pro account is the way to go. It's also great for being able to access your photos from anywhere, any time, and you know they are safe in the event your computer is damaged, lost or stolen.

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What is the point of Flickr?

Flickr is a photo-sharing platform and social network where users upload photos for others to see. Users create a free account and upload their own photos (and videos) to share with friends and followers online.

How can I delete my photostream?

— On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch · Open the Photos app. · Tap the Albums tab. · Tap My Photo Stream. · Tap Select. · Tap one or more photos. You’ll …

How do I delete multiple photos from photostream on Flickr?

— Photo-sharing website SmugMug, which bought Flickr from Yahoo in 2018, gave users who didn’t want to pay three months to delete their old photos …

How do I edit my Flickr photostream?

— You can get to your settings by clicking on your buddy icon in the upper right. Posted 44 months ago. ( permalink ). view photos · jane.s. says:.

How do I delete photos from Flickr on my phone?

Can I delete photos from "Camera Roll" without them being …https://www.flickr.com › forum › en-ushttps://www.flickr.com › forum › en-usTương tựDịch trang này — lyn.blanton: I have moved my “Camera Roll” photos to different albums … if I delete the Flickr App from my phone will it remove the photos …

How do you delete Flickr photostream?

Click on the photo or video you wish to delete. Click the Edit icon then select Delete.

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