who sings back down memory lane

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who sings back down memory lane

How did Minnie Riperton pass away?

Riperton recorded six albums with Rotary Connection and a half-dozen solo records before 1979. She passed away from breast cancer at 31. "The average person doesn't know everything about her, like they would a Stevie Wonder or a Michael Jackson," Moses Sumney says, "but they should, probably."Jul 12, 2014

When did Minnie Riperton die and what did she die of?

Riperton died of cancer on July 12, 1979, aged just 31.Aug 12, 2020

Is Minnie Riperton death?


What was Minnie Riperton’s biggest hit?

The song was released on March 14, 1975 as the fourth single from Perfect Angel. It went on to become the album's most successful track, and Riperton's biggest hit. With "Lovin' You", Riperton became the first female artist on the Epic label with a debut song that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

What kind of cancer did Minnie Riperton have?

Minnie Riperton Legacy Fund In January 1976, Minnie was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy. By the time of diagnosis, the cancer had metastasized and she was given about six months to live.

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How many octaves could Minnie Riperton sing?

Gifted with a five-octave vocal range, Chicago-born Minnie Riperton was plucked from an a cappella choir to sing with girl-group the Gems, who found little success under their own name but scored work as session backing-vocalists for the Dells, Etta James and Fontella Bass.Jun 29, 2016

Who originally sang loving?

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What year did Minnie Riperton come out?

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When was back down memory lane?


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