what is lapa

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what is lapa

A lapa is a structure that is popular in South Africa. The word lapa is an indigenous Southern African Sotho and Tswana word; meaning Home.

What is a lapa used for?

What is a Lapa? A Lapa (larpa) is a structure that usually consists of a thatched roof supported by wooden poles creating an open-sided enclosure. African Lapas are commonly used as semi-open entertainment areas and the word Lapa derives from the Sesotho word for 'homestead' or 'courtyard'.

What is Lapa Bicol?

Contextual translation of “bicol lapa” into Tagalog. Human translations with examples: dawa, lapa, ikol, agom, bicol, bikol, lasing, simbawa, makulit, …

What is the meaning of Chedi in English?

In Thailand: a Buddhist monument or shrine, especially a reliquary, often in the form of a bell-shaped base topped with a spire.

What is a lapa in Tagalog?

Need to translate “lapa” from Filipino? Here are 4 possible meanings.

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