what is the opposite of analog

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what is the opposite of analog

Analog is the opposite of digital. … Anything digital is the exact opposite: whatever comes out the other end bears no relationship to the soup of binary code that goes in.

What is the antonym of analogue?

What is the opposite of analogue?incomparabilitymatchlessnessdistinctivenessexceptionalismexceptionalityincomparablenessrarityuniquenessexclusivityrareness1 hàng khác

How do you use the word analog?

Analog in a SentenceThe old school clock is an analog device, so it has hands that point out the time instead of digital numbers.Vinyl records are played on an analog player that has uses an arm and needle to bring forth music.Mục khác…

What does analog mean in writing?

The term analogue is used in literary history in two related senses: a work which resembles another in terms of one or more motifs, characters, scenes, phrases or events. an individual motif, character, scene, event or phrase which resembles one found in another work.

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What is an analog in language?

Definition of analog written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, …

What is another word for analog?

What is another word for analog?correlationconnectionmatchmutualitypendantcomparisonanalogylikenessparallelismsimilarity88 hàng khác

What is opposite of source?

Antonyms for source end, conclusion, effect, stop, outcome, finish, completion, consequence, outgrowth, result, ending.

What is the opposite of opposite answer?

Opposite of opposite would be “Same” because, the meaning is that – opposite= different/contrary so the other side of it would be same, alike, non-opposite, etc. Originally Answered: What is the opposite of opposite?

What is the opposite of INT?

The opposite of a positive integer is a negative integer. Step 2: The opposite of the integer +69 is −69.

What is another word for input in math?

inputs. a function is defined by its set of inputs, called the domain; a set containing the set of outputs, and possibly additional elements, as members, called its codomain; and the set of all input-output pairs, called its graph. outputs.

What is the opposite of input?

Opposite of that which is discerned through one's senses. output. outturn. production. throughput.

What’s the opposite of advanced technology?

Find 42 opposite words and antonyms for “technologically advanced” based on 2 separate contexts from our thesaurus.

Is technology opposite to nature?

Nature is the opposite of technology, but any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from nature. Nature is wild and untouched by humans, but there is no place on Earth unaffected by the changing climate.

What are the synonyms and antonyms of technology?

Synonyms · automotive technology · application · communications technology · computer technology · aeronautical engineering · high tech · railroading · practical …‎Application · ‎Biotechnology · ‎Nanotechnology

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What is the opposite of technical skills?

Opposite of Technical: Creative.

What is opposite of technology?

Technology is the use of knowledge to create tangible and intangible things that are useful. The closest antonyms of technology are words like nontechnical and untechnical.

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